Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: A Couple, Or Something Equally Tedious

Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler, The Bounty, Jennifer Aniston and Gerard ButlerOf course Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler are a couple. Blind Albanian orphans could have predicted this one.

Although, to be fair, that does depend on your definition of the word couple. According to reports, Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler were seen strolling around hand in hand, but remember that acting is a very tactile profession. Other reports say that they’ve spent a lot of time in Jennifer Aniston’s trailer, but that could mean they were just learning lines.

And other reports suggest that Gerard Butler is Jennifer Aniston’s newest male co-star, in which case they’re DEFINITELY doing it.

To be a male co-star in a Jennifer Aniston film is to give yourself up to the powerful unseen forces of the media, who’ll bump and buffer you around with wild accusations that you’ve become romantically involved with her. It’ll damage your reputation, break your heart and leave you being scrutinised in a way that you’ve never been scrutinised before. On the plus side, though, you’ll probably get to have sex with Jennifer Aniston a bunch of times, so it can’t be all bad.

And that’s more or less the situation that Gerard Butler finds himself in now. For weeks there’s been speculation that he’s fallen for Jennifer Aniston on the set of The Bounty, and it’ll be a new experience for him. After all, he hasn’t had chance to woo his co-stars yet, because most of the people in 300 were men and his co-star in The Ugly Truth was Katherine Heigl, a woman who we assume chews off the head off her partner immediately after sex like those insects do.

So how will Gerard Butler play this? The steadfast refusal to comment? The angry denial? The, um, strolling round hand in hand with Jennifer Aniston looking all moony eyed? Oh. Yes. That one. The New York Daily News reports:

“Jen and Gerry went out on Saturday night,” said a source, who added that Aniston and Butler “had cocktails and ? They were hand in hand.” However the actress’ rep, Stephen Huvane, says the co-stars spent the night out with friend. “Jennifer was out with many others from the film and they were not holding hands,” said her rep. “Gerry was one of the many people there.”

Oh, we’re so confused! Are Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler a couple or not? This is easily the most important question about two people who we’ve never met, have no personal investment in and often spend entire weeks not even thinking about that we’ve ever had! Someone has to tell us if it’s true or not!

What’s that? Wait for The Bounty to be theatrically released so that their flirtation can get a little more overt so that they can break up in public around the time that it comes out on DVD? Oh, OK.

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  1. AC says

    Actually Butler was pretty smitten with Heigl is you listen to his many comments about her. The fact she is MARRIED might have something to do with it.

  2. Sunny says

    She’s apparently hit up all her other male co-stars, might as well do him too… *weeps*

  3. Pleeease... says

    So we are at the point where if it is seen coming out of their own mouths, don’t beleive it, but if one unnamed source/witness who apparently was the one and only person who saw these public displays in two seperate public settings says it, then it MUST be true. Never mind that the paps have been on set all during filming (which seems like it’s taking FOREVER), and not one grope caught on camera…

    When I see the pics, I’ll be the first to by a wedding gift.

  4. jay jay 26 says

    i think they make a cute couple whether it’s true or not. she deserves to be happy and he seems like such a funny guy. totally loved him in The Ugly Truth… and I just love jen aniston. if you guys wanna see pics of them together (she looks like she’s getting arrested) i found an article that has lots of pics of them together.


  5. Leslie says

    Yeah, because married celebrities NEVER hook up with their costars…coughbradpittangelinajoliecough.

  6. Lee says

    I agree she seems to do all the guys she work with. I guess the only chance she get is when she is paying for it while the men act in her movie. Having to romance Jen. I wonder do they write that in the contract.

  7. M says

    We had to see this coming….”every movie she makes she is dating or being heart-broken by the guy”……its kind of expected from the media now….i dont know why people get so rallied up saying stupid stuff or just start insulting aniston as if the rumors were her fault……