Jennifer Aniston Without Makeup

Jennifer Aniston Looking Good

Jennifer Aniston is so lovely and so put-together, that whenever she is seen out, sheís either fully made-up or camouflaged behind huge sunglasses.

Itís extremely rare to catch sight of the newly engaged actress, 43, unprepared for her adoring fans and the swarming paparazzi. In these photos, we can see why. Jennifer Aniston without makeup is not a pleasant sight.


Jennifer Aniston Without Makeup

In the first photo, her hair is darker than usual and it doesnít do her complexion any favors. The wrinkles havenít quite caught up to her yet, but no one would look at the woman in that photo and label her the Hottest Woman of All Time, as Menís Health magazine did in 2011.

In her second make-up-free photo, she actually looks passable. Weíve all seen much worse photos of celebrities without their makeup (Iím talking about you Sharon Stone). But letís be honest here: I hate to be the one to say it, but Jennifer Aniston is kind of homely. Her face is likeable; she smiles a lot and she seems like sheís probably a nice person. Everyone sympathizes with her since that bitch Angelina bewitched Brad, and sheís clearly the most likeable Friend (after Phoebe and occasionally Joey), but her face is undeniably odd. The world tolerates her face, because no one wants to hurt her feelings. Itís Jenniferís body, primarily, and her personality, secondarily, are her claims to fame. She even has lovely hair. These photos prove, looking great into your forties is possible (but makeup helps a lot).

Jennifer Aniston Without Makeup



  1. Linda says

    Jennifer Aniston even without make up u r such a beautiful woman inside & out…..just had to voice my opinion GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

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