Jamie Lynn Spears Loves Being Her Illegitimate Baby’s Teen Ma

Jamie Lynn Spears was raised in a totally different environment to the rest of us, so she obviously has her own idea of what’s fun.

So what does Jamie Lynn Spears think is fun? Sport? Watching TV, maybe? No – according to Jamie Lynn Spears, being a constant slave to a screaming little fleshbag that’s stolen the rest of your life and won’t respond to reason or logic is fun.

We’re referring, of course, to Jamie Lynn Spears’ new baby. Jamie Lynn has been frothing and fizzing about how brilliant it is to be a teenage mother to OK! as part of a $1 million deal with the magazine that’s thought to include rights to interviews, baby photos and the inevitable ‘I hate my baby and wish it was never born’ postnatal depression exclusive, pencilled in for Christmas.

There’s nothing that thrusts someone into maturity quite as fast as parenthood. Take Britney Spears for example. Before she gave birth to her first baby, Britney was a slip of a girl who couldn’t be trusted to make any decision for herself. But since she became a mother, Britney Spears has… no, wait, bad example.

Let’s take her sister Jamie Lynn Spears instead, then. True, Jamie Lynn may have shocked the world by getting pregnant while she was still at school to an older boy she met at church, but that mistake of hers has resulted in the creation of a new life that, while technically a Spears, still almost qualifies as completely human.

Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to her little bundle of sexual irresponsibility, a little girl named Maddie, last month. Since having her baby, Jamie Lynn Spears has been quietly sheltering it from media attention by raising it in Mississippi with her boyfriend, who may or may not be a ‘lying, cheating dog‘.

But now that baby Maddie is past that that all-important ’10 days old’ mark, Jamie Lynn Spears has rightly guessed that now’s a good enough time to run screaming to the nearest magazine and blab endlessly about the tot for cash.

Which she has – this week’s OK! magazine has a cover featuring Jamie Lynn Spears and her new baby, and an interview with the new mother inside.

But before you start getting all judgmental about how it’s morally wrong to sell out a baby to a magazine when it’s too young to give its consent, think again.

Ever since she announced her pregnancy, Jamie Lynn Spears has had to battle presumptions that she’s too young to become a mother, and this OK! interview was the perfect chance for her to explain her feelings in a measured, well thought-out manner that would leave nobody questioning her emotional maturity.

So, Jamie Lynn Spears, the floor is yours. What profound insights can you give us on the subject of motherhood?

“I love taking care of her. It is so much fun. I just want to hug her and kiss her, and I’m happy all the time.”


Well, never mind. Don’t forget that Jamie Lynn Spears is still only 17 years old, so you can’t expect her to be able to verbalise her thoughts as lucidly as others. Besides, it looks very much like Jamie Lynn Spears wants to be a full-time mother, and that means she won’t be starring in any more rubbishy TV shows. That baby really is a blessing.

So let’s just congratulate Jamie Lynn Spears on her new baby and pray it never succumbs to the mental illness issues that have plagued other members of her family.


  1. Frustrated Mom says

    I love OK! for glorifying teen pregnancy. Now that gives my two young daughters something to shoot for. Until now, they thought sports, colleges, careers, marriage…then motherhood. Jamie has shown them how fun it can be. All she missed is how fun it is to dress Maddie up like a doll. And don’t forget all the COOL PRESENTS you get! Yay premarital sex, yay single parenthood, YAY TEEN MOMS!!!

    Seriously, she had an opportunity to point out the error of her ways and show that she’s facing the responsibility. Instead, it’s just a fun game. Wheeee.

  2. Desiree says

    OMG!! Whoever wrote this should not have been allowed to post it! You should be ashamed of yourself for talking like that about anyone. And the fact that you are just shows that you are interested enough to follow both of the Spears girls. You should find a hobbie other than bashing people for how they live their lives. Just because teen America is having a booming population of pregnancies does not mean all the weight of that should be put on one girl. And at least she is taking responsibility for her actions unlike some of the teens in the news flushing their babies down toilets or putting them in the trash ar just walking away and leaving them wherever. Back off and get your own life!!

  3. MissCris says

    I honestly cannot believe not only that Jamie Lynn signed that 1million dollar contract with ok! and has a ‘I hate my baby and wish it was never born’ postnatal depression exclusive, pencilled in for Christmas with the magazine. And then we wonder why we have 13 year old moms, and dead babies in garbage bags. And to top everything off, THE MEDIA, just makes it worse. How can you call her daughter a “screaming little fleshbag that’s stolen the rest of your life and won’t respond to reason or logic is fun” ?????? what the hell is wrong with you people? Ever heard of advice? Maybe if we schooled our kids, and the media was actually on OUR SIDE ( all other Americans making anywhere from 30,000 to $65,000 p/year)This post was ridiculous, but at the end of the day? Entertaining. Way to Go USA! thanks for the garbage.

    –MissCris, 18, nyc

  4. Linda says

    So, Racheal…do you think the language that you use makes you sound intelligent? People who use profanity the way you do obviously have trouble stringing two thoughts, much less sentences together. Let’s just take everything that “happens” to the Spears girls at face value and move on.

  5. Jessica says

    i think jamie lynn is a good person for raising her baby. so what if she has magazine interviews? there have been many other older stars to do the same and shes gonna be slammed because shes mature enough to take care of a baby at 17. yeah it might have been wrong to have the baby but at least she grew up in the south and has moral values unlike most people. she most likely is just getting her baby in the media so photographers dont track her down and try to get pictures of her baby without her consent.
    i think she is an excellent example of a teen mother. and whoever wrote this honestly needs to be fired because if you are truely gonna sit in your chair and judge her when you dont know her. back off. cause britney might have made mistakes but it people like you that made it worse and if the media wasnt always glorifying people that do wrong things and trashing the people that made mistakes but are trying to fix it the world would not be so messed up.

  6. Against Teenage Pregnancy says

    Glorifying teenage motherhood,Yea! I blame her mother and father for not putting their foot down. She’s 17, barely old enough to drive… and yet she has sex, and gets knocked up… lovely. Did her parents not teach her to about protection? Hell, if they were so church-like… whatever happened to sex after marriage… then comes the baby carriage… She is definitely showing teenage girls its ok to have sex and have babies at an early age… UGH… Like Omg! We are like 17 and lets like have sex with like our boyfriends and like get pregnant so like we can parade our like babies on like tv and like magazines… PARENTS! TEACH YOUR CHILDREN MORALS!

  7. JENNY says


  8. Sick of Close Minded People says

    If people are really worried that their daughters will get pregnant from this that means you did a shitty job as parents. Give her a break, it isn’t like she was 14 she is 17 if she were 18 you wouldn’t be saying any of this bull! What is she supposed to do say that she regrets getting pregnant and she hates that she has to be a mom now just because it would make all of you feel better? And for you close minded frustrated mother what is your problem? Were you not a happy excited mom when you had your babies? It’s natural and I don’t think that she should be shunned for it just because she had her baby at 17. If your daughters have babies young now all because of this that means they are weak minded individuals and you suck as a mom. If she turns out to be a terrific mom is everybody going to say she would be a good mom if she were older?

  9. tiffany says

    I think everyone is missing the point. I believe what frustrated mom was trying to say is that this girl was an idolized by many young people; that is a responsibility that you take on when you become a celebrity no matter how young or old you are. Jamie Lynn knew right from wrong and I am sure in the church where she met Casey, premarital sex was talked about. She had an opportunity in that interview to say,”I love my daughter, but being an unwed teen mom presents many challanges and I don’t recommend that anyone do it. I am going to face and overcome those challenges with the support of my family and continue my education to ensure that I can provide all the things she will need to live as normal a life as possible. That’s when she should have shown her maturity level in that interview. We also have to take into consideration that she is still a child herself and some of these things should have been taught to her by her parents who were too busy exploiting both her and her sister to even care about raising their kids with good morals and values not to mention talking with their kids about things like boys, premarital sex and what it could lead to. She is lucky all she ended up getting was pregnant and not some STD or even worse AIDS. I believe in the saying it takes a village to raise a child. I say to Jamie Lynn as a parent of teenage daughters who are in college and have not had to deal with unwed motherhood,use this money and time off wisely. Go to college, further your education so that you can take care of yourself and your child. You made a mistake and we are all human and do that. It is when you continue in the error of your ways that makes it really bad. You have time off from the show use this time to correct your error.

  10. Annoyed says

    Okay, no one can say that her getting pregnant was a mistake. What girl, at 17, wants to be a mother, but that doesn’t mean that she can not take care of the baby. Also, stop comparing her to Britney. She is not Britney, just like you are not your siblings. Two different people with different experiences. The main reason I decided to write this review was because the author of that little rant up there decided to say “Don’t forget that Jamie Lynn Spears is still only 17 years old, so you can’t expect her to be able to verbalise her thoughts as lucidly as others.”. That statement is not only targeting Jamie Lynn Spears, it is targeting all teenagers, and to say that because of your age you can not put any actual emotion or “verbalise her thoughts” as much as, lets say, a 40 year old is completly ridiculous. There are tons of amazing writers and debaters that are still in highschool. They would not be good at what they do if they indeed could not verbalise their thoughts. The person that wrote this should, first off, learn how to not insult the majority of their readers, and realize that mistakes are made, and at least Jamie Lynn has the courage to admit she made a mistake and not get an abortion.

  11. Chad says

    Youth today is very uninformed, uninspired, and unpredictable. I blame it on the lack of quality education, quality entertainment, and quality family lifestyles. I’m glad I’m not a child of 2008 but I fear for my sons future. Look at the moronic role models our children are paying attention to! It’s very sad not to mention dangerous.

  12. Bonnie says

    Really what is wrong with you!!!!!Who ever gave the right to post this should get fired. You and no one has the right to judge anyone you are not god! She is happy leave her be. How many young mothers are happy with their children plenty. Ok her sister is not a good example but she has a brain she doen’t have to be like her and for the first comment The mom get over yourself if your daughter is sleeping around (which i’m sure she is) and has a baby that is her right it doesn’t make her a fuck up she can still go to college and be someone you guys need a reality check!!!

  13. Lisa says

    Honestly I do not believe Teen Pregnancy is being glorified, but I do see it as her making the best of her situation and loving her child. Jamie Lynn Spears is not the first or the last teenage girl to become pregnant!

  14. Martha says

    In response to Jessica:

    i don’t think that she is “a good person for raising her baby.” That makes is sound like she’s doing the baby a favor, which she isn’t because it’s her responsibility. I mean really, who, if not her, is supposed to take care of it? What the writer is trying to convey is that Jamie Lynn is an immature person and she proved it with her actions. Having a baby does not make you grow up, if only it just makes the child suffer the consequences of your mistakes. The worst part is that she is selling out her own baby by getting paid for “exclusive rights” and just because everyone else does it doesn’t make it right. I grew up in the northern part of the country and i believe i have moral values. Values are not instilled in you by the part of the country you live in, they’re instilled by your family. I believe that is called stereotyping. She is an excellent example…of the fact that having a baby does not equal maturity. It is amazing how people talk about writers not “personally” knowing who they’re writing about. As if all of the readers personally knew that particular person. The point is that few wrote about Jamie Lynn Spears before she got pregnant. I agree that it’s not fair to judge someone because they made a mistake but when that person goes out of their way to remain in the limelight and show you just how big a mistake it was then they shouldn’t complain as to why people write about them. I don’t believe that writers make the situation worse, all they are doing is voicing their opinion and last time i checked that wasn’t against the law. Lastly, you mentioned someone “trying to fix the world” and i’m not sure how that relates to this story but ok. I do agree that the people that are trying to fix the world shouldn’t be criticized, what contributions has Jamie Lynn Spears made to fix this ailing world of ours? Is she donating the money she’s getting from OK magazine to charity?

  15. Live and let live says

    Who appointed you God? Calling children “fleshbag”??

    Whether or not you like this young woman, she has a right to live her life the way she sees fit without the likes of you spewing your hatred. Your life must be very shallow and empty indeed to rely on such unmerited rantings to bring you joy!

    I suppose you think she should validate her existence by aspiring to become an articulate and insightful public commentator like yourself? Would that make her a worthwhile human being?

  16. Kristen says

    I got pregnant at 17 and though it was irresponsible it was the best thing that ever happened to me and who’s to say her lil girl isn’t the best thing to happen to her? I admit her sister has acted like a whack job at times but she’s getting better. There’s no doubt in my mind that both of those girls can be fantastic parents and for anyone to sit back and judge them is outrageous. You act as if you’ve never done anything jawdropping and life changing! Take a good look in the mirror and make sure your hands are clean of all your wrong doings before you start pointing fingers! If you think getting pregnant at 17 is crazy, go to your city’s school district office and find out the youngest of the soon to be moms! I guarantee you’ll find one years younger than 17! I’ve seen an expecting 12 yr old. Let that shock you. 17 and pregnant is NOTHING. For the mothers who are freaking out about the issue being “glorified”, think again. Did you expect her to come out and say that she can’t stand her child and wish she could take it all away? No mother in her right mind no matter what age would say that about thier own child. Maybe you need to instill in your own daughters the responsibility,time,energy it takes to raise a life. They don’t care how much money babies cost, been there! There’s always a job to be had so thats not a huge obstacle in a teens mind. Talk to your kids instead of freaking out on here about it. You would think that would be obvious.

  17. understanding 15 yr old says

    ok so i agree that she should not have gotten pregnant so young but by her telling the magazine that she is having fun is her way of taking responsibility for her child.she could have told them that she hates it and dropped it off somwhere. would u rather your children see her taking responsibility for it and giving it a loving environment or neglecting it…and also im 15 but now im not going to decide to run off and get pregnant because my parents taught me better. if u dont want your daughter to get pregnant because you think jamie is setting a bad example maybe it was you who set the bad example…or didnt set an example.

  18. says

    Remember everyone:
    Jesus loves a fuck-puppet
    just as much as you or me.

    (ambiguity intentional)

    You stick it to the Man!
    Or vice-versa! Definitely vice-versa.
    More vice than versa.

  19. Irritated says

    This is to the author:
    I have a great sense of humor and enjoyed a few clever remarks in your article, but for the most part, I was disgusted with your lack of respect for Jamie Lynn Spears. I don’t know anything about her, but I do know that every person, especially every mother deserves respect. How dare you say those things about her and her baby. She is just a girl and I think she deserves even more respect for what she is doing because of all the pressure, jokes, slander and ignorant media attention put on her. I’m a single mother at 24 and I know very well how scary it is to follow through with a pregnancy that isn’t planned. She has been sexually irresponsible, but she is taking RESPONSIBILITY for her choices. Sure her baby was unplanned, but I’ve got a news flash for you, 90% of all of us were surprises honey. Probably even yourself. Are you ready to write an article like this about your own mother? I hope not!

  20. Jon says

    Wasn’t she 15 or 16 when she got knocked up? Why was her “boyfriend” not charged with statutory rape??????????????????????????????? I know in Texas he sure would have been.

  21. Faith says

    I dont blame Jamie Lynn for having a baby, everybody makes mistakes. However, OK magizine should be asshamed to even publish such a story, they are the ones glorifing teen pregnacy, of course Jamie Lynn is going to except a million dollor deal for her story, who wouldnt especially being a new mom! But she is lying though, who would be happy all the time with new a baby, I know she’s not happy when Maddie is up at 3am crying!!! Ok magizine is pretty much letting teenagers think it’s ok to become pregnant, their story should have been more like “I love my baby and dont regret having her but it’s hard raising a child” instead of talking about how fun it is!!!!! NOT

  22. Stacey says

    I think that anyone here saying anything negative should be careful.. I am 21 and got married at 15. I now have 3 BEAUTIFUL children and am a single mom. BUT, I believe that I have thus far done a very GOOD job with my children. Crap happens..
    People can say what they want but no one is perfect, it’s called being sinners. God forgives.
    Yes, had my parents been more strict it probably would not have happened so young. But my parents did what they were capable of for their mind-state.. I would not trade my babies for anything in this world! ROCK ON JAMIE LYNN!! TAKE CARE OF THAT BEAUTIFUL BABY!! MAY GOD BE WITH YOU!!

  23. chel6766 says

    Stuart, Stuart, Stuart–
    You are the one who needs help, anger management or medication. Who do you think you are bashing this poor kid? She has done what most other american pregnant teenager ( including myself some 25 years ago) has done, gave birth, owned up and became a parent. I hope that you are not a parent – you evidently have no compassion or empathy for the human race. Your parents must be SO PROUD of you…

  24. missy says

    gir Says:

    July 10th, 2008 at 5:11 pm
    Frankly, not only should her child have been aborted, the entire Spears clan should be killed and burned for fuel.

    And fuck all of you.


    AGREED. Thankfully a few commenters on this page seem to have a brain.

    Kudos to the author for a witty and well written article.

  25. Cisco says

    Whoever is in charge of these posts needs to remove Gir’s post. That is totally unnecessary and no one should have to read that. I am surprised that it is still on her. PLEASE REMOVE GIR’S POST.

  26. says

    Yes frustrated mom. You are so correct. Now, we are going to have more kids in school now wanting a baby who’s sister is not Britney. When in reality these parents will be taking care of that teens sexual irresponsibilty !!!!! And where’s OK going to be then? Talking abt how many teens are giving birth and not taking care of their responsibilties.

  27. wagnlesa says

    Stuart, whoever you may be–

    I thank God (or whoever) every day that we in America have the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech for those of you pedantic and pious foul-mouthed, ill-spoken, small-brained illiterates.) And if my memory of world history serves me correctly, I believe you in the U.K. also possess that freedom; please correct me if I am wrong, I am just a lousy yank after all. That being said, I loved every cynical, dead-on truthful word of your entire article, which is a complete statement of reality in these here “United” States: Celebrities, regardless of age, “skill,” mental capacity, talent or worth are idolized beyond obsession and I am nauseatingly sick of reading anything about them. And whether or not I agree with you is the issue here. Even if I didn’t agree with your opinion, it is just that, YOUR opinion and you are by all laws of our land and yours allowed to it. The other comments are worth about as much salt as the weight of every Spears combined.

  28. gir says


    “Irritated Says:
    July 10th, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    This is to the author:
    I have a great sense of humor”

    No you don’t. Live in delusion no longer.

  29. gir says

    God I wish I had more time to read this festival of crap. Brings a tear to my eye, it does it does.

  30. Laura says

    Response to Rachel: ‘My god your a fucking asshole! okay shes young but at least shes not one of these little tramps running around with a couple kids to collect welfare!’ —–YET. I’m sure she will be shortly. This whole family is fucked up. I remember when it WASNT ok for teens to have babies and when it WASNT ok to have babies out of wedlock. NOW, hose of us who wait until we get married to have kids are the minority. Remember when your mom would go to the office at school and say ‘hi, im linda smith – michael, james and susie smith’s mom?’ Now its ‘hi, i’m linda smith – jaquan jenkins, billy thompson, sallie carter, eddie richards mom.’ Remember when you could find your friends phone number by looking up their parents in the phone book? Now, unless you know the parent’s last name (which is more than likely going to be different from the kids last name) you arent going to find them. WHEN DID THIS BECOME OK???????

  31. Mommy in VB says

    I’m a little taken back by the comments people are leaving here…You people are harsh…She made a mistake, which I am sure none of you ever have…Geez…Im not a fan of her or her sister but if waste this much energy on celebs, I worry.

  32. The One says

    Great article! excellent sarcasm, it was funny, entertaining, and right on the mark when it comes to the rediculousness of teen-mothers who act as if having a baby at too young an age is nothing different than having the latest and greatest style of apparel. In reality, it’s a desperate attempt to have others think this is “the thing to do”, for deep down they know the shit-storm coming their way. So they try to make it sound like an exciting and “fun” thing to do to stave-off the inevitable realization of major responsibility, that will smack them squarely in the face.

    Having a baby is not “fun”, it’s a responsibilty that when done properly, has its rewards – and “fun” is just a small taste of those rewards. But the fun doesn’t just fly out the hole when the baby does, teens NEED to know this. It takes work they’ve never been involved in before, no matter what they might think. Jamie Lynn Spears acts as if it’s no big deal. She’s in for a rude awakening, and I feel for that baby. It’ll never get what it truly needs: a mother AND father who will do everything they can to teach the baby how to nimbly deal with life’s hardships and protect them from the prying eys of others, while keeping them away from the irresposible life-styles of MOST of the rich & famous in Hollywood.

    The article was sharp and cutting, and it kept me interested because it touched on what most of us feel: Teen-mothers are out-of-touch with realty, and should never have gotten pregnant in the first place…Awesome article, Great job!

  33. Amy says

    This shows the intelligence of the author of this article. Crude, rude and obviously jealous of people with a life. This “author” is a no-name, most likely very plain, possibly ugly and fat, lower food chain humanoid species, sitting behind a computer desk paid to talk trash. Talking about other peoples lives because he doesn’t have a life of his own. He says these things so that he can have people like me comment on them. Then he sits back and laughs at all the comments. Most likely he doesn’t even believe half of what he writes.
    As for Jamie Lynn, she is taking responsiblity for her choice, not mistake, because a baby is no mistake.

  34. Sarah says

    Please remove all posts except gir’s. Start with the one right before it, though, that one’s really annoying; verbose and “pedantic”.

  35. Stacey says

    All the poeple who can speak out on here and bash Jamie-Lynn should be going to the elementary and junior high schools and preaching to those kids about practicing abstinence/ safe sex.. Because if you think bashing Jamie-Lynn on here is going to do any bit of good AFTER she has HAD the BABY and is so far taking care of it, maybe you can help prevent all of our tax dollars going to the YOUNG teenage girls and those in their twenties who have child after child and get all of our tax money and social security checks..

  36. Paul says

    There are someplaces and somethings that media putz’s like yourself should stay of. No one has the chance to ridicule you because of your invisibily. She doesnt have that luxury.

    Mind your own train wreck of a life and let her be.

  37. Mrs. More Conservative says

    To me the issue here isn’t just JAMIE and what she’s doing… This is nothing NEW that she is indulging. She has a rich sister and some money of her OWN backed up. She CAN financially afford to have a baby. But of course comes the fact she’s NOT married. HONESTLY how many modern day people are married before they ever have sex or even a first kiss? What I’M saying is let’s not be hypocrites. This is a trend of our SOCIETY to be FORNICATIOUS (WHICH MEANS ANY SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE- IT DOESN’T MEAN CHEATING ON YOUR BF/GF). And REMEMBER the feminist proclamations of “I DON’T NEED A MAN TO SUCCEED!!!!!” WAKE UP PEOPLE WE REAP WHAT WE SOW EVEN IF IT BE SLOWLY BUT SURELY. Let’s not target her because she’s famous, rather let’s not buy 9 yr old versions of 23 yr old hoochie clothes. Let’s not allow them to have bf/gf and say oh yea my kid will do the right thing I TALK to them. Rather let’s ban the things which we see to promote what we detest. Let’s take a real look at ourselves and what we engage in to find out what the problem really stems from. Yes even analyze that commercial of the naked woman in the shower washing her hair with dove shampoo. No they don’t show complete nudity but isn’t it enough to get your 12 yr old boys attention? Isn’t it NAKED ENOUGH?

  38. says

    you people digust me you sit there and speak badly on these people ,you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. I personally think jamie lynn is couragious for having he child because only God knows how many stars have gotten pregnant and had abortions. but you dont mention that ,so u bash her for not being selfish and risking her career by having a child . you people are sad .you should put your degrees (if you have any) to use and move on with your pathetic lives

  39. Andy says

    Where did some of you learn to type? I can only assume you speak in the same dialect and should be slapped in the face every time you put fingers to keyboard, or open your mouth to spurt some stupid left wing garbage you heard on MTV. This is the type of thing that is ruining communication these days. Be honest, how many of you have used the word, “LOL” out loud in a conversation? Spell check my friends, spell check…

  40. Julie says

    Having kids is fun…I have 3, so I know. They are *awesome* and yes, at times they are trying but they are what makes my life WONDERFUL, I wouldn’t trade a second with them for anything. My husband and I weren’t married when the first was born, and we were very young. We tried and we made it!! IN SPITE OF WHAT EVERYONE SAID, mind you. We proved them wrong, my husband has a very good job that allows me to stay home and raise our kids. It’s perfect and everyone should do it. Whoever wrote this article must have had a momma that verbally abused him or been through some trauma of some sort and is too immature to deal with it and be an adult. Adults don’t talk that way, retarded children (sorry) in adults’ bodies talk that way. What a waste of human space, the author of this article should be burned for fuel, in my opinion! Thank you, Jamie for not aborting your baby and acting like all of the rest of the spoiled, selfish, worthless peice of sh*t teenage girls/boys out there who care only of themselves. THANK YOU!!! I think she’ll be fine. Sometimes people are smart enough to learn from others mistakes, I know I was, and it prevented my from making my own. Good luck, Jamie…I’m proud of you!!!

    PS I just have a nice, heart-felt FUCK YOURSELF to say to the author. Have a nice day!

  41. neko says

    The girl made a mistake, but she is owning up to it. This happens everyday in the “normal world” and as some of you have responded doesn’t always turn out negative. Yes Jamie Lynn was a idol to some young girls, but it is the parents responsibility to show their children right from wrong not a pop-star/movie actress. Children are a positive thing and with parenthood hardships do come, but that is at any age. Face it. Kids have sex, some are not responsible about it. If you don’t like it who cares. You are not the one that has to deal with it for the rest of your life. In a month or so you will forget all the rage about her young entrance into motherhood and your children will find someone else to idolize. Let the girl live her life. Let her show her ability to care for another to her little blessing as I am sure you did to yours without everyone watching your every move.
    Kudos to Jamie Lynn for not bailing on her responsibilities.

  42. Courtney says

    I actually think it’s great that Ms. Spears is taking responsibility for her baby. And I’m glad to hear she’s enjoying it. I don’t think the subject is being “glorified” by what she’s saying in OK!. If kids who look up to Jamie Lynn decide it’s now cool to go off and get pregnant, they haven’t been taught anything by anyone. It’s their problem, not Jamie Lynn’s or anyone else’s. There are plenty of women who make the mistake of getting pregnant before they’re ready, but that doesn’t mean that their life is going to be messed up for good. I think mothers whose daughters look up to Jamie Lynn can use this event as a lesson and show their kids what can happen if they’re not safe and smart about their decisions. Jamie Lynn doesn’t have to be criticized, but she doesn’t have to be praised either. She can just be talked about and hopefully learned from.

  43. Wendy says

    This story is nothing but biased trash. The fact of the matter is, no one knows whether or not Jamie-Lynn is a good mother or not. Just because she is a teenage mom does not mean she will be a bad one. To ridicule her for saying that being a mother is “fun” is unbelievable. I’m 27 and educated and I think that being a mom is fun. Not all comments about motherhood need be long thought out poetic verse. Oh, and if a magazine paid me tons of cash to interview me about my kid, you better believe I would. I’d take the cash to the bank and stay home having “fun” with my baby!

  44. Mel says

    “Is that really true or are you trying to score rhetorical points by pointing towards some nebulous and nonexistent “olden times” as the ideal cultural epoch thus prompting a rhetorical question in which somebody might imply that you’re a blithering idiot who ought to remain barefoot and pregnant and be silent when the men are speaking?”

    Holy freakin’ run-on sentence!! Sure, you used some big words, but your lack of appropriate punctuation takes away from your message.

    I did, however, find your profanity remark as being, “art,” extremely amusing. Good one!!!

  45. Not a Drama Loser says

    “okay shes young but at least shes not one of these little tramps running around with a couple kids to collect welfare!” Wow! You right, why shoot high, when you can be from a white trash family and turn your back on a tv career and a promising future? I have been off all this time I wish someone would have told me that its better to be white trailer park trash, get pregnant and have no future and be such a whore that you dont even know who the father is. Come to think of it Id like to know what a “tramp” is if that little dumpster isnt one. But you know what, none of that matters, as long as she is “happy”. As if any mother is going to state that her life sucks as a result of having a baby. Particularly one that works for sexually oppressed Disney. Disney has a history of forcing teen females to wear dangerously tight bras to oppress their curves, on the off hand chance that a young girl ask her mommy about human nature.

  46. Sean P Federline says

    Great article! I’m so sick of the media and society glorifying mindless breeding. Popping out a kid is the new black, and these “parents” apparently fail to realize that their dependent little living doll will one day grow up to be a teenager and an adult who will be making decisions that will affect them and others around them.

  47. amother says

    I have read through these posts and it truly makes me sad that the world that I am bringing my children up in, is not as compassionate as I am trying to teach them to be. You see, I had my daughter at 17. I had my son at 20. I married their father, we had been together since we were 15. I also have an 8 year old son. I hope that Jamie Lynn doesn’t become another statistic and that her and Casey will be together to raise this child as a united front. But people that are posting on here really need to look around. And the truth is, babies ARE fun. I have never once complained about getting up all night long to feed and change my children. I ALWAYS thanked God that my children woke-up. Then my 4th child died from SIDS. To read this “writer” call Maddie a “flesh bag” made my stomach turn. I really hope that she has no children of her own. When I was 19 and pregnant with my second child, finishing school and raising my almost 3 year old, I worked with a woman who told me I needed to learn “responsibility” she was 34, childless, husbandless, working for minimum wage at a retail store. I made more then her and had more in my life then her. I was the “responsible” one, not her. People on here judging without ever having experienced being a young mother are fools. I am now 32. My oldest is 14. Because of the fact I am the youngest mother in her circle of friends they take the advice that I give them more seriously. My daughter remembers my divorce from my controlling husband when I was 22. She has encouraged me to date and to remarry. She has ambitions of social work, and helping people. Compassion that I instilled in her. Life is not about money, or position. Life is about happiness and making sure that everyone in your life knows they are there for a REASON. God has everyones life planned before they are even born. Jamie Lynn was meant to have Maddie. We don’t know his plan, but I have hope and a solid foundation of the Bible to believe that even if all Jamie Lynn ends up doing for the rest of her life is “being a mom” she will succeed and her and Casey will raise Maddie and any other siblings she has to be wonderful, grounded, intelligent, responsible contributors to society. Also, somewhere up above there was the comment that if someones daughter gets pregnant because of Jamie Lynn then it’s the parent for not teaching them right from wrong… your wrong. If a girl gets pregnant at any age (minus rape and incest) she knows what the consequences are. You don’t stick your hand in a fire and expect to not get burned. I applaud Jamie Lynn for not getting an abortion, and I don’t know about you, but maybe I’m too selfish to give my child, my life, to someone else to raise. Look at your children and try to tell yourself they would be better off with someone else. I bet you couldn’t.

  48. meghann says

    The point is, you can’t please everyone in life. The girl would have gotten flack for whatever decision she chose to make with her child. If she kept the baby, you’d get people saying how irresponsible she is for keeping it. If she gave the baby up for adoption, people would say she was just running away from a situation she put herself into and if she had an abortion, people would just label her a murderer. I think the best situation would be for everyone to just stay in their own back yards. Who really cares how her parents raised her? WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN KIDS! If you parents out there are so worried that by exposing your children to Jaimie Lynn on an OK! magazine cover at a grocery store will encourage and doom your child to an unwed teen pregnancy, maybe you should re-evaluate yourself as a parent. No matter how much you think you’re teaching your children morals and values and shoving safe sex and abstinence down their throats, kids will be kids and they will do what they want. You can’t watch them 24/7. I’m sure most of the people who are blogging didn’t wait till marriage for sex or they have at least made an irresponsible decision as far as sex goes at a young age. Even if you did wait, look at the divorce rate of the nation. I’m sure half of you have kids and aren’t even married anymore. So should everyone bash you for being a single parent who couldn’t keep a family together? No, they shouldn’t because just like Jaimie Lynn Spears, not everyone completely knows your story. Blaming the media for your child’s future mistakes is a cop-out for you. You parents are no better than the ones who have kids that go into school cafeterias shooting off guns and killing classmates then turn around and say they blame violent video games. Pay attention to YOUR KIDS and YOUR FAMILY. Now go back to watcing your kids instead of spending 20 minutes commenting on a blog. You wouldn’t want anyone thinking you were a bad parent for making time for yourself.

  49. Zac says

    655,000 people have died in Iraq because of the war we carelessly started there. We currently spend $12 billion a month there. That’s “billion” with a B. That’s more than the average African nation’s GDP.

    It is absolutely disgusting that Yahoo would place this story over the article describing impending war with Iran (U.S. vows to defend allies from Iran) on the Top Stories list.

    If we paid half as much attention to our government as we do to our celebrities perhaps our country would have returned to competent hands in 2004.

    Please vote carefully this year.

  50. Irritated says

    To “gir”

    If you think you have added anything of value to this page, you definitely didn’t. Live in delusion no longer.

    Your pointless commentary alienating everyone else’s comments is quite the “crap fest” itself.

    Unlike you, I really don’t have time to respond to any more of your idiotic, cynical rants (that I am sure are to keep coming), so I leave you with one last statement.

    Don’t hate yourself so much. Once you learn to love and accept who you are, including all of your flaws, you’ll be happier and won’t have to make yourself look like such a fool or bully by trying to belittle others to somehow boost your tender, shallow ego. Oh yeah, and try to laugh at things-it does wonders for your emotional health, trust me!


  51. says

    I truly believe that jamie lyn should have waited but didn’t cause she wanted to upstage her older sister in the media she is jealous of her sister and she wanted everybody to feel sorry for her since she is unwed teen mother and saw how much fun it would be to a mother. Well it is not easy wait until she has daughter is old enough to ask questions about her daddy and her aunt? what is jamie lyn going to do about work and school since she has no one supporting her and that baby of hers.

  52. tekfet says

    I don’t think it’s appropriate to criticize Stuart over this article. He may have judged Jamie and her baby but he also managed to make this article Yahoo’s top link for a bit. Fifteen minutes of fame right there. That “flesh-bag” comment helped keep people reading.

    As far as Jamie’s concerned, let’s remember that she’s being offered a million dollars! People have done far worse for a million dollars and I wouldn’t be surprised if every single poster here would do the same. For stars and their families the media does not look anything like it does to you and me- it’s simply a cash cow.

    Then we have the case of OK! glorifying teen pregnancy. This is a bit stickier. On one hand we may end up with more teenage girls getting pregnant because they want to follow in Jamie’s footsteps. On the other hand we may have more teenage girls who managed to get pregnant who choose not to have abortions. I find that most (not all) pro-choice people default to a view that teenage pregnancies should be ended in abortion; they don’t seem to believe in the right for a teenage girl to choose to keep her child. I consider these people anti-baby, not pro-choice. I’m sure these issues are behind a lot of the messages here.

    Let’s remember that Jamie is 17- she’s nearly an adult. Stuart made the point that “nothing… thrusts someone into maturity quite as fast as parenthood.” Which is worse? Starting parenthood a few years early or following the route of most teenagers today and waiting until the late twenties or early thirties before fully maturing? Of course we can not ignore that there are 13 year old girls who idolize Jamie too and I don’t think any of us want to see them getting pregnant.

    Bottom line, however, OK!’s article will help to prevent abortions. I think Jamie’s message will stop more abortions than it will encourage pregnancies (just my gut feeling). Personally, I believe that abortion is the act of killing innocent, human, life- I believe that act is wrong and that is why I am against abortion. In this light, I think OK! is just fine. I think Stuart’s article is just fine too, as it brings more attention to OK!

    Although pregnancies may not involve babies, they do involve a living, developing human life which is in a stage that all of us have lived through. That human life is separate from its mother’s as it has its own unique DNA and may even have a different blood type and gender. It may not be self-aware but babies are not self-aware right out of the womb in the first place anyway. It may not be able to survive without the assistance of others but babies and the elderly both fall into that classification as well. It may need to live inside another human being in a parasitic fashion for several months but darnit, that’s just how mammals are born! It is a rotten shame that we aren’t cold-blooded creatures!

  53. tekfet says


    I agree that it is disgusting that Yahoo placed this article before the war but then I thought about it…

    If the people using Yahoo were voting which article should be on top, it would not have anything to do with Iraq. In fact, this one would probably be it!

    Maybe a program decides which article goes on top? It certainly changes quickly enough that I have a hard time believing someone is sitting behind a desk changing it. If that’s the case, it might just be that whatever is clicked on the most makes it to the top.

    Disgusting? Sure. Yahoo’s fault? Nah. The American people are more interested in sticking their noses into the lives of the rich and famous than they are in any of the hundreds of wars we’ve fought. The 9/11 attacks changed this for a few years but that’s over now. I think it will take an attack MUCH LARGER than the 9/11 attacks to really get this country motivated.

  54. Irritated says

    And one last thing, before I go.

    This article has conjured up quite a discussion!





  55. The One says

    Holy SHIT are people mad about this whole deal……..Teen-mothers should be put on some type of probation making them all ultra-responsible for their own actions. All of ’em.

    It’s bad enough they don’t have the mental capacity to care for another’s every single need (they haven’t even learned to care for themselves!), they should be made to be accountable for every action they take untill they are 21 – no if’s, and’s or but’s. There ought to be a law. And I’m not even the “COnservative” type, but I know enough to know a baby should get a fair-shot at life. They won’t get one with a early-teen-mother.

    Having a baby is like keeping a nuclear bomb (NOT nu-cu-lar, NU-CLE-AR) from exploding. Any small mistake can have unbelievably disasterous effects. But you young bitches wouldn’t know that would you? EXTREME care must be given in order to give that baby the tools to survive on his/her own when the time comes. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and naive teenage kids get swallowed whole by all sorts of predators. How the HELL do these people who think teen-motherhood is easy, or supposed to be “fun”? FUN has nothing to do with it. Nothing at all, and I dare you to prove me otherwise. Go ahead, articulate it IF YOU CAN………..

    Being a parent means doing everything just so, so when the child is old enough to leave the nest, they don’t get eaten alive. Jamie-Lynn doesn’t know her ass from her elbow, and neither do most teen-mothers (not all), especially ones who never had to do a damn thing for anyone else in their entire life because they are spoiled to death.

    Get a clue young baby-makers.

  56. MICHELLE says

    The author of this article is a jerk. I am against teen pregnancy because I know first hand how hard it is to raise a human being when you are still a child yourself but to criticize and make fun of someone the way the author of this article did just shows how immature and rude this person is. Obviously HE was interested enough in Jamie Lynn’s life to write about her. At least she’s taking care of her child and not making her mom adopt her or something.

  57. J says

    Just because profanity is used doesn’t mean people can’t put two sentences together o_O honestly…anywho..Jamie is 17, of course her first reaction is going to be ‘its fun’ she’s learning about caring for a new life that is NOT her own. She’s learning about responsibilities and pretty soon she’ll be crying and screaming about how she doesn’t have time to party at night. Its her life…let her deal with it. Those who judge her are either envious…spiteful…or pissed off their ‘premarital’ baby isn’t on the spot light in such a matter. Blame the media for blowing things out of proportion..not the celebrities.

  58. Cat says

    I had my daughter just two weeks after my 19th birthday. I remember I was so frightened that I honestly felt I would die. Since her birth, my life has been very, very difficult. Her father and I married (because we *had* to), and we are now divorcing after he cheated multiple times. I love my daughter with all that I have. I would never, ever take her back. But if I could have had her later (like now, 6 years later), it would have been better.

    Teen pregnancy is bad! Kids are kids and should not be raising babies! I am disgusted that OK! is making Jamie Lynn’s situation out to be sunshine and happiness. Guess what Jamie Lynn? The guy who got you pregnant is going to turn out to be a total bum and you will be a single mother. At least you’re not like the rest of us without access to a nanny or millions of dollars in cash. Don’t take your easy ride for granted, because it’s hell for the rest of us.

  59. Rhone says

    This article is fucking hilarious. Fucking celebrities and their illegitimate children. Of course she “loves” taking care of the kid and etc., she is fucking rich and everything is handed to her on a golden platter. Consider if she were poor, would she be any different from the others who dump their children or treat them poorly?

    I doubt it.

  60. Cornelia says

    I agree with Tiffany here.

    I have a friend who is 17, had her baby in February, and she graduated high school. She decided to keep going to high school because she “wanted to show other girls who end up pregnant like me that they can still succeed.” And I agree.

    Sure, Jamie Lynn has a ton to learn about growing up, but that’s what GROWING UP is all about. No, she’s not the smartest person, but she still seems much more stable than her older sister.

    No, I don’t think her getting pregnant sets a good example for young girls today, but she’s not a dead-beat mom, and she’ll learn. Who knows, she might be a great mom.

    Just because a girl is young when she has a kid doesn’t mean she’s going to be the worst mom ever. I have friend with young moms and those moms have worked their asses off for their kids.

    I say let’s see what happens and save the muck raking for another day.

    Cornelia, 18, Poestenkill.

  61. Lee says

    Stuart Heritage, jealous much? You obviously don’t have any kids to hear your hateful and distasteful tone in this article. I take it that you are indeed perfect and that is why you are able to write this article in that tone.

    That goes for everyone who wants line up in anonymity and flame others on the internet.

    I understand parents whose kids looked up to this girl / was a fan. Whatever the case is…

    More to the point – I don’t care either way about the Lynn family or the drama that’s going on with them – grow up people this stuff happens all the time to people.

    Everyone who has seen fit to post holier than thou messages – what will you say when your kids do this? I would almost say it is humorous because of your attitude, but it’s not funny and to be honest no one will really care. I guess you’ll take the easy way out and blame Jamie Lynn. Grow up.

    In closing – who cares what this girl did/does and what (in reality) do you expect her to do? Apologize to the whole world, tell everyone that sex and babies are horrible? If she loves her child then she loves her child, I don’t think she should be persecuted for that.

    PS: Stuart where I come from we call people who talk about others like you have here – douche bags.

  62. This_Country_I_Fight_4 says

    I just happened to have stumbled on to this page, and I wanted to see what was going on in the country that I love so much, that I’ve given up two years of my life, and been deployed to Iraq for. It’s great to see that nothing changes. Seriously, she’s a teenage mom, everybody wants to make her out of an example and crucify her for every teenage mom in America, guess what people it was happening before she was even born, and don’t blame her parents, in case we’ve forgotten nobody ever listens to every single thing their parents tell them. You are born with free will, and this was her’s. She made a mistake, and all of us should just pray that the baby doesn’t suffer because of it. A child is a blessing and all of you condeming her, should just leave the page and say “God Bless”, and if your daughter see’s her as a role model bad mouthing her and telling your daughter that she’s less of a human being because it this mistake isn’t going to help your child at ALL! I wish her and her daughter the best.

    Have a great day!!!

  63. lainey says

    All that I have to say to the person who wrote this article can fuck off! I am 17 years old and I have a son. I respect myself and Jamie-Lynn for taking care of a child at such a young age. I know from expirience it sure in the hell isn’t easy, but people do make mistakes, and my mistake was a blessing and I wouldn’t take him back for the world!

  64. Melynda says

    Okay, honestly, I’m 17 and Jamie Lynn being pregnant does NOT make me want to. Just because Jamie Lynn is having sex before marrige doesn’t mean I should… If your children are THAT impressionable then you obviously didn’t raise them right. My parents taught me not to have sex before marriage and just because some famous chick is I’m not going to. If Jamie Lynn jumped off a brige, would you?

  65. Marci says

    What is she supposed to say “Wow, Maddie was a huge mistake. I HATE my baby. I never wanna look at her and I can’t wait to blame her for ruining my life.” ? COME ON. It’s her child! Of course she loves her and wants to constantly hold her, most mothers are like that. And if she enjoys taking care of her baby, fine. Good, actually. Apparently nothing she can do is right for everyone. If she had an abortion, people would be angry. If she gave her child up for adoption, people would be angry. If she was unhappy, people would scold her. She is trying to make the most of what was a negative situation.

    Mothers CANNOT blame the media exclusively for their child wanting to have premarital sex. Even if they end up prego. It’s been happening since God knows when. Its just more public now. Besides, just because someone doesn’t get pregnant doesn’t mean they aren’t having sex. Most of the mother’s condemning this, were probably partaking in it in their own high school days.

    And about “selling out her baby” almost EVERY celebrity allows pictures of their newborns to be published.

  66. Luna says

    ok, so teen sex and lack of responsibility is extremely frowned upon. But what do you really think you would say after you have had a child? “yeah, she’s my biggest mistake yet. Dont get pregnant girls” So maybe she is happy and enjoying motherhood. i don’t think 17 year olds should be having babies, but i also dont think we should shit on this girl for taking responsibility no matter how late and being a mom. being happy and ready to take care of that child. OF COURSE, only time will tell if she will mess up in other ways but we should not be so damn worried about her. I stumbled on this article b/c i am lame enough to click on the divorce of A-rod and his wife… but this article and most of everyones comments are truly selfish and full of hate. Don’t judge. There are so many teen mothers who know they made a mistake, are having an extremely hard time… if they read this article they would be even more devastated and their morals would go even further out the window.

  67. Cornelia says


    Just because a teen gets pregnant doesn’t mean she did it on purpose. I mean education is important, but if a condom breaks, then it breaks. If you can’t afford birth control, don’t live near a planned parenthood, or your parents refuse to get it for you, it can be hard to be safe.

    Some people don’t agree with abortion, some might actually WANT to keep their kid. I try not to judge, because looks can be deceiving.

    Besides. I know my mom had a ton of fun raising me. I know being a mother (and a father) is hard work. Really really hard work.


  68. A Respectable Woman says

    You know back in the fifties they used to send girls who had children before they were married to these institutions and hide them from society, because—IT WASN’T SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE!! If you are proud of poor judgement then our society is doomed. What Jamie Lynn Spears has done for girls her age is purely disasterous. In Old Hollywood, divorces and illegitimate births were unheard of because there was such a stigma. I’m sorry but children, you are children for a reason–stop thinking that you can run this world because you have no idea what you are in for.

  69. says

    All you people that’s knocking Jamie Lynn should get a damn life. I have 3 kids. I had my son at 20 and my twin girl’s at 25 .I raised my kids by myself and did a damn good job. One of my daughters had her daughter at 17 and she is now a single parent and at 19 owned her own house and now has a 2008 car and a good job and takes care of her daughter. by her self. so don’t knock jamie cause it will all turn out well for her. I say good luck Jamie-Lynn. just hold your head up and fuck what the people say negative about you. just don’t get involved hanging with the wrong people. just think about your little girl. and the hell with the rest of the fucked up people in this world. Good Luck. stay strong…….

  70. 21hearts says

    Okay so here is my take on it. Yes, I think that how Jamie Lynn is ecstatic about her baby can affect views on teenage girls. If you’re a parent worrying about how it could affect your child, talk to them. I’m a young adult and with a family that communicates well, I’ve managed to stay out of trouble, even through my college years. I don’t believe that OK! is glorifying teen pregnancy, it’s about money. The magazine will sell. I have a cousin that got pregnant at 14 and it’s not all rainbows and ponies. It will be easier for Jamie Lynn because she has financial backing. She’s very young and naive, but with the money she has already “earned” it won’t be as hard for her as it would be for the average girl. And for those who think that she won’t be any less responsible because she’s 17 (and you’re probably teeny boppers yourselves) I’d really have to disagree with you.

  71. Joshua says

    What’s the big deal about a baby?

    How is having a child, being “being a constant slave to a screaming little fleshbag that’s stolen the rest of your life and won’t respond to reason or logic is fun.”

    As if being a slave to your “career” is any better.

    Having a baby used to be something to celebrate. Actually, in more advanced cultures, it still is.

    We are pathetic if we believe that having a baby is like catching a disease.

    The relationship between a mother and her child is usually one of life’s deepest experiences. People need to get their perspective straightened out if they think that’s a bad thing. And so what if she’s a teenager? Through most of human history, that’s been the norm.

  72. michelle says

    there are alot of single moms out there of all ages.
    Not all of them view their children as blessings. Yes she is a teen mom but she has more money to take care of that child them most of us!! Not all teen moms are BAD MOMS. Instead of thinking this child has taken away from her life. We should be saying this child is a blessing and will hopefully inhance her life.

  73. Word says

    Props to Jamie Lynn Spear. In our society we might shun a teen pregnancy, but her decision to be responsible about her situation shows she is mature enough to handle a child. Irritated, if you don’t like where you live then leave. The last this country needs is another liberal scum bag complaining about the war. Go put your ass out there (on the front line) and help out.

  74. Jessie says

    To Laura,
    Since when does anyone have to give their child (regardless of how many fathers) the sperm donors last name? Do you not realize we are now living in the 21st century??

  75. Marci says

    lol, thats how I got here too Luna.

    And besides, LOTS of teenagers get pregnant and have babies. Jamie Lynn isn’t that different. Teach your kids right from wrong. Be a parent, it’s not the job of teen actresses to raise your kids

  76. sick and tired says

    This article is absolutely rubbish. How many teenager girls become pregnant everyday, so slamming her for getting pregnant is only be doing because she’ famous. Also, comparing her to Britney is totally irreverent, they’re sisters, not that same person. So being sarcastic about a 17 year old girl is pretty dumb on their authors part. She should have sold out to OK!? no, but it’s her life not yours. I quote Bob Marley when I say “..before you start pointing fingers, make sure yours are clean”. Everyone makes mistakes, high school boys are all idiots but if her boyfriend is stepping up and helping her, God bless him. I say we leave the poor girl alone and let her live her life. I’m 17 and I know that if I became pregnant, I wouldn’t want people I don’t even no slamming my lifestyle.

  77. WOW says

    I love how everyone is so closed minded to whats going on in the REAL world. HEy lady ur daughter has prolly already had sex and if not she is prolly thinking about having sex!!!! Just because ur kids arent having babys doesnt mean that there isnt the possibilty she could become pregnant. Maybe it would have been better to glorify her for getting an abortion. FYI I am a 21 year old mother of one and I am about to graduate from college. Hows that for leadership

  78. heather says

    stuart,you sound like a real ASS r u jealous? that kid will probaly be a great mom give her chance she has not had very good guidence so lets just see what she has to offer. years ago girls had babies at a young age allthe time and it was not frowned upon leave her alone.

  79. Krista says

    Now I don’t approve of teenage pregnancy (I am a teenager myself) But it is really not that big of a deal for Jamie Lynn, considering that she has considerable finances (especially after the OK! interview) and she can care for her child with her boyfriend. For normal teenagers it is harder because they have to deal with school and poverty and flighty guys. It’s different when it comes to richer people and celebrities.

  80. michelle says

    say,”I love my daughter, but being an unwed teen mom presents many challanges and I don’t recommend that anyone do it. I am going to face and overcome those challenges with the support of my

    SHES NOT A NORMAL SINGLE TEEN MOM what challanges besides people posting stupid comments about her do you think she has?????

  81. kat says

    LOL! Well, tell us how you really feel. However, I understand the point and the relative frustration normal society feels, watching this type of behavior glorified. BUT seriously, LOL for the rant just dripping with sarcasm!

    OH, and 100% love the comment by FRUSTRATED MOM!!!!!

  82. Krista says

    I would just like to add in an argument against Jamie’s “haters”:
    1.) In the 50’s black people didn’t have rights either. What does that say about the general intelligence at that time?
    2.) This article only gave a single quote about Jamie Lynn, so nobody, unless they have read the article, should say in an ignorant, hateful tone based on nearly no evidence that Jamie did not regret her pregnancy in the slightest.
    3.) As others have stated, throughout history most people have gotten married and given birth as teenagers.

  83. Jessie says

    To turnin 15
    Good luck and hey why don’t you proudly have your baby the way nature intended? No pain meds or epidurals. Really experience child birth for all it’s proud beauty and then get back to me and let me know if you loved every minute of it. I think that child will be your one and only and I feel so bad for the poor baby already. You can’t even provide for yourself and you stupidly and ignorantly think you can provide for a new demanding human being? You children are completely deluding yourselves and VERY selfish into thinking people will just drop everything to help you out. I have 3 children myself and it breaks my heart to know that there are “proudly pregnant” 15 year old children out there who cannot take care of a newborn. My heart breaks for the poor newborn who did not ask to be born to a 15 year old child and who depends on their mothers for safety and life. I’m crying here as I write. Poor defenseless babies who cannot do for themselves and who’s child mothers cannot do for them. I have seen so much infant neglect and death because of it. Most of the “proud” parents on here that had kids when they were young can’t spell to save their lives. Do we really want the future to hold ignorant imbeciles? Do we want to turn America into a third world country where people do nothing else but pop out babies they cannot take care of? Or do we want this country to improve? The mortality rate of infants is greatly increasing becuase of all these child mothers thinking “well if this celebrity can do it so can I” neglecting their babies or it just becomes too hard (helloo….real life) and they give up and walk away. Sad and cruel. Sick people. Sick.

  84. val says

    I think you are all missing the point of the article. The author is being facicious. Meaning that putting a teen mother on the cover to say how great being a Mom is ridiculous. A teenager shouldn’t be a Mom, she should be a teenager with a Mom who supervises and advises her on how to love herself and not think that sleeping with boys is appropriate. I have friends and family who were teen Moms, but don’t kid yourself it is not easy. Many of them have gone on to get their highschool diploma and graduate college. They now have good careers as well. Then there are the others who have not graduated and still live with there parents, having said that, I am a Mom of two young girls. I don’t want them thinking that a Zoey101 is a good role model. It is hard to be a Mom today even if you are married and waited unitl you were somewhat established. OK magazines is just out to sell magazines. Jamiee Lynn is once again a product of her Mother’s horrible parenting job; which continues… why did Jamiee Lynn think it was ok to sign a million dollar contract to sell pictures of her baby. I am not angry at Jamiee Lynn, her Mother is the one to blame she needs to be a parent first!! Jamiee Lynn is a minor. Why do you think Brittany is so screwed up. Their Mother wasn’t their for them – hiding behind a christian upbringing doesn’t mean that you are getting morals and values by osmosis; you have to be an example and live a moral and value filled life. All of you young girls who thought the article was stupid need to ask yourself whether or not when or if you become parents will you think is such a great idea when your 15 year old comes home and says she is pregnant. I do think Jamiee Lynn made the right deicision to keep her baby- but now she needs to step back from the lime light and be a Mom, so when her baby is fifteen she doesn’t come home and say she is pregnant.

  85. To all the Fools out thier says

    Of course its fun.. She will never have to do a single thing to take care of that child. She will have 24 hour Nanny support to raise that kid. Kids are great if you only have to pay attention to them when you want. What sets the bad example is all the under 15 crowd that has no job will want to follow suit. Explain to the kids how fun it is to raise a screaming baby on Mcdonalds wages, while all your friends are still enjoying life.

  86. Cheryl says

    Some of these posts are amazing. I got pregnant at 19 and by 26 had 4 amazing kids. My husband and I are still married and very happy and blessed to have 4 wonderful kids. It is obvious that having a baby has made Jamie Lynn happy and no one should judge that. We are all different and what works for one person may not for another. We should embrace the fact that this young mother loves her child and wants to be a great mom. If someone honestly thinks that their teenager is going to go run out and get pregnant because Jamie Lynn or another teen celebrity is “glorifying” the situation, then they need to look at their parenting skills. You should be talking to your kids about these things from a young age and not let the media influence your children so much. Explain to them how fabrication sells magazines. The best thing I ever did was have my chidren young. I was heading down the wrong path and having my babies made me and my husband focus and work very hard as a family and a team. I think people are expecting Jamie Lynn to behave like her sister and that is wrong. The biggest obstacle Jamie Lynn will have is the media and eveyone else throwing in their 2 cents that she is bound to screw up. Let her be a mom and enjoy the wonderful baby that she has brought into this world. Talk to your kids about real life issues…don’t let the media be such an influence. Give Jamie Lynn a chance to be a mom. Don’t judge.

  87. Cornelia says

    I agree with Joshua. I’m very excited to meet my “nephew” and I hope Jamie Lynn does her best to raise her child.

  88. BitterSweet says

    As I read these posts I realize most of you are morons and have no idea what you are talking about. I had my son at the same age as Jamie Lynn and while I don’t promote pregnancy at that age I won’t say it’s not beneficial. I’m well off. I never married, never asked for child support or government help. I have a bachelors degree from one of the top engineering universities. I have a wonderful stable job and am in law school. I’m 23 now and my son is 7. He’s an honor roll student in a good private school. Having a baby early didn’t prevent me from anything. Stupidity of not knowing your options prevents people succeeding in life. You people are so quick to say that a person can’t be responsible at 16 or doesn’t know what their doing. But you have no idea what they are like or how much they know. If I hadn’t had my son when I did I would have had no reason to graduate high school or go to college. I probably would have stayed in the same town doing the same thing as all those “normal” children that didn’t get pregnant… you know the ones saying “do you want fries with that.” Life is funny. Society frowns upon teens getting pregnant but says nothing when they use their experiences to help them succeed.

    Just for the record this isn’t the fifties and with a mentality like that you’ll never evolve. The reality is as society ages the new generation takes on more “adult” roles. You should watch that show the secrete life of an american teenager. You might learn something about what’s really been going on in high schools for the last 20 years. Some of you parents reading this must have forgotten what it’s like to be a hormonal teen or even worse naive enough to believe your own children aren’t doing the same acts as Jamie Lynn. Those that think that the statistics have changed in the last few years are wrong. You just notice it more now, less people are choosing abortions.

  89. Sara says

    First off, I find it funny that people are losing sight of this article and now lashing out at each other for their use of profanity and such. Just shows how quick we are to jump at someone’s throat for expressing themselves in a way we don’t approve of, or have an opposite opinion.

    As for the article, this indivual did have a right in what he/she said, but at the same time, it was unecessary, and did go a little too far. I do agree that she really isn’t being a good example. Teen pregnancy can’t be avoided, and it doesn’t need to be marketed as the end of your life, but at the same time it shouldn’t be explained as “fun.” I’m sure it does have it’s fun bits, but it’s a major responsibility. She obviously felt she was mature enough to handle the baby, but she should also be mature enough to not say such things as “I’m happy all the time,” because that’s a joke. I somehow doubt that being woken up at all times during the night by a screaming infant is “fun.”
    She needs to be truthful and set a good exmaple by explaingly that although it has it’s benefits and good times, being a young mother is also difficult

  90. BitterSweet says

    Joshua… I think people have forgotten what having children really means. They concentrate on the negative as a scape goat for their own faults

  91. ttm4200 says

    Are you kidding me? she is young. SO WHAT!!!! I bet your grandparents and great grandparents started in their teens too. Its just a little thing called life!
    I have 2 questions.
    #1: What is the average age for young boys and girls to start going through puberty. Age for boys when they can first ejaculate? Age for girls when they get their 1st period? I dont know the answer but 12 13 14?
    #2: Why does that cycle start at such a young age?
    Im not saying its right for kids to have kids, but its just life. If we were supposed to adapt to it, wouldnt our bodies evolve to make puberty begin at 18? There are grown adults that have children and dont take care of them. Age doesnt really matter when you think of it like that does it?

  92. Observer says

    I think everyone here is missing the point, including the author of this article. The media has the ability to make a positive impact, but chooses to do the opposite. Instead of writing about a celebrity who gave birth to a child outside of marriage at the age of 17, why not write about a girl who graduated early from high school and is in medical school that may one day help cure cancer. Why not write about the 17-year-old gymnast or figure skater who is preparing for the Olympics? By writing about an unwed, pregnant 17-year-old, the youth of America never even hear about what others their age are accomplishing.

  93. Alisha says

    A Respectable (?) Woman…. Yes nothing says unconditional love like sending your child to an institution to hide away her shame so she can’t sully your family’s good name, while the young father in question is free to cavort and knock up the rest of the town. Good times, good times. If you’ll remember correctly, Ms. Respectable Lady, at the same point in time that you are so fondly remembering, racism used to be an acceptable, and even encouraged societal practice as well. Not to mention that women weren’t women. They were property. Dinner making, laundry washing, baby machines. If you were a woman in the 50’s, you didn’t go to college to get an education, you went to college to find a husband, assuming that you didn’t find one in high school, you old spinster, you. You want to talk about poor judgement, there’s your poor judgement right there. So before we start to remember the “Good ‘ol days”, we should keep in mind that they were only good if you were a professional white male. We are so incredibly, and thankfully, far gone from those times.

  94. romm says

    You are a sick moron for referring to motherhood and a new born child as ” being a constant slave to a screaming little fleshbag that’s stolen the rest of your life and won’t respond to reason or logic.

    I’m no fan of the Spears’ girls, or seeing Jamie Lynn pregnant at 16, but that is nothing compared to the contempt I have for what you have written. You should be terminated immediately for writing that you sick ashole. Perhaps your parents should have viewed you the same way, and thrown you in a garbage bag and to the side of the road when you were 10 days old.

  95. lalala! says

    geeze…everyone thats commented on here is like angry at one another. It was funny to read you alls comments. lol. Anyways, as for Jamie, she is just another girl having a baby at a young age. I could care less about her. I dont feel sorry for her…her show sucks, and frankly she really isnt a good actress. i dont hate her, i just feel sorry for her baby. I want the little girl to grow up with good morals and a little common sense. Jamie is going to get all the publicity she wants, but that doesnt matter. I hope she cares enough about her baby to change her lifestyle around and train her kid correctly. And stop all of the adultry she is in.

  96. too_funny says

    This article was great. It was a good thing to read during lunch. Jamie Lynn is a fool, but she’s got money, so none of this matters.

    Oh, and kudos to everyone that told Racheal off. She need to be put in her place. What a bitch! You go, Frustrated Mom!! I want to personally thank The One and Ash, too.

    Also, I think we can all agree that gir is an idiot who feeds off of criticism like a parasite. Feed off of this one, asshole!

  97. jenny says

    I don’t really care what Jamie Lynn chooses to do with her life, however as a mother I am extremely disgusted with the way this article has been written. It is one thing to talk down upon Jamie Lynn’s decisions, but to speak about an innocent child in such a way is just wrong. “…a screaming little fleshbag that’s stolen the rest of your life and won’t respond to reason or logic…” What? Most parents would agree that their children have brought more meaning to their lives and not “stolen” them. “Since having her baby, Jamie Lynn Spears has been quietly sheltering it from media attention by raising it in Mississippi.” A baby is not an “it” a baby is a human being and should be referred to as such. Would you refer to any other human as “it”? (What did John do last night? Oh, it went to a bar) I don’t think so. How would you like to be referred to as “it” Stuart Heritage? I guess all I have to say about Stuart Heritage’s article is that “it” (meaning Stuart Heritage) didn’t do a very good job.

  98. Vickster says

    Let’s face it… the chick is loaded. Why does she care if she has a baby? You guys really think she’ll be taking care of it? Hello – “nanny”. I can’t bash the kid for anything she says or does because she’s just that – a kid. She won’t have a hard road ahead of her… if she wants to take off to Vegas, she takes off to Vegas… wants to go out… she goes out… it’s not like a multi-millionaire has to worry about staying home with the baby. …but if she’s a good mom, she will. Time will tell!

  99. jessie says

    Ok, can we stop saying Jamie is so good for raising her baby??? She hasn’t done it yet. Christ, she only just had her daughter and some of you out there are saying she’s so great for raising her baby. We all saw how great Britney did with her kids and she had the same “oh I love them they’re great” attitude at the beginning. Now her kids have rotted teeth, badly nourished and not the most healthy kids in the world. Oh yes, Jamie is doing a great job having her picture taken and getting money for it. Great job!

  100. Lee B says

    So what if she is a teen mom and is glorifying motherhood. What else can she do??… I am pretty sure she knows she screwed up and doesn’t need all the tabloids critizing her. What was she suppose to talk about in her interview?…How she just totally fucked up her life…??

  101. tekfet says

    @Turning 15:

    But the real question is:

    Are your PARENTS proud that you’re pregnant?

  102. shit the fu**up says

    ya know what i think its bull that everyone is making a huge deal about one teen thats famous getting pregnant. do you people see how many other teens there are out there that are pregnant and alone but you only care about the famous one. and shes the bad person. i dont think so dont put it all on one person. and for those of you who think your kids are gonna do it cuz she did and shes a bad influence if your as good a parent as you think you are they wont. wow way to show the world you think your kids are dumb enough to make those mistakes and not care that they are there own people and can make there own decisions.

  103. Military Life changes your outlook on things says

    Wow. That’s all I can say. I’m currently at work, and seeing this articile just wants to make me laugh.

    I went through high school when girls thought it was cool to get knocked up before they graduate. Let alone use drugs/weed/acohol to impare their judgment. I was one of the very few that didn’t do those activities. Instead, I got out in 3 years of High School, worked full time and went to college at the age of 17. I enlisted in the military when I was 6 months aways from turning 19. And I’m still greatful to wait til I’m married to do anything outragious outofwedlock.

    Now, don’t go all crazy on this, but seeing how Now everyone starts complaining about this when I’ve seen this first hand and its no surprise that this has been happening. So for parents that blame the media, seriously, do you really think thats going to solve all your problems when something that you couldn’t teach your own children to stay away from?
    I was on my own since I was 12 and I didn’t want to be in a hell hole when I reached adulthood.

    Education is a must to understand the realites of this world. But I’ve noticed that the kids were raised by parents that were kids themselves. Which makes sense.

    I’m not going after anyone and I offend my apologises. I came from a lower-middle class family and I had to work to help make ends meet.

    Anyways, I’ve put in my 2 cents about this subject. Back to work and contuning my pursuit in my career with the military.

  104. Practice What You Preach says


  105. summer says

    glorifying teen pregnancy is wrong period. Jamie lynn may have the same problems as some teen mothers crying babies etc but at least she can afford her fleshbag but it does not make it right she should think about her audience most of them cant afford to be teen parents like her

  106. Jimmy says

    I know all you parents are concerned, but this columnist is drawing the wrong line in the sand. Okay, a young girl made a decision. She got pregnant, and now, she’s being a mother. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d give a lifetime to just be a parent right now. Some of you have forgotten what it means when our Good Lord blesses us with the ability to have children.

  107. was-a-teen-mom says

    OK so JLS has some serious issues!! Being a teen mom is NOT fun and definitely NOT easy!I was a teenage mom 17 years ago and while i don’t regret having him I could’ve waited. I think she’s trying to cover up how she REALLY feels. Rearing a child is NO walk in the park~ especially when you’re 17. She’s not sending out the right message!

  108. says

    I was a teenage mother at 15, it was difficult and as a result I wasn’t as wonderful of a mother as I was later when I had my other two children. I think everyone learns with the first child regardless of age. But I wasn’t bad either. I missed out on a lot of fun things my friends did. I lived on my own and worked at 16 in a doctor’s office; I grew up fast. Motherhood wasn’t “fun” every waking moment, but I wouldn’t change it. I have the most amazing strong willed, smart, humorous kids in the world. We didn’t have a lot but had enough. My grandchildern are amazing; I love them more than anything. My Grandmother (91) is a wise woman. She would always say in 10 years will it matter? She sent me Erma Bombeck books that made me see the funny side of motherhood. I only had my Grandparents, long distance, but it was enough. I now have a great circle of family that I created and I am very happy and content. Bless her heart she has only just begun on her journey. I wish her the very best. She has money and family, they will both be fine. We have to stop throwing rocks at people and learn to tolerate and respect each other. No one is perfect and we are all God’s kids. Remember she had a choice and chose life; that is something to respect. My heart hurts for those who know the pain of making a choice. Whatever a person decides remember they alone have to live with it; use compassion in all you say and do. Peace to all.

  109. jess says

    first, leave the family out of it. she is not her sister, just as YOU are not your sibling.

    the magazing is not GLORIFYING teen pregnancy. it is simply showing a young teen mother who is taking responsiblity for her actions and raising her daughter with love and affection.

    for those of you knocking on her parents for not doing a good job of raising her, look at your own kids. sex, drugs and alcohol are a part of todays society and its true.. we’re all exposed.

    check the statistics: in 2001 60.5% of 12th graders had engaged in INTERCOURSE.

  110. Jay says

    I think all you people who are bashing on Jamie Lynn just like being mean. You all remind me of a medievel crowd of peasants screaming and throwing rotten vegetables at someone.

  111. says

    Nice one Stu, looks like you’ll break 100
    on the first day!

    The future of the human family depends on
    cloning midgets who obviously consume less food, water, and air
    and take up less space. Aquatic midgets would be
    best, because of the likelihood of flooding in the future.
    Yeah, midgets with fins instead of this lot of clueless
    and/or sanctimonious defensive asswipe gutter-fucking pinheads.

  112. Responsible says

    It shocks me to read all the responses. First off I had my son at 17, he is now 22. I was married and yes I finished school. Teens shouldn’t think it is the cool thing to do but it happens. We all do things that aren’t at the right time. Hopefully if a young woman does become pregnant she has support from her family. For all you people that are judging others get off your high horse.

    Live and let live!!! Oh and people should really mind their own business and take a peek in their own closets. Have a great day!

  113. Keli says

    You have got to be kidding me !!!!!Everyone is acting like this is the first teen in history to get pregnant.There have been teen pregnancies since our mothers’ mothers. There was a time when you would be considered an old maid if you didn’t have children by 20. As long as she is taking good care of her baby ,why would you tear her down? These young parents also have a lot more to offer this baby then a lot of older women who got pregnant on a one night stand drunk at a bar.The baby is here, so how about instead of pointing out the negatives give Jamie Lynn some encouragement. She probably could use some advice like any new mom. I was married at 16 and had children at a very young age. My oldest just turned 18 and guess what, we made it through just fine. And I’m sure with the way the Paparazzi is, no one would ever give her an inch to make a mistake !!!! Don’t worry Jamie Lynn, you look beautiful and when Maddie is all grown up, you will still be young enough to enjoy your grandchildren. That is a blessing most people never get.

  114. Nicole says

    I can’t believe the Spears family what a waste. Both Britney and Jamie had everything going for them until they decided to grow up too quickly. I can’t believe teenage girls even think that having a baby is fun and they must feel now if Jamie Lynn can do it so can they..ahh WRONG. Jamie Lynn has $$$$$ she can afford a full-time Nanny to take care of the baby anytime she needs it. The average teen is still living home with their parents can’t even afford their own car let alone a child. 17 years old don’t know anything about being a mother. I hope she stays in Mississippi and lives off her money and stays out of the lime light.

  115. says

    Wow! A lot of hostility and butt-ugly attitude here from people. What’s with the vile language. Many posters here REEK of foul attitudes! How can anyone take one’s views seriously when they spew nastiness. (I’m not referring to those who have enough brains to have an ADULT point of view on this matter an can manage to debate with some level of respect.) But thanks to the lack of unintelligence from some of these posters who would just rather marinate in ugliness than show any class, I’d just as well put a needle in my eye than read another line. Thanks for showing me how much reading these types of discussions are an absolute waste of time. OOPS! Now I’m sounding like you—the Bug-Up-The-ButtITIS must be contagious.;)

  116. jj says

    to the parents on this site shunning teen pregnancy:

    dont sit on your computer and rant about teen pregnancy, rather use this as a good time to talk to your daughters. if you dont believe in premarital sex, try and instill that on their brains. but dont forget, we all make bad decisions, and we all make mistakes. some teens WILL have sex. face it. make sure let your kids know that you look down upon it, but incase their morals and values arent exactly as uptight as yours they need to know to at least be smart about it and use birth control.

    dont forget that over 95% of all people (including religious people) engage in premarital sex. abstinence is no longer the way of life. get over it. accept it.

    before you go pointing your finger at others, look at yourselves. you’re not perfect. we all make mistakes. YOU, i’m sure have made mistakes.

    how well do you think you know your kids? you’d be suprised at what they arent telling you and what they are lying to you about. your kids arent perfect, so you can stop thinking that your kids are perfect little angels and that they have done nothing wrong. i am 16 years old, going into my senior year of high school, i think i would know what im talking about when i say that.

    if you ever have the chance, sit down and talk to a teenage mother, but go into it with an open mind. i know a few, and every single one of them admitted it was a mistake to have unprotected sex, but they all love their babies deeply and want the best for them. these girls are strong, and they have to be to make a life for themselves and their babies. finishing up college, starting their careers and being a mother on top of that is a real task, and they are all doing it to their best.

    just because jamie lynn is now a happy mother doesnt make me want to have a baby as a teen. teen pregnancy is not being glorified, and if you think that it is and that your kids are impressionable enough to believe that everything in the tabloids is cool, you obviously havent been the best parent.

    jj, 16, indianapolis

  117. Peter says

    Wow. How polarizing. Not to yearn for the “good old days” as many of you so disdainfully refer to any year before 1984, but I remember when we used to be able to have discussions on serious topics without ever using any derivitive of the word “fuck”, or brilliantly referring to someone that disagrees with our point of view as a “cunt”. Do you think that advances your opinion? Does it make you sound intelligent? Yep, makes me want to go out with you for coffee and see what other cute little comments might be fomenting in that pinhead of a brain that God put in your skulls. I also find it funny that many of the people that preach “open-mindedness” in their posts are the most closed-minded people in this so-called civil discussion, but then again, intolerance of any opinion other than theirs is the mark of the modern day American liberal.

    I think Jamie Lynn made a mistake. That’s my opinion, and regardless of how many of you may call me names that you’d never want YOUR children to hear, it’s completely valid. Now, I don’t think that she should be publicly crucified for the mistake, but when she goes to the media and brags about how blissfully happy she is and how she’s going to be a stay at home mom, she invites criticism. SURE, it’s easy to be blissfully happy and never work when you can sell your story to a magazine for $1 million (in addition to all of your T.V revenues), but what about all of the other people in her position who AREN’T famous? What then? It’s not that easy. You can’t “just stay home” unless your parents are paying for you and your kid or you’re on public aid – which should NEVER be anyone’s goal in life. Sorry but the media IS glorifying the behavior by fawning all over this child and her baby. (Sorry to the 17-and-under crowd on here, but you ARE still children.) You want a fair story? Talk about all of the teens who have never achieved what they set out to achieve in life because they made the same mistake as Jamie Lynn. Show some of THEM too. Oh yeah, that’s reality and reality isn’t cool. Just because a few people succeed at being single teen parents doesn’t mean that we should glorify the behavior as wholesome and normal. It’s not, and the poverty facts prove it.

    When did we start pretending that there are no values? When did we start pretending that ANY behavior is OK as long as it makes you FEEL good? About the same time we stopped treating each other with any respect whatsoever. Regardless of which side of this debate you’re on, listen to yourselves people! Many of you sound like ignorant fools.

  118. LoRI says

    I know some people that are in their 20’s & 30’s that have kids & don’t take care of them. Age is only a number!! If she’s not asking you for help then you shoudn’t worry what she does.

  119. Beth says

    You’re right… SHAME on that girl for taking the responsibility for her actions and finding a positive side to things. Who in their right minds enjoys kissing and loving their newborn child?

    I bet you and all the leeching gossip columnists like you are just thrilled to have another person to make a buck off of.

    If anybody is exploiting this baby, it’s you and the media. Calling the baby a “little bundle of sexual irresponsibility”? That baby buttered your bread this week, didn’t she? Have some respect. Maybe one day you’ll grow up and become a real journalist. Shame on you.

  120. Jeff says

    Congratulations on telling it like it is. Thank you!! Babies having babies is nothing to aspire to. How wonderful if we could all be millionaires and not have to worry about the error of our ways when having a baby so young. She doesn’t have to quit school and get a job as a waitress, or give up her friends, or face family embarrassment. She’s a celebrity so this is just another photo op that will help her career.

    Good luck to this child. It’ll be in therapy working this out for years. As for Jamie Lynn she’ll just go down as another white-trash no talent loser, but at least she’s rich. You go girl!

  121. says

    Omg! I cant belive people are posting this! LEAVE THE SPEARS FAMILY ALONE! God! Even if i dont belive in Teens gettin Preggers that doesnt mean i dont think babies are WONDERFUL! I may be 12 but i know alot!

  122. female07 says

    Ok…the magazine Ok! needs to do a follow up when young Maddie is sick and screaming her head off at 2 in the morning and Jamie Lynn has to go into work and can’t call off… Teen pregnacy is still an issue in our country. Our young ladies and young men have great difficulty taking care of themselves much less a baby. My philosphy is if you can take care of a plant, then get a dog. If you can take care of the dog, then consider having a child. Kids need to be kids. I do know some great teen mothers but they’ve realized too late how altered their course in life has become. Some of them will still reach their goals and others will have to change their goals. It’s not easy raising a child at any age. I’m glad Jamie Lynn is happy and having fun but she really had an opportunity to make a difference with her fan base. Maybe she still will…until then, educate your children…unfortunately, it’s no longer “When a man and woman love each other they get married…”

  123. New momma says

    I don’t think that her age is necessarily a problem. My sister had a baby at 17. She’s still married to the same man and now has three beautiful little boys. She is very mature and has a great perspective on life and raising these little guys. 17 is different for everyone. 40 is different for everyone. Just because you are a certain age doesn’t mean you can or can’t do or accomplish things. Back in the day at 40 you were preparing to be a grandparent. Now some 40-somethings are becoming parents for the first time. So what? Not that I need to prove my point to anyone really, but see what I’m saying? Sometimes age is just a number. I don’t know Jamie Lynn and I don’t know if she’s mature, responsible, whatever. Who cares? She’s living her life, not us.

  124. jasmine says

    Look jamie lynn is a very good person. Shes happy for being a mother, and you crap-talking people should accept that shes great! She made a mistake and shes fixing it. Thats all we can do. We cant just poof our mistake away and never worry about it. If you ask me, jamie lynn is taking this very well and maturily. (i know i spelt maturily wrong. haha) ((can someone take girs friggin comments off?))

  125. Joy says

    This_country_i_fight_4, WELL PUT AND GOD BLESS!

    I hope this young girl proves to be a fine little mother. I hope she stays happy.

    I hope parents of teens rely on other strategies than dehumanizing people to keep their kids child-free until such time as they are sure that’s what they want out of life. I’m a mother, desperately wanted my little one, but it can be very hard, frustrating work rather often. I wouldn’t trade her back, but parenthood done well is not for sissies.

  126. says

    Anyone who thinks their live would be hindered that badly by a child sounds like they want to go out and party with all the late teens early twenties people who haven’t amount to much. Plenty of people have been young single parents and have gone to college and got wonderful jobs why not find a few and post about them.

  127. Reg says

    OK lets be fair now this article is clearly over the top. Ok! is glamorizing pregnancy? wtf they support the whole article by using this phrase…

    “I love taking care of her. It is so much fun. I just want to hug her and kiss her, and I’m happy all the time.”

    This quote is the feelings that she has for her child and not too mention shes rich I’m sure makes raising a child kinda easier than the avg 17 year old.
    And also why are we attacking her anyway I mean she’s caring and responsible enough to actually have the kid instead of doing what many teenage pregos do and have abortions which is murder in my book. Sure I would not want my daughter to have a kid when shes not married but I sure wouldn’t want here to have an abortion just so it wouldn’t change her life style.
    Normally I would not pay this article a second look because I could care less about the avg celeb but this one caught my interest because of the silly article title.

  128. Megan says

    First of all…
    The only difference between Jamie Lynn Spears and the majority of teenage girls is that she got caught.
    It is irresponsible to make the decision to have premarital sex in the first place and I think it’s hilarious that almost every post on here is bashing Jamie Lynn for taking the adult and responsible action of raising the child she irresonsibly concieved. It would have been the ultimate in irresponsible and selfish behavior had she chosen to abort the child.
    It seems so unbalanced that everyone is still talking about how stupid it is for Jamie Lynn to be saying she’s happy. I’m honestly proud that she is saying that because it shows that she doesn’t care as much about anonymous, selfish, preteen girls and their mother’s as she does about her own daughter and how she would feel later in her life reading that she was a mistake or a life-killer.
    Why isn’t anyone upset about the description of the baby in the first paragraph? “No – according to Jamie Lynn Spears, being a constant slave to a screaming little fleshbag that’s stolen the rest of your life and won’t respond to reason or logic is fun.” That seems more upsetting than anything Jamie Lynn has said.

  129. DeDe says

    Well, maybe high schools should glorify teaching SEX ED instead of making abstience pacts. I think it is nice that now we have a reminder of what is important to teach to our children.

  130. Phone Home says

    We are not the same I am a Martian. We do not understand human society and its infatuation of a single being of its species. We believe it is necessary to reproduce many offspring, regardless of their age. Once they are capable of reproducing, which you humans refer to as puberty, we “impregnate” them as you humans would say. Then our species as a whole take responsibility in developing our offspring in a controlled and safe environment to ensure their survival and development into a productive member of our species. We believe it is important to our survival to be stronger as a whole than our rivals and enemies.

  131. says

    Freakin’ hilarious post.

    Oh, and MissCris – apparently “if we schooled our kids” didn’t work too well in your case; you don’t even know the meaning of the word “irony”.

  132. nancie says

    They don’t use the word “illegitimate” to describe children of unwed parents anymore. All children are “legitimate” whether their “parents” were married or not.

  133. mommyof4 says

    I can not belive the article. It makes it out like having a kid is fun and games. First off I’m sure this girl has a nanny and she also has a little thing called money. But teenagers are going to read this and think “wow it’s easy and FUN!” when it is far from it. Maybe if this girl was half as responsible as you all are arguing she is then she would have used her 15 minutes of “sell out” fame to call attention the the rising number of teen pregnancies and how wrong it is. A true teen mom has to work 18 hour shifts to make rent. She has to sometimes make the choice eat for a week or keep the power on. And dont forget the great and fun staying up for three days in a row cause the baby has an ear infection and btw you still have to go to work and school. But no dont worry about it you’ll just get a nanny like jamie lynn and everything will be a-ok. *rolls her eyes* grrrrrrrrrrrr

  134. says

    I’m going to do a favor for just about everyone who has left a post here and demonstrate that it is possible to write a comment that does not capitalize entire words or rely on cuss words. First, Jamie Lynn Spears having a baby at her age is not a good example, granted. On the other hand, good parents should teach their kids that their role models are not, in fact, Hollywood stars…or sisters of Hollywood stars. Let’s not place the responsibility for raising our kids on someone else. Second, can’t we all agree that it’s in bad taste to cash in on the birth of your child by selling pictures and, yes, making it seem glamorous to have a child at 17? Sure, JLS can afford to raise that child, but not so for most would-be imitators in the general public. I really feel like we, as a people, have cotinued down the path of least resistance. American culture is all about what makes a buck and “the lowest common denominator”. It’s too bad. I think there was a time when we were concerned with issues more important than a B-list celebrity’s sex life.

  135. Jae says

    He who has not sinned may cast the first stone.

    im guessing you’re either perfect…or you are terribly bruised.

    and…i teach my children better than to idolize the sister’s of has-been celebrities. they have real role models..such as their father who is fighting overseas right now, their uncle who is a fire fighter, their grandma who raised 5 kids by herself after her husband was killed by a drunk driver.

    you worry about little miss spears all you want. if it makes you feel better to blame her poor choices for those your own children make in the future so be it. if it wasn’t her it would be someone else..instead of the person you should be looking to…YOURSELF.

    have a lovely day, and try not to let your knickers bunch up too much tomorrow.

  136. Dat's True says

    True abt them being slut?
    Wonder if I could get with either of them, or maybe both of them ..at the same time?

  137. anonymous says

    I love how everyone assumes jamie lynn spears is just pure trash because of her family roots and her “accident.” We, especially the media, all act like premarital sex is taboo and not accepted in our society. I think almost everyone knows a significant amount of teens have sex, so why take out your spite for premarital sex on this one girl? And people… just because she had her baby it doesn’t mean she didn’t use a condom. NEWS FLASH: THEY BREAK! I agree with the people who criticized this article since it’s just a hypocrisy party going on here. What the author did was bash Ms. Spears for her immaturity when the post wasn’t even mature at all. I think it’s brave of Ms. Spears for keeping her baby, especially since she’s a teen celebrity. However, I think it’s EXTREMELY careless of her to call it “fun” when it’s supposed to signify her entrance in adulthood. On the other hand, this article just bashed up a storm of insults rather than SIMPLY pointing out her mistake. Honestly, if somehow Maddie sees this article in her later years think how she’ll feel about this, or other articles from other blogs and magazines that crucified her and her mother for carrying out her mistake. I don’t think it’s just Jamie who needs some growing up…

  138. Misha says

    Whoever wrong this is being as judgemental as the readers he/she warns not to be.

    Jamie Lynn is not the first nor last 17 year old mother than we will see. As far as her reaction, I think it is pretty normal for any first-time mother to be a little dingy about motherhood.

    Also, I don’t think anyone can fault her for children who look up to her as a role model. Personally I think children are more mature these days and realizes that while Jamie Lynn made a mistake they don’t have to do the same thing. But don’t blame her if your daughter gets pregant. Blame yourself, and the way YOUR daughter was raised. Parents should be the role models, not some television personality.


    and why should I care? People are being ruined all over the planet–the PLANET itself is being ruined– and this is the best we can do? Argue about what’s her name? Let’s wash some blood off the world first, what do you say?

  140. sick of media shit says

    wow i am so so so so sick of media ass ppl complaining about every little thing that happens to celebs.. most of the time its ppl like u that blow things out of proportion.who the hell do u think u are and i seriously hope ur perfect.

  141. David Bryden says

    Let’s get our priorities straight. Yes, poor teenage mothers are dreadful, but they’re not half as bad as people who write ‘u’ instead of ‘you’.

  142. Joke Police says

    What in God’s name is going on here? Is this all a result of that Yahoo Buzz thing? Hecklerspray – I hope all these plebs stomping all over your site is worth the extra page impressions-related advertising dollar.
    I miss the days when you could count the number of mentalists on one hand and it was a fair fight. Now it really is some kind of tsunami of idiocy.

  143. gir says

    By my conservative estimate, there are a billion girls that got pregnant as teenagers that are reading this. And amazingly enough, it seems they are all poorly educated and celebrity obsessed.

    I don’t know that we can point at a specific cycle of causation, but isn’t this correlation enough?

    “anonymous Says:
    July 11th, 2008 at 5:51 am
    And people… just because she had her baby it doesn’t mean she didn’t use a condom. NEWS FLASH: THEY BREAK!”

    I think it was really mean of your parents to tell you how you were conceived. God bless you and keep you sheltered forever and ever.

  144. munch says

    zomgz, the media suckz, like you
    you mean bigot you,
    teen mums rule, you’re just jealous stu.

    I think I just about covered it all.

  145. Bleh says

    It was a mistake she got pregnant not that she was fornicating. His penis just so happened to slip in and bust a load. She’s stupid for not making him wrap it up. To top it off she’s only 17. If this becomes acceptable in our society what’s next? 13 year olds having sex? Then maybe the preteens?! That’s terrible.

  146. Melanie says

    Wow. I cannot believe THIS is the article that generates so many comments. Who cares? Why is everyone so worked up about an article making fun of Jamie Lynn Spears for getting accidentally pregnant while underage, but not about her older sister having mental problems? Or about any of the other celebs who get made fun of on this site?

  147. JENNY says

    lol FURREAL let her live her life you low-lifes…. sorry to burst everybody’s bubble. Jamie Lynn will NOT be tunning in to this session. So your all wasting your time and energies. Get a life for the people who are judging her decisions. Stop typing so much and do more for your own children. Jesus Christ life is all about action. If your daughters get pregnant the day after tommorrow it WILL NOT be thanx to Jamie Lynn so you can cancel the floral arrangements you have prepared for her. If your daughter gets knocked up its because guess what?!?1 BECAUSE SHE LIKED HAVING SEX AND SHE DIDNT TAKE PRECAUTIONS. and if your daughter ends up a whore its because she was one all along… and for the most part you as parents will never find out, your daughter will be doing things her whole life you’ll never even hear about. so get over it. take responsibilities for your own actions, your own families, and stop idolizing other peoples. Yea she gets to have a nanny, stop winning because you couldnt have one, yeah she has money, get a second job. Damn man you guys are agonizing this girl for her achievements. Shes 17 but she made a career and she’s made money and she’s made a name for herself. good for her. I’m sorry she had the baby so young but ONLY because she could’ve enjoyed her childhood alot more but to the suprise of many LIFE DOESNT STOP WHEN YOU HAVE CHILDREN. may god forgive all the judgemental negative things you people have said on this article. Good luck to her.

  148. At age 19 says

    I feel like everyone is right. There are many sides to this story…..Yes, she should have known better to protect herself if she wanted to have sex so badly. I mean what in the hell are condoms and birth control for if no one is going to use them. And yes, in certain ways she is setting a bad example for young teens who idolize her. They see her as someone they want to be when the get older or whatever, but i do feel if the parents have set a positive way of living into their heads than what someone else does should not have any effect on them. and Yes, she should of explain herself better when she got pregnant and after the baby, but maybe she wanted everyone to know that she is making this situation as positive as it can get. I am not happy with the articles i read about her either. I do think she is catching hell for being pregnant at a young age. And she should. And i can kind of relate to the author. I see why he is so upset because she is someone that should set an example to her fans. But Things do happen. So i stand inbetween.

  149. sony says

    She’s a bad example for everyone, and a stupid slut for not making a smart choice about her pregnancy, having sex at such a young age, and encouraging other girls that it’s okay to have sex at such a young age or become teenage mothers. She’s glorifying teenage motherhood, in spite of it being such a big issue today. She needs to go back in school and learn how to make responsible decisions.

  150. stephanie delatorre says

    anyone out there can you help me get skin like jamie lynn i have baby at 17 yaers old well am still 17 but ever seen i have my baby i still have my babyfat i need loes the wight ever day of my lelf i cry b-uz i dont even fit in to my old clo ijust wish would in two them once more can some one halp me loes wight

  151. deidrah says