Inevitable Miley Cyrus Underwear Pictures Finally Hit Web

Oh come on, mucky internet Miley Cyrus pictures were always an inevitability – she’s both a tween star and a country singer’s daughter, for god’s sake.

So don’t act all surprised now that a set of photos of 15-year-old Miley Cyrus yanking down her top to show off her bra and rolling around on a boy’s lap in just her underwear have emerged. And don’t act all alarmed either – although admittedly it’s not perfect role model behaviour, Miley Cyrus is a normal teenage girl, and this is what all normal teenage girls do.

Wait, no, actually that’s wrong – what we meant to say there was that this is what all normal teenage girls do in the minds of creepy old yellow-toothed men who hang around school gates at playtime and faintly smell of stale semen. But that’s close enough. Congratulations Miley Cyrus! You’re living the dream!

We all know how important it is to fit in with your peers. That’s why people play golf – nobody actually likes golf, they just start playing it because someone they work with plays it. It’s a self-perpetuating spiral of misery, golf.

Anyway, fitting in with your peers is even harder when you’re a tween sensation, because it means you have to debase yourself on a regular basis. As soon as, say, Vanessa Hudgens gets her tits and minge out in a photo, then Jamie Lynn Spears has to have underage sex until she’s pregnant just to keep up. It’s like the golf thing, but more appealing to paedophiles.

However, on tween star had managed to rise above the depravity – Miley Cyrus. Daughter of Achy Breaky Heart singer Billy Ray Cyrus and the star of TV shows, sold out tours, a number one movie and more opportunistic merchandise that you could scuttle an oil tanker with, the most trouble that Miley Cyrus had ever been in is when she didn’t wear a seatbelt once. But that’s all changed now.

Now Miley Cyrus’ butter-wouldn’t-melt reputation has been hit by some photos released onto the internet showing Miley Cyrus in just her underwear. That’s right, Miley Cyrus in her underwear. She’s 15. You should be ashamed of yourself. MTV has more:

On Monday (April 21), a set of shots depicting the squeaky-clean 15-year old Cyrus made the rounds online, showing the singer wearing just a bra and underwear while draped across the lap of an unnamed male, and another in which she’s pulling down her shirt to reveal a green bra. It’s actually the second batch of eyebrow-raising shots of Cyrus to hit the Net over the past six months, following on the heels of much tamer pictures of the singer and a female friend nearly kissing as they shared a piece of licorice; some others that popped up on her MySpace page in which she posed suggestively in a bikini and her underwear.

Really, what was Miley Cyrus thinking? She knows that she’s a role model to millions of young teenage girls, and once they all see that Miley Cyrus has effectively given them the go-ahead to strip down to their underwear and roll around on strange men’s laps, then where will we be? Mainland Europe, that’s where.

However, some are saying that these racy Miley Cyrus photos are an indication of Miley’s move from tween star to mainstream celebrity. Soon enough Miley will ditch Hannah Montana and move onto something a bit more suitable, although at the moment that looks like it’ll be a starring role in I Know Who Killed Me 2: It Was My Own Bare Vagina That Killed Me, And Also My Tits.

Fingers crossed, though, that this spate of tween flagitiousness will come to an end now that everyone from Vanessa Hudgens to Miley Cyrus has seen rude pictures of themselves published on the internet.

At least until that video of Dora The Explorer getting gangbanged by those animal friends of hers leaks out, anyway.

Read more:

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  1. mst3kster says

    I’m not looking at those pics of Miley. No way, not this time. I remember back when Britney Spears was that age and…well… I got busted for Statutory Masturbation.

  2. Michelle says

    Ummm…if you look at the pictures its pretty obvoius it isn’t her. The girl does have a resemblance but definetely not her.

  3. Rob Delaney says

    Michelle, thank you for clearing that up.
    However, I’ve not seen the pictures, and feel compelled to check. Please could you post a link?

  4. jason says

    why people get so defensive with her??? it was her, not a look a like
    it’s not hard to imagine her doing that, i mean, she’s 15 and goes out dressing like an 18 yers old, at 15 she has shown more skin than Britney did at 18 (and when Britney did it it was “scandalous”… so why with Miley it isnt?? (and keep in mind that Britney at 18 was still considered a good role model so all bashing comments based on Britney’s post 18 doesn’t count)

  5. Bobbo says

    Sorry, but Cyrus is just not a hottie. Maybe she’ll grow into a beauty, or maybe beauty will be surgically sculpted for her, but she looks like any other girl to me. Not hot.

  6. gir says

    “and keep in mind that Britney at 18 was still considered a good role model so all bashing comments based on Britney’s post 18 doesn’t count”

    As we all know, the developmental years are long over at 18. Yes, once a person is 18 they are the person they are always going to be.

    You fucking dimwit.

  7. mst3kster says

    “shes so retarted ive had sex when i was 9!!!”

    And that Priest is still a free man, I bet.

  8. euclid says

    m-ster: surely you recognize the Father’s typing style?
    After abusing the innocent, what could be more fun than
    to hop online and pretend to be one of them yourself?
    Naughty Father, very naughty! No spanking for you tonight.

  9. some random guy says

    Yeah I looked too… sure, it’s Miley but that’s hardly anything interesting. Yeah, that’s her green bra. Yippie, we saw a little bit of her green bra! /sarcasm. But the one of her lying on the guy’s lap… I’d hardly call that her underwear. Look at her shoulders, you can see a pink strap from the bra she’s wearing underneath.

  10. mike says

    omg its not here! just concentrate and ull know. for example she isnt wearing her ring as she ALWAYS does. and look at here hair, it is known now that she actually has curled hair, atleast thats what i hope

  11. mike zimm says

    Why does Miley Cyrus have to be a role model? When has a child star ever been an actual role model? They’re still just kids.

  12. gir says

    2006-2007 Winner of the “Best Child Role Model” for the Golden Icon Awards presented by Travolta Family Entertainment

  13. praxis22 says

    Damn Straight! at 15 she should be wearing a chastity belt, and a burka, that way she would never appeal to the minds of creepy old yellow-toothed men who hang around school gates at playtime and faintly smell of stale semen.

    For appearing in her underwear and having her pictures published on the internet she should be publicly flogged! The youth of today will never learn discipline unless they are severely punished for their misdemeanour’s. “spare the rod and spoil the child and all that”

  14. whats up says

    hey praxis that reminded me with the whole guy near the school bit there was 1 a few days ago we were playin baseball and this dude comes on his bike and gets off adn starts watchin the preschoolers and us i was pretty freaked out. well anyways those shots of miley only pervs would look at i have a gf i dont need to check out this crap anymore

  15. Kaurina says

    i hate how everyone always brings up her age as ”she’s only 15, she’s a teenager” so what?
    is that giving 15 year old girls everywhere permission to do stuff like that?

    yehh no lie, teenagers are crazy, i’m a teen myself, but i dont think you have to, have fun and have the best years of your life if you spend them by taking picx in bras and underwears. i mean was it really that necessary to do?

    it’s really ridicoulous, i mean i honestly was expeciting this to happen, like seriously
    there is no ‘squeaky-clean’ celeb out there no more, no matter if they’re on the disney
    channel or anything, outside of there career they’re bound to show up into something

  16. says

    If this is the real you than this is kinda why i don’t really like Hannah Montana so why would you do this i used to love you now i only like you 20%

  17. says

    She might be the next BRITNEY SPEARS,that is what everyone else is sayen. How can she put her pictures on the internet, iT CANT BE FOR popularity I Know that,SHES GOIN DOWN!!!

  18. says

    miley needs to stop trying to be like vannessa hudgens or brittney spears the only reason she is doing this is got get more money and make her career better but its not shes a hoe

  19. izzy says

    ummmm guys just leave her alone i mean she was going to do when shes was older obviously so cut her some slack and who cares shes getting money for it and she doesnt seem to have a problem with it.

  20. J Bollocks says

    “and faintly smell of stale semen”
    I think you split the infinitive there SH… (I might be wrong)

  21. Krish says

    I hate her 2 bitz. Fcukin Bitch Jus Lyke Britney $ Vannessa . Is she setting a gud x-ample to likkle kidz who luv er Bitz. Miley Cyrus go suck ur Dads c***

  22. Elyse says

    Actually I don’t think she is a whore or anything. Everyone makes a few mistakes. You guys can’t expect her to be perfect? I would start going AWOL if I had paparazzi people following me everywhere. Give her a break eh? Think about it, what’s Myspace doing to kids nowadays? You don’t see everyone freaking out about a picture of some 13-year-old girl in lingerie! Miley is just a girl trying to find herself in a pushy, perverted world.

  23. beebee says

    miley is still one of the best singer/actress i have ever known.but,on the other hand she is still behaving like a slutt of a different kind.i am afraid to say all i can do is pray that she make something productive of her life in the future

  24. says

    Miley sometimes worieds to much and maybe she likes this 20 year old dude and maybe he is an underwear model and she just really like this guys

  25. says

    Miley i forgot to add how do you think the little kids that really love feel when they see this kind of stuff that is seting a bad example for them they will want to do it when they get older so thank about it and hopfully make the right choice and be yourself and by the way im only fourteen and i thought up all this stuff lol make the right choice though please for the littl kids

  26. MelissaBabess' xx says

    Miley Cyrus.
    shes a fucking mong.
    she thinks shes pretty.
    she needs to grow up tbh.(y)
    shessss ugly!
    fucking hell.

  27. laura says

    i think miley hot!!! she not a whore your just jelous becuse your not rich and you dont look like her who ever makes fun of her are just jelous i love Miley cyrus i think she a great girl so what give her a brake she likes to have fun im girl and i think she so sos osososo hot and cool and pretty i think she and angel from haven becuse she so buteful and smart i wish i could hang out with her i love her for who she is i let my 2yr old girl warch her on tv and she loves her too what so wrong for havein fun in life she a teenanger she going to mess up some time in her live and then she will learn its not a big deal come on there was worse like jessica simson lindsay loanhan i bet they do bad stuff all the time i think there slut and miely hotttt i ll like her forever and i dont care what people think i love her you people dont know what your talking about she so pretty and your not!!! love you miley ill allways be there for you becuse im your friend and know one likes that oh whele love you miley miley you rock

  28. SSSSSSSS says


  29. brett says

    tbh everyont, get abit of a life :L
    she posted pics of herself showing abit of flesh? so what?
    she might be 15 or whatever, but so am i. and alot of the girls my age have done alot worse. your all on here sayins she’s hot n everything, good on ya. but to people saying she should be ashamed, you must be really pathetic or jealous.

    and i hate miley, she’s like the most annoying person on tele! but she’s hot 😉

  30. denvera says

    No actually, the reason she did them photos is to get more people to know her, haven’t you noticed? More people know her from those pics its just to get on that a lister! But I love Miley, shes amazing!

  31. LOL says

    Oh my, holy shit. Someone expressing themselves and not always thinking of others?

    What has the world come to.

  32. miley girl says

    miley cyrus is a good role modle for young adults around the world ,she is a top selling artist ,shes just a regular girl cant a girl relax gosh leave her alone.

  33. miley girl says

    i reall y think shes not all bad ,so what she showed her braw its not like she showing her boobs i love her

  34. says

    i was not having sex with a boy when my boyfriend walked into the room. i was having sex with a girl. it is bad because i am a girland a bitch.