Interminable Miss California Kerfuffle: Now With Boobies

Carrie Prejean, Carrie Prejean naked, Miss CaliforniaSo Miss California Carrie Prejean hates gay marriage. That’s fine, people are allowed opinions. But this?

Oh Carrie Prejean, how could you? You’ve… you’ve… taken most of your clothes off. In the past. We’re offended. Harbouring old-fashioned and illogical attitudes towards homosexual unions is one thing, but showing a photographer what your bottom and two-thirds of the side of one of your naked boobs looks like? You’ve broken our heart, Carrie Prejean.

Obviously the timely leak of the Carrie Prejean naked photos prove an important point. Or a point. Or no point. We stopped caring about this a month ago.

Ever since Perez Hilton tricked her into saying that she thought gay people were overfamiliar and untrustworthy – we’re paraphrasing – Miss California Carrie Prejean has become an unlikely poster girl. Alright, alright, a likely poster girl – after all, she looks like she’s been sewn together Frankenstein-style by a men’s magazine to encourage self-loathing acts of masturbation – but for an unlikely cause.

Carrie Prejean has become Little Miss Anti-Gay. Just last week Carrie Prejean made an anti-gay commercial, and she’s been punting around her newfound ‘but what if one of them tries to bum me in my sleep?’ (again, paraphrasing) stance around every TV show and publication she possibly can. Because she believes it, not just because she’s sure she can get a reality show out of it if she harps on about it for long enough.

However, it seems like Carrie Prejean might not be as squeaky-clean as she’s making out. Yesterday website published a sort-of naked photo of Carrie Prejean taken four years ago, showing her in just a pair of pink knickers with her hands over her norks. We’re not entirely sure of the relevance of this – there’s a chance that she’s either trying to turn gay men straight or make them vomit up their spines – but it does prove two important things:

1 – Carrie Prejean has always had freakishly orange skin, so it isn’t the result of a harrowing uranium spill like we previously suspected, and

2 – It might spell the end of Carrie Prejean’s term as Miss California. AP reports:

The Miss California USA pageant are looking into whether title holder Carrie Prejean violated her contract by working with a national group opposed to same-sex marriage and by posing semi-nude when she was a teenage model… “As you can see from the contract, she violated multiple items,” [spokesman Roger] Neal said in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

You can see the pageant’s point here – for as long as Carrie Prejean keeps making deliberately-polarising remarks as Miss California, it could seem as though the organisation endorses her beliefs. And that’s no good – it can’t afford to alienate gay people, because they’re just about the only ones who watch their crappy little beauty contest in the first place.

So maybe Carrie Prejean should just do the decent thing and resign as Miss California now. After all, she’s made her point now, plus she’s the most famous Miss California for years – the only difference if she quit now would be that she could stop pretending to give a stuff about animals and the environment and crap.

And also we might hear about her a bit less. That’d be nice, too.

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  1. Say What? says

    “As long as she keeps saying polarizing remarks”??? So if she had said she supported gay marriage that would not be offensive to those who don’t support gay marriage? She is Miss California…you know the state where the people voted against gay marriage. Seems to me that here comments reflected the feeling of the majority of the people in the state she represents. How can that be polarizing? Isn’t it all too hypocrtical that the gay marriage supporters don’t tolerate those who don’t support them but they accuse the anti gay marriage people of intolerance? This is America, we are free to our own opinions. If you support gay marriage then fine. If you don’t support it, then that’s fine too. It really is that simple.

  2. Silly Billy says

    I am sick of the gay agenda being pushed by male gay DIVA’s… She stated her belief that a marriage is between a man and a woman… Guess the gays in world belief are the only ones that matter…

    GET OVER IT…….

  3. Hal Green says

    She never used the phrase “hates Gay marriage”. She in entitled to her opinion!
    What happened to America? what happened to tolerance? Oh, I remember as long as I agree with you or keep my head low and have no opinion then that’s tolerance.
    Wow, I thought tolerance was respecting other people’s views?

  4. A Thomas says

    Does the author have a specific point or is it a pointless rant to fill up empty space on print/web and between her ears?

  5. emac2 says

    Don’t you know what polarizing means?

    Commenting on gay marriage either way qualifies.

  6. Nona says

    Actually most of the gays I know think the whole Perez thing was stupid and actually want him to shut up not her. Which, thankfully, he has. He only asked the question so he could complain about it and put himself in the spotlight. lol it backfired 😀

  7. BC says

    Let’s see Obama said the same thing. Why don’t you girly men pick on the messiah? What a bunch of loser’s. Go Carrie, you have more balls than any of these people attacking you.

  8. Becky says

    Joe and Stacy– You are missing the point. She is saying that gay marriage is unnatural compared to “opposite marriage” because of her faith. Yet she got a boob job and showed herself to the world.

    She is basically saying “I can disagree with gay marriage to be true to my faith–but Oh yeah, I got breast implants and I posed nude when I was seventeen. That’s not against the bible is it?” Well, It is. She needs a better argument for me to want her to be my miss USA.

    This is not about gay people. It is about hypocrisy.

    Say what?–I do not care about your opinion. But having her be a representative of USA (Not just California which was 51% against gay marriage.) means that you should love thy neighbor. She could have given a neutral response and still be true to her faith. She could have made both sides happy. She also started with her answer of “In my country and in my family” Which is both untrue since both her sister and her mother are gay rights supporters. It is not about supporting it. It is about it becoming legal. If you don’t like gay marriage then don’t fucking get one.

  9. nullity says

    I agree that this is all blown out of proportion because, face it, pageants are the epitome of inanity. However, that anti-gay marriage sentiment is a relic from the past. I don’t care what religion you invoke to rationalize it, it is tantamount to racism and I guarantee racism wouldn’t be tolerated in the Miss Superficiality pageant. Sure, I hear that the bible says marriage is between a man and a woman, but it says a lot of things… many of which common sense has led its followers to disregard. How does gay marriage hurt anyone or cheapen the institution? Why not go after those who violate the first commandment instead and outlaw all non-christian religions? Heck, murder didn’t make the list until #6 and homosexuality isn’t even in the top 10!

  10. Ross says

    In 1960’s Mississippi, you could just as easily have said “Segregation and Jim Crow laws represent the will of Mississippians. The majority of Mississippians support them. Blacks should get over being treated as second-class citizens.”

    Civil rights have *never* been subject to popular will. They are Constitutional rights, basically “inalienable” by legislation.

    The people of California deserve ZERO say on whether same sex couples may marry. It’s not for them to decide. They don’t have the right to deny rights others have to any group by a popular vote. Duh.

    It’s sad people are so dumb about how free countries work.

  11. jerome says

    Please learn how to spell. What MORON rote this? LOL
    Dummies like you should go back to skool. and learn how to spell.
    Miss California is BEAUTIUFUL!!!!
    Ha Ha HA on you fools. she’s laughing all the way to the bank because of your fagot PEREZ SWINE. FAT UGLY FAG.
    THank Him for setting you freaks back twenty years.

  12. noc says

    Only courts have voted in gay marriage and yet we see this indoctrination into the gay agenda by the media, entertainment, government, schools and universities.

    Any attempt to have an opinion other then full support of the gay lifestyle as fully morally equal to traditional family is considered bigoted.

    In the history of the world moral decay has been the precursor to the fall of all great empires. America’s days are numbered.

  13. jerome says

    Becky…it isn’t against the Bible to pose naked you dummy. You’re probably a FAT bitch. All the ugly bitches are attacking this beauty.
    What do you know about anything? Besides jealousy is a sin. So…look that up in your BIBLE.
    You hypocrite…I heard some things about you and your family that aren’t so BIBLICAL. GET A LIFE and look in your own back yard you little slut.

  14. Harrison says

    Its amazing to me that all the fuss and attention is focused squarely on Miss Prejean for honestly answering a loaded question.
    The questioner didn’t hear what he wanted to hear so the next day on his blog he goes all hysterical and wets his pants while calling her a “stupid bitch”. Later he almost uses the “c” word to describe her yet no one in the main stream media has called this guy out for his own hate filled verbal tirade against her. I don’t recall her answer being laced with “hate” as Mr. Heritage suggests. She simply answered a question in a very honest way with out disparaging anyone and she even said that she meant no offence to anyone. But for all her honesty and the dignified way she handled herself, the media is driving a relentless campaign to drag her through the mud while this clown Perez Hilton is lifted up on a pedastal. Whats wrong with this picture folks, you tell me.

  15. George says

    Becky….I know how you are…you have breast implants! Fucking hypocrite. Besides the fact that you are butt ugly…like Jerome says you’re jealous of this beauty. Too bad you couldn’t hold a candle to her!!! LOL

  16. Old Moses says

    She is a very beautiful young woman. It wasn’t her answer that turned his crank, it was shear jealousy. She answered his question honestly. The answer just wasn’t to his liking that’s all. He wanted to hear a lie in his favor. Isn’t that what all queers want ? False acceptance ? I wonder if he likes to play mommy or daddy ? It was her opinion, exactly what he asked for. Why didn’t he just drop it. You could just see the venom in his eyes. He should be water boarded for about 1 month. That should do it. She said “no offence to anyone”. Just what did that self appointed little god want to hear ? You know when Obama was asked “his opinion” on the moment of conception, he gave the answer “that is above my pay scale”, above his own pay scale to give his own opinion, wow. And the world cheered. So you see, the answer only matters if it is a lie in today’s world. Her’s was an honest answer, therefore it was wrong just by default. She is just pissing down her leg. She should get out of that queer fudge packing state, and go make a life where there is real people.

  17. flierpa says

    interestingly inflamed and retarded folk commenting on this.


  18. noc says

    If laws not supporting same sex marriage are tantamount to racism then so are laws not supporting polygamy or incest.

    Where do you draw the line?

  19. Joke Police says

    This comment is a joke, right?

    Or should I say:

    This coment iz a joke, rite?

  20. Joke Police says

    All of you backwards Yankee-doodle Bible-bummers are welcome to your small-town prejudices. You’re just as bad as the Taliban and all the other religious nutjobs you’re at war with.

    At the end of the day, this is a UK blog, the UK supports gay marriage, it hasn’t caused the downfall of our society and God probably decided to shoot down Lehman Brothers with his Jesus-laser cause you lot are so f***ing intolerant.


  21. Nxxs says

    Haha I wonder if the author of this article is gay?? Uh yeah, from the mean spirited tone and the twisted logic, I’m gonna say yes. What she said was crystal clear, yet somehow that equals gay-bashing hatred. I recall these methods from the history books on Fascism, Nazism and the Inquisition- demonizing your adversaries. It looks like gay activism has finally arrived- and turned into the monster it always secretly envied. So keep up the painfully obvious smear campaign of the “thing that won’t go away.” Can’t wait to see you in the mainstream, doing stuff like faulting a beauty pageant winner for her “orange skin” LOL Land of the free and home of the wackos, I just hope free speech lasts at least a lil bit longer.

  22. Joke Police says

    If you think same-sex marriage is tantamount to incest then you need shooting in the face.

    Polygamy though, that’s where the funs are at.

  23. gir says

    hahaha yeah those faggots need to shut up and sit in the back of the bus where they belong, with the niggers.

  24. Nxxs says

    I had to get back to this once more because I know how internet asshats like to flame each other in comments section and I didn’t want to miss out… Comments with all this “fag/queer/etc” language in them proves who *really* ruins the institution of marriage. If you guys want to “save marriage”- DON’T DO IT YOURSELVES! because you will reproduce and nothing gay people do will be worse than that. Just because you’re “anonymous” doesn’t make your steaming pile of crap any less offensive to everyone else. Grow up or move to the UK nanny state where you will be given specific instructions on how to behave. Tards. USA! USA! LOL

  25. punkybrewster says

    How much did rent-boy charge you for the Cleveland “steaming pile of crap” on 34″ chest?

  26. Say What? says

    Excellent point Harrison. Ironic how she is the “hater” and yet Hilton was the one calling her the dirty names. I guess the Liberals aren’t smart enough to see the irony in that…or they just don’t care…

  27. Julian Mentat says

    Er, I draw the line where somebody gets hurt. Which includes getting born with defective DNA. So that rules out incest; I dunno about polygamy, but I think Hugh Hefner is more or less testing the concept for us.
    Oh, if only we could watch his ongoing experiments in this field of research… maybe on, say, a weekly television show… naaah, that’ll never happen.

  28. Julian Mentat says

    Larry, thank you for that detailed and exhaustive explanation, but one thing is unclear to me: the Bible is a book, written by some people, so why don’t you allow that those particular people might have written things that are not entirely literally true?

    Heck, I’m a people and I do that all the time. In the personal ads.

  29. halo3v says

    Joke Police
    ok, I agree with you.
    The UK supports gay marriage – and really who cares what two people do in tbe bedroom – nobody (unless its Robert Pattinson (LMAO) and then I’m all ears and eyes), but I digress.

    The point is that people are worried. I know it is stupid. But up until 23 years ago, Christian (read as: Catholic, Protestant, Episcopalian (?), ETC) used to assist in adoptions. Which was great.
    Except, when you got into the gay adoption issue. But the Catholic church was not going to assist in gay adoption, and that would have been ok too, if the US Court system didn’t tell the Catholic church that they were biased, and had to assist in gay adoptions. So what happens, the Catholic church stops assisting in adoption. All adoptions. As of today there are 5 Catholic adoption agencies left.
    Lots of people, who I know were adopted through Catholic agencies, they aren’t religious people either, they just wanted a child.

    Anyway, the point is that people are afraid if gay marriage is legal then the Catholic church will have to perform weddings even though they do not accept that marriage arrangement, shall we say.
    And of course, for a country that is supposed to value “seperation of church and state” we’ve managed to bugger that one up pretty good. And Thursday is the US ‘NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER” ha blody much for seperation. And that is exacly why folks are worried.

    I say, make it easy.
    To get married in the US you need a federal marriage liscense, so that no matter where you move to, where you were married, you ARE married. Makes a lot more sense than what they are doing now.
    and everyone is happy.

    and hey morons, enough with the gay bashing and bible thumping…
    seriously you look like idiots. I can explain the mentality but I cannot subscribe to it.

  30. halo3v says

    oh right, and if she was 17 when those pics were taken, then that my friends is child porn, and whoever posted it should have done their homework before the lawsuits get filed.

  31. halo3v says

    and of course, if you want to be married in a church, or religious ceremony, its seperate from the marriage certificate you recieved from the government

  32. Say What? says

    “hey morons, enough with the gay bashing”? Once again you prove the point. Conservatives who are opposed to gay marriage are “gay bashers” yet you can call us “morons”. Just like Ms Cal simply stated she believed marriage was a woman and a man. It was Hilton who then called her a b**ch. Who bashed who???

  33. mark says

    Ah ok. So let me understand this, she went up for Miss USA then when she said something that is not PC people freaked. Then almost 3 weeks later we learn that Oh wait we need to discredit her by finding photos that someone should have found before she became Miss CA. Anyone else wonder how far the media/far left will go to make sure her name is never used again in the public media. Should we not just wonder why our president can say the same thing and not get the same treatment..oh ya hes a African American man, not a blond bombshell going up for a pageant prize.

  34. Julian Mentat says

    gir, I heard that if you have a strong prejudice against black people, it means that you secretly ARE black but you’re scared to admit it to yourself.

  35. halo3v says

    Gay bashing makes you a moron – plain and simple.
    No one is saying you aren’t entitled to your opinion, it is when the line is crossed from opinion into personal attacks.
    You are free to feel whatever way you choose, regardless. But bashing people for any reason is WRONG plain and simple.
    If you don’t want to be called a moron – don’t act like one :-)

  36. halo3v says

    That is the problem. We have devolved into a society where two wrongs are supposed to make a right.
    Meaning CP said something PH didn’t like, when PH realized people kinda liked this lady for expressing her opinion, he sought to destroy her through whatever means necessary. PH should be in some serious legal shite right now anyway. If I were CP I would have filed both slander and defamation lawsuits immediately following the internet tirade.

    Facts are simple really, this wouldn’t be an issue at all is the US States didn’t give churches legal authority to marry people, but that entirely defeats the purpose of “seperation of church and state”

    Take churches out of the legal business, make everyone (regardless) get a certificate or liscnense through legal authority and the issue is done with over. Then if you want a religious ceremony, there is clear, clean line between Government Marriage and Religious Marriage. Freaking Easy.

    Or maybe I don’t understand, I thought the goal was to insure equality for all, and make sure that religious peoples rights are not infriged upon by having to perform marriages that aren’t recognized by their religion?

    I am just trying to bounce out ideas here, if you have a better one, GREAT!!!! I am just trying to think of a way that is fair and equal to everyone.

    And no, as far as I am concerned, where the heck were all of these folks when BO made the same comments?? There were out digging up dead people to vote, buy them smokes and drive em to the pollls. So 325 dead people can vote for Al Franken.

  37. says

    So, the gay people who don’t fuck should be outraged,
    but those who do shouldn’t? That seems a bit arbitrary.

  38. halo3v says

    I am sorry, Say What, that you say this as a personal attack, its not meant to be. However, they was a lot of other posters here posting things that were clearly meant in the trash and bash sense. We done with that now?? OK, good try not to miss the point here.

    PH should not – repeat – not started trashing CP.
    His term as president of the pageant was over, he should have let it go.
    To be fair, CP has handled this rather well to her credit, she certainly doesn’t deserve to be trashed for a personal belief.

    Let’s retread with new terms, shall we:

    PH – So Miss. Cali I want to know which you prefer A.Dog or B. A Cat
    CP- Well really I like cats, but I also a huge fan of lizards.

    PH_ EWW you ignorant B’!^& you aren’t going to win the crown now


    I, personally, could care less who gets married (simply because I do not care what goes on in other peoples bedrooms), but I have a serious problem with trashing people, on either side of the argument. RESPECT: ITS A TWO WAY STREET!!!!!

    SAY WHAT SAYS:hey morons, enough with the gay bashing

  39. ladydoll says

    If you’re not gay and you are against gay marriage than why the hell are you reading this? Comparing Homosexuality to Incest is quite a stretch! This is America..where ppl were forced to ride the back of the bus and use a seperate water fountain because they were BORN Black?!? Yup, land of the free, home of the brave! Lmao… yea right!!! It’s a shame that in 2009, WE still look for things and ppl to HATE!! Keep with your gay bashing! I can imagine how high and mighty you must feel! :)

  40. ladydoll says

    Umm, yea My People stopped riding the back of the bus over 40 years ago! Way to go though! :) Ppl like you give the “niggers” a great LAUGH!! Say what you want, its OBVIOUS we are taking over baby!!!!!!! :) Hahahaaaaa! OBAMA BITCH!!!!!!!!!

  41. ladydoll says

    Kudos Miss California! You are against Gay Marriage! Do us all a favor and DON’T marry a WOMAN! Problem solved! :) She’s definitely entitled to her opinion. I, a Lesbian and many of my Gay friends have NO problem with her statement. By all means, please don’t support the “Gays” Miss California…stick to your beliefs sweetie. Straight and Narrow! I bet she’s a freekin Saint! So, attention all Gayz and Lesbo’s…please leave PRECIOUS Miss Cali alone! Let’s let her have her opinion, PLZ!!!!!!! However, in a month or so when her girl on girl sex tape comes out, should we welcome her to the FAM??? Lmao..

  42. one truth says

    Jesus, Lord and Savior, the one true God, loves everyone. And has called each of us to come to Him. He is the Prince of peace. Only in Him do we find rest. He says that we can come as we are. So come to Him submit to His will. Recieve His love. If you’re straight or gay He loves you and wants what is best for you. Christ comands His believers to love one another. Not only those that look, act and talk the way you do. But everyone those that bash you and those that seem unlovable. Love them, thats what he did. Those that disagreed with Him, that made fun of Him, that spat on Him and beat Him. He loved them and stll chose to die so that they would have the oppertunity to truly live. So as you post your comments and replys. Are you doing it in love. I believe that if there were more love(love doesn’t mean without correction or without speaking truth), espeacially in the so called “Church”, then this planet would be a lot more unified. Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior loves you and I love you.

  43. Dave in Colorado says

    no, dear ill-informed poster, it’s not. the logical and oft-cited example is civil rights, ie. “if you think black people are inferior, fine. If not, fine.” That’s the paralell to your “it’s that simple” argument, and it doesn’t hold water. As history has proven to most thinking people, it wasn’t fine to say blacks were inferior, and it wasn’t fine to let some states and institutions say so either. We are not talking about two equal opinions. We are talking about one opinion that causes discrimination and the loss of rights for a particular group of people, and one opinion that doesn’t. It may take some time for our cultural ship to complete this turn, but make no mistake: history also shows that it will. In the meantime, your opinion (and Miss California’s) are not “equal” and while you may feel free to hold to it, as the KKK still holds to theirs, it has no place in public discourse and certainly no place in policy or law.

  44. DS says

    While she is a pretty dumb person from what I have seen she does have a right to say what she likes. If she doesn’t believe in “gay marriage” then so what? Free speech means just that, and if we don’t support her rights then we really don’t support free speech.