It’s Only A Good Idea To Cheat If Your Mistress Is Famous and Your Wife Not

Let us be more specific. When you’re famous, it’s not the best idea to cheat on a woman who has access to the popular media/ the mental faculty to write an open letter which curses out your name. We gather cheating on one’s spouse is perfectly fine, so long as they’re illiterate or mute.

We jest. As that’s what we gather is the done thing, when discussing entitled, graceless, remorseless cheaters. Specifically cheaters who impregnate three women in the space of around four years and only acknowledge two of them. Should you be totally lost at this point, don’t worry. We’re talking about famous cheaters.

Two of the people in this mess, at least, are award-winning musicians. We know, phew. The other two are not. Which, for the most part, seems to mean public sympathy quickly reaches its limit and they should stop talking about being cheated on as soon as it’s no longer good column filler.

The main couple in all of this are the two accused of having an affair – Grammy winner Alicia Keys and her music producer husband, Swizz Beatz. To summarise, the cheating (allegations) timeline is as follows: Swizz was married to a woman called Mashonda Dean, and their youngest was only eight-months-old when Swizz’s affair allegedly began with Alicia. Yeah, baby at home and he’s sleeping with his mistress and wife. Oh, and there’s another baby mother, in the UK, Jahna Sebastian, to whom he’s yet to cough up child support.

There’s also something of note, in addition to unpaid child support, about millions he owes in back-taxes. That, and the woman he knocked up in the UK seem to be incidental in this saga. So, don’t worry your pretty little head about either of those things.

Last year, now ex-wife Mashonda called out Alicia and Swizz for their affair – something that didn’t win her a lot of fans. You see, as we mentioned earlier, these things are incidental when the one doing the cheating is famous. We gather one is supposed to loosen one’s diamond slippers and move on with their life in this scenario. Mashonda is refusing to do so. Despite calls for her to get over being cheated on, and move on with her life, she’s really doing no such thing – the big spoil sport.

She’s calling the couple out for their cheating, again. This time in rather more blunt language than last year.

Swizz married the now pregnant Alicia in a shotgun wedding that seemed to greatly appease the consciences of those involved. This has lit another fire under his ex-wife, who spoke to Sister 2 Sister Magazine (via Bossip).

Were you guys dating other people before he got with Alicia… were you guys separated: We were married. Sleeping in the same bed and having sex every night while he was seeing Alicia. Okay? It was an affair. 100 percent. I don?t know why people want to change that rule so much. We had just had a kid, for crying out loud. Our child was 8 months. I found out about Alicia two days before my son turned 1. They had been doing their thing for months before that.

And the distinct undertone, that she should just move on despite being screwed over, continues:

Why are you still speaking about the affair if you claim to have moved on: People ask me why am I still talking about this and why don?t I just leave it alone. I?m like, this is going to help somebody. My story is a universal thing. This is not just something that only happened to me: This happens to women every day. Mine was just ugly. If I can help the next woman get through and be positive, then I?m going to talk about it.

This was a blog post by Amy Grindhouse, who is actually quite famous

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  1. says

    Sounds like Mashonda wants a book deal or reality show offer…like she feels 15 minutes of fame might make up for all that she has lost. Since Alicia Keys is her child’s step-mother-it might be interesting.

  2. stopthehate says

    Yes, seems like people will buy and read anything whether it is true or not. Mashonda’s book should be put in the fiction section. Would be interesting for some people who don’t care about the truth.