Jennette McCurdy Proves it’s Not Just Disney Stars Who Mess Up

jennette mccurdy leakedOh, Jennette McCurdy, what a stereotype you’ve become. If I were to tell you that a young actress who used to star on a popular kid’s television show recently had some provocative photos of her leaked on the internet, I feel safe in saying that you would automatically assume it was a former member of the Disney family (Selena, Miley, Vanessa, Lindsay, Britney, Christina anyone?), but this time you would be wrong!

Nickelodeon girls tend to keep their reputations in check and their lives together (Ok, maybe not Jamie Lynn Spears…or Amanda Bynes…ok, scratch that statement), but now, Jenette, the former star of iCarly and current star of Sam & Cat, has a bit of a scandal on her hands,?as someone recently leaked sexy lingerie pictures of her, but as far as scandals go, this one isn’t that big of a deal (unlike Jenette’s rockin’ bod, am I right?!).

jennette mccurdy lingerie selfie

The kind of racy selfies hit the Internet last Monday, and since then Jennette has implied that it was her ex-boyfriend, NBA star, Andre Drummond, who did her wrong and leaked them like a total cunt rag. After the pics came out, she Tweeted this:

To anyone disappointed: I sent those pics to 1 person. You can connect the dots. Shocked someone would stoop so low. I just speak w/ candor.

Drummond says he had nothing to do with the pics being leaked, but I’m not buying it since their whole relationship has been some weird ass high school shit from the beginning.


First of all, they met via Twitter because he kept posting pictures of her as his “Woman Crush Wednesday” (because nothing bad will happen when you send sexy pictures to the boy you met on the internet and started dating).

Since they started dating via social media, it only makes sense that they broke up through social media. After a couple of months of dating, Jennette posted a Vine titled “Me breaking up with a guy” where she looks into the camera and says “Me breaking up with a guy: it’s not me, it’s you. Yeah, it’s allll you.” So, yeah.

As if this shit wasn’t junior high enough, Drummond decided to go and make his own Vine where he called their brief relationship a “mistake.” Yes, this obviously calls for an eye roll gif:


After that, Jennette gave an interview and called Drummond a bad kisser, a few days later the sexy selfies hit the Internet, so it seems pretty obvious that Drummond posted them as it makes sense that would be his next move in this childish ass?war they’ve got going.

Drummond said this to the always classy TMZ:

?I did NOT leak any photos of JM. I want nothing to do with her or the situation. I’m just worried about ball.

One: I don’t believe him, and two: who gives a shit, anyway? Yes, she’s still on a popular Nickelodeon show (which I love), but this is barely a scandal. You’d see that much of her at the damn beach. Girl is 21, has a great body, and sent a few not even scandalous pics to a guy she was dating and people are losing her shit.

Do I think she messed up? Yes. When you’re a public figure, especially when your job is basically as a children’s entertainer, I think you have to be insanely careful about shit like this and she shouldn’t have sent sexy pics to her weird ass internet boyfriend of two weeks, but at the end of the day, everyone needs to calm the fuck down. You can’t see her labia or her nipples so this really isn’t that big of a deal.



  1. Meghan says

    And this is why we don’t take digital, racy selfies, children! If you want a naked picture, take some physical ones and keep them hidden in a safe. Or a jewelry box! If you boyfriend wants to see them, he can SEE THEM. WITH HIS EYEBALLS.

    Better yet, if you have a boyfriend, wouldn’t he be able to see that shit whenever? Why does he need a picture? Why not see it for real? The only reason anyone would ask for photos like that is so they can SHOW THEM OFF, boyfriend of not.