Jay And Silent Bob To Tour The UK With Live Show, Right?

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes made millions of stoners chuckle nacho crumbs into their bellybuttons are their alter-egos Jay and Silent Bob. Littered with pop-culture and sci-fi references, they were always going to achieve cult-herodom.

And now, you’ll get to slap your glazed eyeballs on them in the flesh as they’ve announced a tour of the UK this February.

They’ll be performing the successful comedy podcast Jay and Silent Bob Get Old right before your very eyes. It’ll be like Charlie Sheen’s tour, only good.

The duo will be looking at their friendship and the way it evolved via the silver screen with all you reprobates staring at them.

They’ll be recording the podcasts before a live audience and then given away for free at www.smodcast.com.

How nice of them.

Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 9 September 2011 through www.aeglive.co.uk for these dates:

17th February O2 Manchester Apollo
18th February London HMV Hammersmith Apollo
19th February Edinburgh Festival Theatre

Now, no-one is allowed to say that Kevin Smith’s films are a bit overrated, okay?

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