6 Totally Inappropriate Songs We Sang As Children

christina aguilera sexyMusic is important. It’s what makes the world go ’round. Especially pop music. It’s what really “gets” us, as a society. Not only does it have a super catchy beat, but it provides a profound lyricism that can’t be found with any other type of music. ?

However, it does have it’s critics. Some say that these lyrics are too promiscuous, too vulgar. To that I say, “Nonsense!” It’s all in good fun. Let the little ones sing about intercourse if they want to!

I can’t speak for all age brackets, but here are some inappropriate songs I was singing as a child and what important life lessons they taught me.


Sisqo – ‘Thong Song’?

It’s important that kids learn this at a young age because it saves them the trouble of wondering what to talk about with their peers. And, for the lady folk, that men enjoy thongs. In fact, because of this song, women across the world vowed to only wear thong panties for all eternity.

“She had dumps like a truck truck truck

Thighs like what what what

All night long

Let me see that thong”

That’s right, Sisqo’s an ass man and he ain’t denying it!


Christina Aguilera – ‘Genie in a Bottle’

“If you wanna be with me, baby there’s a price to pay

I’m a genie in a bottle, you gotta rub me the right way

If you wanna be with me, I can make your wish come true

You gotta make a big impression, I gotta like what you do”

I shouldn’t give it up for free!?If a man wants to get with me, he has to rub me the right way first. He should also make a big, huge, one might even say…bulging, impression. It’s as simple as that! ?Thanks Xtina!


Next – ‘Too Close’?

“I wonder if she could tell I’m hard right now hmmm

Yeah come on dance for me baby ha ha yeah

Oh oh you feel that? Alright

Come on don’t stop now

You done did it come on uh yeah alright hold on

Baby when we’re grinding

I get so excited

Ooh how I like it

I try but I can’t fight it”

I love how upfront and honest they are about their boners. And then the girl’s like, “Hold up, dude, I can feel your boner.” But he doesn’t even care because he can’t help it! He’s just doing what comes naturally, baby. Just go with it, baby. It’s all for you, baby.

This song taught me that if I’m grinding up on some guy, I’m supposed to just ignore whatever I think I might be feeling through his jeans and just feel really honored that he wants to have sex with me.


‘Nsync – ‘Digital Getdown’?

Speaking of To Catch A Predator, here’s what I was singing at the ripe old age of eleven!

“I lose my mind just when you’re speaking

I see you on the screen, I get to freaking

So get down babe

And I’ll get down for you (I’ll get down for you)

I get so excited when I’m watching girl

I can’t wait to see you touch your body girl

It’s just me and you

So we can do what we gotta do (yeah)”

I guess we’ve all got needs, even seemingly innocent boy banders.


Khia – ‘My Neck, My Back (Lick It)’

“First you gotta put your neck into it

Ah, don’t stop, just do, do it

Then you roll your tongue, from the back up to the front”

Take these words to heart, because Cosmo wishes it could write such an easy to follow, step-by-step guide for us. I don’t know where you are now, Khia, but I hope you know that you’re appreciated.


Tweet – ‘Oops (Oh My)’?

“I looked over to the left

Umm, I was looking so good I couldn’t reject myself

I looked over to the left

Umm, and I was feeling so good I had to touch myself

I looked over to the left

Umm, I was eyein’ my thighs butter pecan brown

I looked over to the left

Umm, comin’ outta my shirt and then my skirt came down”

Nothing says “I’m thirteen!” quite like singing a song about some good old-fashioned self-lovin.

I honestly don’t know what us twenty-somethings would do without the words of wisdom these songs have bestowed upon us. What a wonderful world.


  1. says

    This literally made me laugh out loud, mostly because I can remember loving all of these songs (but especially Digital Getdown–embarrassing).

  2. Krazy K says

    Yeah I remember these songs and it’s funny how in school we used to say “my neck, my back, relax my weave and them tracks” lol hilarious.

  3. Cocoa says

    I remember singing all of these as a kid but I never really understood what they meant until I got older lol the same when I heard my little nieces singing to S&M by Rhianna on the radio. Remind me when my daughter is a little older to check what kind of songs she’s listening to.

  4. DougK says

    In my boyhood days, we either sang the standard songs like “Joy to the World” or “In Seattle”…or we made up our own. The ones we made up were the inappropriate ones. Really it was more like “perverted,” “sick,” “gleefully malevolent!” I wouldn’t quote any of them here. I’m glad that was decades ago.

  5. Jay says

    I’m surprised they didn’t put down Ginuwine’s ‘Pony’ on the list;

    If we’re gonna get nasty baby
    First we’ll show and tell
    Till I reach your pony tail (Oh)
    Lurk all over and through you baby
    Until we reach the stream
    You’ll be on my jockey team (Ooh)

    If you’re horny, let’s do it
    Ride it, my pony
    My saddle’s waitin’
    Come and jump on it

    I don’t think it was about horses… and I listened to this song when I was 11-12 yrs old. Ah, the 90’s.

  6. funny money says

    omg i use to sing lady marmalade. Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir
    Voulez vous coucher avec moi? haha now that i know what it means i can’t believe my parents let me sing that. And my mom knows french

  7. baja says

    Oh no…How many times did I sing “you’re making it hard for me” out loud? I thought it was just talking about temptation. LOL

  8. Barbara says

    I totally agree that is what is wrong with the world today!! It breaks my heart to know these kids were and still are listening to and singing songs like these at such a young age:-( Songs like these are one reason they have no respect for themselves or others.
    “Some say that these lyrics are too promiscuous, too vulgar. To that I say,

  9. Jim says

    “Where the hell is Relax or even some Third Eye Blind?”

    My now freshman in college daughter was horrified when she finally figured out the lyrics to Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Kind of Life”. I don’t know what bothered her more: the actual song or the fact that I let her listen to it repeatedly as a kid.

    Hey, it’s got a very cool sound.

  10. V says


  11. Sunshinegirl says

    Funny that you posted this because I was literally in the bathroom the other day listening to Pandora when the Next song “Too Close” came on! I thought the same thing. What on earth were we doing singing those songs?!?! My friend and I thought this was hilarious being adults now and realizing what these lyrics mean.

  12. JP says

    XD where’s Aqua? A few of their songs have hidden sexual meanings.
    Barbie girl: “you can brush my hair, undress me everywhere.” and “kiss me here, touch me there, hanky panky”
    The jungle song: “when you touch me I feel funny. I feel it too when you’re touching me”
    Cheeka bow bow: “the way you use your joystick, it really makes my mouse click” and pretty much the rest of the song…

    Wow, and even now little kids like to dance to Barbie Girl… If only they knew… XDD

  13. bethany says

    I remember singing along to Chocolate Salty Balls at aged nine, not knowing what was really being implied

  14. Alize says

    It’s funny how I could get away with singing these songs when I was little and all my mom would say is ‘how cute’ If I try now all I’ll get is ‘What did you just say? How do you know about that? you’re just a perv.’ XD oh mom

  15. Mike says

    People like you are what’s wrong w/ the world today… placing blame on songs… How about not letting listen kids to songs you don’t want them to listen to?!?!?!?! Take some control instead of bitching about it and blaming others for things you don’t like or approve. If they are listening to it.. and you don’t like it.. IT IS YOUR FAULT!!!

  16. says

    Does anyone remember The Divinyls’ “I Touch Myself?” I used to run around the house singing that and I think I was around seven or eight years old. My parents didn’t care because I had no idea what I was talking about. I totally forgot about it until that episode of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer when they actually brought it up and insinuated that they weren’t talking about her elbow or anything. I think I was about fifteen or sixteen…

  17. brvg says

    Spice girl’s 2 become 1: “be a little bit wiser baby, put it on, put it on, coz tonight is the night, when 2 become 1″

  18. Nyika says

    All these songs bring back so many childhood memories. I often make jokes with my friends about how my future children may react when they hear me jamming to music I free up on. Still love just about anything from the 90’s and back. Could have listed more than 6 songs. Because 9 of mine aren’t even on this list

  19. Wite Boy says

    Next- Too Close is still a song i can use till this day in the bedroom. Tho as a kid it was just a song my mom used to play… never really thought about how odd that was

  20. Velocityg4 says

    I never sang pop songs as a child. Nor can I recall anybody that did.

    I figured this would be about old timey songs children get taught. Like “Jimmy Crack Corn and I don’t Care”, “Old Man River”, “Home Home on the Range” &c. That’s all I really knew as a child. I hated popular music.

  21. Mahogany says

    I was old enough to sing these songs when they were out, but when I was in the 4th grade Marvin Gaye’s catchy little ditty “Sexual Healing” was what we sang!

  22. Amber says

    Baaahaaa I love it! Usher songs, Spice Girls are missing too. And to all those up tight people commenting, it’s called a sense of humor!

  23. Grace says

    Oh come on, people. When you were kids you would have had no idea what the song meant, just that you liked how it sounded. I only thought of it when I got older and listened to them again and thought “Oh wow, I’m glad I didn’t know what this was about back then.” But unless a parent or someone makes a big deal of it, kids honestly don’t know if it’s sexual. I’ll admit, I’ve heard my young nieces singing Rhiana and it startled me the first them, but their mother is normally very good about what she lets them listen to. One of my young cousins however is 9 and he sang a song that said “nice guys finish last, that’s why I treat you like trash” and he knows what it means because my aunt explained it and he still listens to it because they let him. The industry is not aiming these songs at children (hopefully) so it’s up to parents to turn it off if they don’t want their kids listening to it.

  24. Michelle says

    No kidding but the nastiest some was still Squeeze My lemon tilt he juice runs down my leg….

  25. Michelle says

    Remember Lita Ford, i was in high school for that. She was pretty gross, too, with her ghetto lyrics, looking back. It was just good innocent fun and an era. The words don’t mean much.

  26. Lisa says

    Ok, showing my age here. When I was 14, I loved the Rod Stewart album was huge. I loved it. Once I was playing the album in the living room and signing along with the song Tonight’s the Night.

    Stay away from my window
    Stay away from my back door too
    Disconnect the telephone line
    Relax baby and draw that blind

    Kick off your shoes and sit right down
    Loosen off that pretty French gown
    Let me pour you a good long drink
    Ooh baby don’t you hesitate cause

    Tonights the night
    It’s gonna be alright
    ‘Cause I love you girl
    Ain’t nobody gonna stop us now

    Come on angel my hearts on fire
    Don’t deny your man’s desire
    You’d be a fool to stop this tide
    Spread your wings and let me come inside

    Tonights the night
    It’s gonna be alright
    ‘Cause I love you girl
    Ain’t nobody gonna stop us now

    Don’t say a word my virgin child
    Just let your inhibitions run wild
    The secret is about to unfold
    Upstairs before the night’s too old

    My Dad had a FIT that I was playing the song and singing with it. I told him, “I’m just singing the song; I don’t want to DO IT!!! I’m only 14.” Yeah, when it was ‘normal’ to be a virgin at 14.

    As early as 1951, parents were appalled at rock and roll lyrics. Here are lyrics from The Dominoes’ 60 Minute man:
    If you don’t believe I’m all that I say
    Come up and take my hand
    When I let you go you’ll cry “Oh yes,”
    “He’s a sixty-minute man

    There’ll be 15 minutes of kissing
    Then you’ll holler “please don’t stop”
    There’ll be 15 minutes of teasing
    And 15 minutes of squeezing
    And 15 minutes of blowing my top

    Historically, rock and roll has been about young people pissing off their parents with music. However, just because a young girl or boy sings or plays songs about liking sex, these kids don’t grow up to become porn stars or prostitutes.

  27. Lisa says

    Er, I meant the album Night at the Race’s by Rod Stewart.

    It’s also interesting that lyrics get nastier, dirtier, outright blatant as time goes by.

  28. Kryn says

    I’ve been saying this for years now, about the sarcasm font!!!

    And I agree. It’s the parent(s), NOT the actor/filmmaker/musician/author’s, responsibility to filter out what their child(ren) watch, read, listen to etc etc. It’s called parenting. Do it and quit your bitching.

  29. Jasmine Renee says

    Or Candyman… Candyman is so, so bad. (Or Lollipop, whatever.)

    I wish that you were my Lollipop
    Sweet things, I will never get enough
    If you show me to the sugar tree,
    will you give me a sodapop for free?

    I wish that I were a Bubble Gum,
    chewing on me, baby, all day long
    I will be begging for sweet delight,
    until you say I’m yours tonight

    I mean… c’mon… I still love it though!

  30. Lafe says

    “She had a pocket full of horses, trojans, some of them used…” – Little Red Corvette:Prince

    “Some balls are held for charity, and some for fancy dress, but when they’re held for pleasure they’re the balls I like best” – Big Balls:AC/DC

  31. pat says

    I would say it as it is…coincidentally I was thinking today that I used to sing lady marmalade’s song understanding what it means but blinded by the fact that the singers did an amazing work. I used to sing out loud eminems criminal…and madonnas fever. I feel really bad now. but the awakening is for us to help the youth of today not to make the same mistakes we made. The music world is corrupt they make those songs for every one. They want to corrupt the youth…its because of role models like christina aguilera (and her dirrrtttyy track) that there are no virgins at 14. we should help this generation from this media corruption. I am trying my best with God’s support, absolutely.

  32. KATE says

    I remember listening to genie in a bottle when I was 4 or 5 years old and I was absolutely obsessed with that song and her! I never really listened to the lyrics until now and finally realized what they actually were insinuating. Oh well, at least I had my good years of singing that song nonstop and doing the genie in a bottle dance!!

  33. Amanda W. says

    I remember all those songs except for the N ‘Sync song. I absolutely hated that Khia song,i was in 8th grade when that song came out. I also remember when i was in 5th grade, i would listen to the Backstreet Boys song Everybody,and it had the line “Am I Sexual?”. I would always turn it down when they would say that,cause i thought it was all bad lol,but yet,it was my most favorite song by them,still is lol. And they also had a song that went “If you want it to be good girl,get yourself a bad boy” or something close to that. I remember listening to that cd in 5th grade,it was good times!

  34. cheezyfriez says

    My 11 year old self, still mostly innocent and unaware of innuendos, flipped the tv station to MTV as Bloodhound Gang’s “Bad Touch” video was playing…
    “You’ve had enough of two hand touch
    You want it rough, you’re out of bounds
    I want you smothered, want you covered
    Like my Waffle House hashbrowns:

    “…just like Coca-Cola stock you are inclined
    to make me rise an hour early just like daylight savings time:

    Dad bursts in, freaks out, changes channel and forbids me to watch MTV ever again… Confused I was then but now I get why he freaked haha

  35. tallnotsmall says

    i was even thinking, how slack r n b was in the 90’s
    i mean i grew up horny as hell, and it did nt stop till i hit 30
    god bless us highly permiscuious 80’s babys

  36. Jessie says

    A large majority of 14 year olds are virgins. Stats show that only like 29% of girls aged 14-16 (can’t remember the boy stat, but it’s not that different) have had intercourse. (Obviously, the younger you are, the more likely you are to have never had it. 14 and 16 are very different ages.) That’s lower than in the 1990s. And then there’s all the people who tried it a few times and didn’t do it again for a while.

    While I don’t encourage teens to rush into sex, some of my friends started pretty early. I’m 26. It’s a decade later and most of them have good relationships, are kind and caring people, and didn’t have their lives ruined by teen sex. You can’t tell them from my friends who started later or who are still virgins. Obviously, pregnancy, disease, and emotional turmoil are real risks (and they continue to be when you’re an adult.) Because of that, and because everything is new, I think it’s more fun to take it slow as a teenager and young adult so you can really enjoy what you’re doing, feel comfortable, and learn what you like and don’t like (emotionally, not just physically.) There is no need to rush.

    But my point is that teenage sex doesn’t HAVE to ruin someone’s life, and it doesn’t mean that they’re a bad person. I used to think that the kids who had sex were slightly lower than me morally. I wouldn’t have said so, because I didn’t want to brag, but looking back I definitely felt that way. And I shouldn’t have. Every individual is different and approaches sex differently. And that doesn’t define if they’re a “good person” or not. It’s about how they treat others and take care of their world and live honestly and all that.

  37. Jessie says

    I don’t hate all pop music, but yeah, I wouldn’t say it typically provides unique, profound lyricism, nor does it “get us” (??). It just is what it is.

  38. Hanna says

    I remember being little and belting “wasn’t me” by shaggy….how my parents ever let me listen to that is still beyond me!

  39. Serena says

    It’s kinda sad now how they’re doing those kinda songs again. Now all they play is songs about getting drunk, and having sex. It’s totally inappropriate for little kids now. But its kinda funny to see kids singing along to songs about that, but they dont understand the lyrics. My 7 year old bro sang that part in OMG, ‘honey got that booty like pow,pow,pow, honeys got some boobies like wow oh wow.’ i couldnt stop laughing!

  40. krystal says

    Ok, how about Who Let the Dogs Out? My mom used to play that song all the time. I was 14 and thought it was great that my 42 year old mom was into the same music as me. Of course, I think she realized I knew what the lyrics meant and just didn’t care. I’m now 27 and I let my 5 year old son sing Whistle and Wild One. He doesn’t know what it means. Now if I can just get him to stop saying “that’s what she said”.

  41. K says

    What can be worst than the song : “Can you feel the love tonight?” by Elton John played on the Disney’s film The Lion King and right at the scene where Nala & Simba are “HakunaMatating” each other… umh.. “circle of life?” more like circle of innapropiate to me!

  42. Char8987 says

    Ok, don’t just say that its weird for young kids to be singing these because not all young kids sing these. I sang them when I was a lot younger because I thought the tune was catchy and the words didn’t matter. Now I understand how naive I was and that it was stupid, but oh well, i’ve moved on to better music. And I agree with @Serena, I hate how almost every single pop song is about getting high, getting drunk, going partying or having sex. This is why I now listen to Queen almost all the time :)

  43. Rae says

    im more than positive that this was written with an extremely sarcastic tone i mean come on LOL no one thinks pop music is that great and yes ur right 90s and early early 2000’s is when these songs came out

  44. Lyssa says

    I didn’t listen to any of that crap when I was a kid. For that, I’m forever grateful my older brother had an awesome rock collection and I was never exposed to it. The lyrics may have been just as dirty, yes, but I never feel as sleazy listening to that than when one of my friends puts on this crap.

  45. Hugo says

    Please lets not forget the infamous:
    “Girl i’m gonna make you sweat
    Sweat till you can sweat no more
    And if you cry out
    I’m gonna push it, push it push it some more”

    Is it an apology to violation? Really scary!

  46. kev says

    OMG.. that song by Khia.. is so graphic.. I remember this song.. but I don’t remember it being that graphic.. That’s really bad..

  47. Ashley says

    I was in the 4th grade and our school bus driver used to play the local pop radio station. My friends and I would sing “What’s your Fantasy” by Ludacris as it played on the radio during its prime and my bus driver just happily drove on her way…I also remember rollerblading around to the “Thong Song” in my garage. At 8th grade school dances they would play “Get Low” by Lil Jon and all us girls would grind on each other as we were listening “TO THE WINDOWWWW TO WALLL (to the wall) AS THE SWEAT DRIP DOWN MY BALLS..DOWN THESE BITCHES CRAWL…DOWN SKEET SKEET MOTHAF*CKA!” Ohhh the memories.

  48. Monique says

    You must all be little kids.Things you sang as a child? The filth we hear has, thank God, not been around that long. I’ve never heard such filth as in the last 10 years. What kind of parents you must have! I only came on the site because it said–the songs we sang as a child. Well , maybe you did these but well brought up decent human beings don’t talk, sing or use words like these. Don’t bother making comments for me. this address goes to spam and trash.

  49. Naomi says

    I loved to sing this song when I was a kid also. LOL I am sure there are a lot of songs that could be on this list. She was just mentioning the songs she remembered. I think she is a bit young to recall this one. :0)

  50. Naomi says

    I don’t think a lot of people are realizing the woman writing the article was being sarcastic. I saw a comment about needing a sarcasm font. I 2nd that! The author is not actually saying that it is good for young children to sing these songs. It was just meant as a funny sarcastic article.

    Although my opinion is some of these songs are inappropriate for certain ages. If parents do not want their children to learn and sing these songs don’t let them listen to the channels that play them. If a song would come on I did not want my children to learn that is what I did. To try to stop artists from putting out this kind of music would be taking away their freedom of speech. The wonderful thing with freedom of speech is that it is a two way street. People have the right to say what every they want it is their freedom of speech and in return everyone else has the right not to listen. You can turn off the TV, radio, or change the channel, you can walk away, put in ear plugs, whatever. But no one is forced to listen to anything they do not want to.

  51. Myka says

    I’m 20 and still a virgin, and i grew up listening to and singing along with these and worse songs, the songs are only a big deal when people make them a big deal.

  52. Lindsay says

    I was in my mid to late teens when “Genie in a Bottle” came out. Even though I’m more of a country gal I know most of the songs on the list. The first time I heard “Genie in a Bottle” I knew what she was talking about. I thought it was disgusting personally.
    There is another song, can’t remember the name or who sang it but I think the refrains went

    Hey, hey baby
    We ain’t nothin’ but mammals
    So let’s do it like they do
    On the Discovery Channel

    I heard that for the first time in Spring of 2000.

  53. David Lightfoot says

    I’m actually suprised that you dubbed Christina Aguliera’s song “Genie in a Bottle” as inappropriate. The message in that song is that if you give a girl like Christina respect, then she’ll give her love to you. If you don’t, she won’t. As for sex, this attitude is that Christina will give it up when she’s ready, on her terms, and she ain’t about to let a man dictate to her what to in this department. If anything, this teaches girls that taking control of your body, making your own decisions and commanding respect is important. That’s inspiration.

    Compare that to her “pop sister” Britney Spears who gave us the vague sexual invitation to hit her baby one more time while doing the innocent schoolgirl shtick, sang about how to “accidentally” make guys fall in love with her, as well as how she’d like to be a slave (as in sex slave) for a man. And she explains herself by saying she’s a virgin, but most of America knew it was a publicity stunt. Translated, it meant, “Please let your young daughters listen to my music, even though I dress and dance like a stripper.”

    Believe me, anyone who thinks Christina Aguliera’s music is inappropriate needs to give Brit-Brit another listen through. I like her music, but let’s face it -Britney has been a worse role model to little girls than the Spice Girls ever were.

  54. Hanta says

    Don’t forget Spice Girls’ “2 become 1″
    I think I was around 8 years old when the music video came out and I still didn’t get what they were talking about, but there I was singing
    “When 2 become 1, I need some love like I never needed love before, wanna make love to ya baby, I had a little love, now I’m back for more…set your spirit free, it’s the only way to be”…
    This kind of sexual intercourse is like a pg-13 disney princess type happily ever after. I wish someone told me that this is how real sweet love is supposed to be.

  55. StopYaBitchin says

    What’s up with all the self rightness up in this joint??? I am in my forties and some of the music my parents listened to was just as suggestive. Every generation have music like that. Stop acting like you’re so darn wholesome.

  56. Kitty says

    I agree with you Mike. I have young children n I monitor everything they listen to. I enjoy listening to music with lyrics like these songs, however if I feel the lyrics are not appropriate for my kids, I will not listen to them when they are around. I even go as far as looking up song lyrics to know exactly what is being said. Same thing can be said about television/movies… It isnt the artists fault, it is the parents responsibility to monitor what their children listen to or watch… Take some freaking responsibility for your actions instead of placing blame elsewhere.

  57. Globalastro says

    “The jungle song” as you refer to it is Tarzan and Jane by a completely different group, Toy-box, another bubblegum pop group from denmark that never actually released stateside iirc.

    but yeah, I was expecting more from this article than songs that were out when i was in highschool and old enough to know what they were talking about.

  58. Alan says

    I remember watching Austin Powers with my parents and that song came on and i was like 3 running around yelling “i touch myself” Haha

  59. Alan says

    I Listened to a large mix of songs and stations as a kid. To be honest you cant hide from it… On a rock station it was “pour some sugar on me” on a country station it was “honkey tonk badonkadonk” on a pop it was one of these listed. But i know kids singing blood on the dance floor and i honestly thing thats waaaay worse than any of these.

  60. Raul C says

    While I was walking around telling my classmates ” Cash Rules Everything Around Me C.R.E.A.M dolla dolla bill yall”. I guess it just speaks the differences in childhood that we had.

  61. pony fan says

    I had no idea Ginuwine was such an enthusiastic horse rider! I bet he has a really big pony and if I had to guess I would say it was probably brown. It’s so nice to see guys with a wide range of interests and hobbies.

  62. Sue says

    What about the Beatles song “Come Together”? I never knew what in the world they were talking about on that song and the older boy next door made sure he reminded me about it often. :/

  63. Mir says

    lol I know, I remember a bunch of the kids in my daycare making up a dance for Genie in a Bottle, they were all 7-10 years old. It was hilarious then, but looking back I wonder why the daycare leaders even let us play that song, let alone make up dances to it 😛

  64. Kitten says

    And what about the late 80’s and early 90’s? I remember them playing a barely-changed version of Mambo No. 5 on Radio Disney, and my regular radio station played the original. Or how about my newest discovery: the lyrics to My Sharona. “Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind
    I always get it up, for the touch of the younger kind”
    Bloodhound Gang’s “Bad Touch” was something I liked to dance to because of the beat but didn’t learn the actual words to until I was older. “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” was another old favorite. As others have mentioned, “Semi-Charmed Life” is pretty graphic in places, but that doesn’t stop it from being fun to sing.
    Or we could go back to the 70’s: Pink Cadillac, or Sheena Easton’s “Strut”, among several others. Every era has had their fair share of ‘dirty’ music, and kids don’t understand what they’re singing unless you explain it to them. I know my half-brother often sang songs he wasn’t supposed to be listening to whenever my stepmom wasn’t around– kids are notorious for wanting to do exactly what they’ve been forbidden to do.
    Worry when your kids understand what they’re singing about, not when they’ve picked up a harmless bit of ear-fluff that they’ll forget was ever part of the lyrics some years down the line. :) And if you’re really that worried, remember there’s only so much censorship you can provide without completely sheltering your kid from reality, and that never ends well. 😉

  65. mague says

    Songs today are bad I’ll grant you, but our parents (grandparents) had bad songs too.

    What about “Puddin Jones” wherein a teacher marries her mentally challenged student? I’m sure there are more examples that I just don’t know about.

  66. jenn says

    Ahhh the memories. Heard of a few of these but never really liked them. Agree with adding spice girls, aqua and bloodhound gang next. BUt I agree with some people above -when I like a song its because of the beat, not the lyrics.

    This made me think of movies to – I remember watching space balls all the time when I was like 5 or 6 (or something) then watched it after 20+ years and was like OMG. lol.

  67. Kayla says

    OMG! My dad totally banned me from singing Genie In A Bottle when I was a kid! Hahaha. I know why now. (:

  68. Lizeth says

    My goshh.. this brings back so many memories of my childhood.
    i cant believe i would sing along to some of these songs.

  69. MandiiCupcakes says

    HEY, I listened to those songs when I was a kid, and I {sadly} admit that I still enjoy them today! In a child’s eye, they hear a beat and some words. It’s innocent. I never knew what any of that meant until I was older. If youre 5, you shouldn’t know what grinding is, and 5 year olds just don’t, unless they’re taught about grinding with explanations which is incredibly wrong. May I inform you that I’m in the process of obtaining my PhD in Psychology, I’m a very spiritual and compassionate person and I really pride myself on my character and attitude! My goal is to open a clinic to provide mental/emotional help specializing in children and teens. I want to work in big cities and change lives one at a time! But tell me more how you’re going to categorize me as a ‘problem of the world’ because music of my generation was provocative?! I dare you to do some research. Every generation had provocatively written lyrics finely sewn into a great beat, just each generation progressed in excess as far as limits go… Please, don’t insult my generation or any others because of ‘influential media’… It’s people like you who are the problem! You take no responsibility whatsoever and take no action to change or contribute to society, yet idly stand by and point the finger in disgust and gossip with friends over tea about what people do wrong and how bad they are instead of educating them or offering some advice or help to change! It’s your kind that I pray for…

  70. Nick says

    oh please we live in the real world ! how are you going to monitor your kids while they are at school and your at work ? Some of this disrespectful crap pumped down our throats by marketing that does not give a shit as long as you buy the product is just shameful ! how about the majority of “Gangsta rap” songs like “cop Killer” and “bitch Niggaz” oh yeah that’s just the sort of filth i want to be importing into my children’s world ! !!! “its not the musician / song (i use that term loosely) writers fault a ? what a crock of crap, of course it is, they wrote it, the marketing idiots are peddling it, and your obviously the sort of idiot that thinks its “cool” and buys it ! Take a look around at the youth of today pants down round there ass crack bandanas 2pak or weed t shirt thinking its cool breeding like bloody rabbits ….. wanna know whats wrong with the world ? its people who think this garbage is fine !

  71. Andrew says

    “The Bad Touch” by Bloodhound Gang from the album (not kidding) Hooray For Boobies.

    “You and me, baby, ain’t nothing but mammals, so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.”

  72. Cee Cee says

    OMG I’m in my early 30’s and i used to love all these songs, and yes they have new meaning now. Have you ever listened to a song from your childhood and was amazed as to what it was really about? lmao But alot of music for as long as i can remember has had sexual or even demonic undertones in it its upto us the consumers whats continued to be produced if you don’t like stop it. Personally I enjoy a ronchie song every now then.

  73. EmoKid says

    haha lol anytime my friends and i say something really perverted my bestie will say that’s what she said and also 69

  74. Ali says

    I find it repulsive that all these talentless clowns care to sing about is Sex. Okay, we get it sex sells and money is what these producers are in it for. Not to set good standards for the youth.
    Repetition is the most commonly used form of brainwashing. We hear these songs thousands of times. What you put in your mind is what will come out of your mind. These mind narrowing chants or phrases are put to beats to seduce your mind into a subconcious submission. These songs bring you into a hypnotic trance like state where your mind is being temporarliy abducted by the artist. Yes, we all think about sex and it is human nature to do so. I fear that through the repetiotion of this “music” a desensitization takes place and it has girls way more willing to drop their pants and not think about it. Desensitization is a method to reduce or eliminate an organism’s negative reaction to a substance or stimulus. The more you hear it or see it the more acceptable it becomes. Whew hoo SEX SEX SEX SEX SEX MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY WORSHIP ME.

  75. lana says

    Agree. I only lost my virginity at 18 and before that i was a “wait til marriage “typebof gal. Yet i sang these songs and only had a vague ideaof what they meant. Oh and Tlc’s red light special is another one that i would blare.

  76. Heather says

    Awww, don’t be embarrassed! N*Sync was GREAT! Especially since I had the biggest crush on Lance, and he turned out to be gay :-( What a let down at the ago of like… well early 20’s, lol, since I had gotten over him at the age of, like, 15. LoL!

  77. allie says

    Trust me its still okay to be a virgin at 14. At least I am and I’m 14 plus I never heard some of these and trust me I might gave heard nsyncs or Christina aguileras song. But come on the one song my neck my back its catchy but lick my pussy and my crack that’s just down right disgusting. I agree with others on the fact that its the parents fault for letting us children listen ti these songs. However these songs are also the creators fault for actually making the song with such a dirty meaning behind it. Plus the songs today that us teens listen to are much much worse than these. And little kids are singing them. Like pretty ricky- grind with me. Or tyga- lap dance. Haha or even ayy ladies by someone that I don’t remember. But get the jist. We teens are going to listen to what we want ti listen to and parents aren’t going to be able to say squat about it.

  78. Bree says

    Most of these songs are very crappy in my personal opinion. The explanations for the most part I feel are poorly written or just plain poor explanations as to why they’re good. Whether or not they’re appropriate for children doesn’t matter to me. I used to like a lot of songs as I child that I didn’t know the real meanings of until I got older. Some I still like, some I now hate because I know the true meaning.

    I agree it should be up to the parents to monitor what their kids are listening to or to at least talk to them about why they feel the kids shouldn’t listen to the songs. There is such a thing as being too protective, though.

    But I know that even as a tween or teenager I personally avoided the more raunchy songs, feeling they were in bad taste. If other people liked them, that was their business.

  79. Robyn says

    I’m shocked that You’re Gorgeous isn’t on here.. Or Dirty or Bad Touch… inappropriate childhood, I think so.

  80. Shawna says

    But its natural though? Showing what animals do? Kids don’t think about it as we do? It is the circle of life and if you think kids shouldn’t be exposed to it then you’re delusional.

  81. Gonz says

    Kitty, I agree with you too and I was from the “She bop” by Cyndi Lauper and “Blister in the sun” by Violent Femmes which is now being used in a commerical today. Plus parents today have websites like lyrics.com or for metalheads darklyrics.com or the band’s websites to get the lyrics. My Mom was reading every song lyric I had and also listened to the music but now it’s it won’t happen to my kid he/she wont catch what they are saying or meaning in the songs. Finally, during my teen years the bands used code words, now they just flat out say it instead of covering it up somehow

  82. Mickie says

    Obviously not a song from my childhood, but it’s worth a mention – because radio edits make me laugh my ass off. My little sister (she’s eighteen, so not really that little anymore) was completely obsessed with Dedication to my Ex by Lloyd… Until she found out the unedited lyrics. Now she can’t stand it, and it kind of freaks her out. Fun stuff.

  83. dude029 says

    I love the language as long as it’s metaphorical and not too graphic. As many people have commented, they didn’t know what particular songs were about until they got older and wiser. That’s as it should be. Innuendo has been around as long as popular music. Anyone remember the lyrics to Cherry Hill Park ? That Mary Hill!!

  84. Eoin says

    Technically, “pop music” isn’t a specific genre (it’s literally just short for “popular music”), so much as a format. Technically, any music that follows the traditional verse/chorus/verse/chorus song structure and has lyrical vocals is “pop music”; whether it’s pop/rock, metal, hip-hop, r&b, electronic pop, country, folk, soul, alt. rock, even some experimental music… etc. So, for the most part, “pop music” is one of the only styles of music with “profound lyricism”… because it encompasses 98% of the music that most people listen to regularly.

  85. Virginia says

    I loved N*Sync <3333 especially Lance, and it was heartbreaking when he came out. Sure made our parents laugh at us even more for liking boy bands! As for the "oops there goes my shirt" song… I haven't heard it SINCE I was a teenager, I always thought she was undressing for a guy. Little did I know until today! OH MY!

  86. Scott says

    Heck you guys… I mean the phrase “Rock and Roll” is itself a euphemism for sex.
    I wanna rock you baby…
    I… wanna rock and roll all night… and party every day.

    What about Elvis’ hips moving while he sang? Sexuality and rock (and pop) have been linked since it came into being.

    Let’s look at another genre: Country – no country songs out there about being drunk and/or cheating on your spouse, are there?

    I mean, come on… let’s get real here. The only way lyrics are going to affect kids in a negative way is if they know what the meanings of the words are.
    Here’s an example: The children’s song “Ring Around the Rosy”. Innocent, right? Ok for kids to sing it, right? Thing is, it *seems* ok, it has a catchy beat, it’s fun for kids. YOU don’t know what it means, so it seems ok, right? Nothing wrong with it. But now go and look up the meaning.. where it comes from.. and it takes on a whole new light, kind of macabre… and you wonder, WHY do kids sing this song? Because they DON’T know the meaning of the words, and it’s fun, etc….. so for all the songs nowadays that kids listen to, I don’t think there’s too much too worry about until they get to the point where they *understand* the lyrics. Heck, half rap songs out there I can’t understand anyway, because they sing too fast and I can’t understand what the words are in the first place… so I make up my own.

    Good luck!

  87. Elisabeth says

    Some inappropriate songs I remember:

    Jay-Z, “Can I Get A”: “If I couldn’t flow futuristic would ya
    Put your two lips on my wood and kiss it – could ya
    …You ain’t gotta be rich but fuck that
    How we gonna get around your bus pass
    Fo’ I put this pussy on your mustache”

    Ludacris, “What’s Your Fantasy”: “What about up in the candy store, that chocolate chocolate make it melt,
    Whips and chains, handcuffs, smack a little booty up with my belt
    Scream “help”, play my game, Dracula man I’ll get my fangs
    Horseback and I’ll get my reins, schoolteacher let me get my brains”

    O-Town made the dirtiest songs for preteen girls. Here’s “Liquid Dreams”:

    “Posters of love surrounding me, lost in the world of fantasy
    Every night she comes to me and gives me all the love I need
    Now this hot girl, she’s not your average girl
    She’s a morpharotic dream from a magazine
    And she’s so fine designed to blow your mind
    She’s a dominatrix supermodel beauty queen”

    And “We Fit Together”:

    “I can’t explain to what degree I’m feelin’ you
    How many triple x dreams I’ve had starring you
    But I got you now,
    And I just wanna show you how to play
    Goosebumps on your body
    Guide the way

    I wanna go all night
    Ain’t no stoppin’ ’till the breakin’ of the dawn
    I wanna go inside every corner
    Girl, you really turn me on
    I wanna go, knock knock
    Our bodies to the beat
    And when the morning comes
    We’re letting the sun shine
    You can’t separate us
    We fit together”

  88. Dani says

    I was thinking about this the other day when I remembered the song ‘2 Become 1′ by the Spice Girls.. You don’t really think about it like that as a kid.. I love rewatching movies just to see what I missed as a child.

  89. AnthonyyM says

    I’m 14 and me and my sisters would sing “Getting Hot in Here” By Nellie. I never knew what it meant besides taking your shirt off because your hot lol. And I had so much fun singing it.

  90. Brandy says

    This may tell my age, but as a little girl, my sister and I had T-shirts that read “Let’s Get Physical” on the front, and on the back “Let Me Hear Your Body Talk”! I remember the older boys at school teasing me but I didn’t understand what they were talking about. All I knew is I loved Olivia Newton John, I loved the song and I loved my T-shirt.

  91. jonny d says

    1st, your children. 2nd no one said it better than Easy E. ” She’s bad, nobody is badda. She’s got crabs than a sea food platta.” ” Grab it like a Rabbit !!!!!!!”

  92. jonny d says

    My bad,shes got more crabs than a seafood platta, Easy did it best,,Cause I am easy!!!! Like Easy E!

  93. Ava says

    Salt n’ Pepa’s Let’s Talk About Sex was incessantly played on the radio back then. My brother and I caught up with with the beat and sang along. We were 8 and 5. Our parents were pretty freaked out! haha!

  94. vanessa says

    Ikr i like Oops (oh my) and thong song i have them on a cd lol and then my neck my back lol im 13 me nd mom listen to them.So much fun

  95. vanessa says

    im 13 and me nd mom listen to my neck my back ….thong song…gettin hot in here…Oops oh my….omg love them all :)

  96. Shay says

    If any of you forget, there’s also “Barbie Girl” sung by many young children. The meaning portrayed by this song is inappropriate!

  97. Rob says

    Don’t worry, I’m in an even worse boat. I don’t even recognise anyone on the list! Oh, and when I was a young lad, I had a Kylie t-shirt, but that was before she became cool, she was still Charlene in neighbours!

  98. Sue says

    I know maybe 1 of those songs listed. I think it’s very tasteless. I do not let my children listen to this sort of mess, but I don’t have any controle over what they listen to while with my ex. Because no matter what I think or feel he doesn’t care. Him and his new wife like and let ( her) children listen to it. Probably why she had a child in her teens and her oldest has a child. Can you imagin my horror when , at the time, my youngest was I think 5 , and came home telling me her and my oldest are step aunts!!! I told my husband that if either one of my kids come home nd tell me they are having a baby, that they are going to live at my ex’s , cuz that would have happened on (his) watch and not ours. I do believe that music like this does play a big role in children’s behavior.

  99. Brian says

    lol iv got to say there is a lot of piss of and let me have my fun on this page. the fact is that if someone feels strongly enough to point out that this music is poison they very likely don’t let there kids listen to it. So please stop with the childish argument of “Take some freaking responsibility for your actions instead of placing blame elsewhere.” @kitty
    a parent cant be with there kids at all times and they cant tell there next door neighbor not to let the kid listen to it. Im sure we have all asked our neighbor to tidy there lawn (or lights at night or dog crapping every where) or been asked to ourselves it is mostly met with hostility. So parenting advice is an almost instant family feud and it is a neighbor or class mate at age 10 who hears the song and Google’s my neck my back and gets back the result clean or uncensored, uncensored it is now they hear pussy and crack lets Google that, and they are met with you must be 18+ to view this click hear well kids are curious so guess what. that’s when that innocent mind isn’t so innocent any more. now he most likely wants to try it seems so simple you walk into a room cloths fall off and legs are in the air and jizz all over her face. we all know there is a few more steps involved but the kid doesn’t now he starts talking to your kid you think 10 year old’s whats the harm in going to the park together and going on the swing well all that kid wants to do is try out what he saw on the internet because of that song that taught him those words. (and with proxy servers and different methods its easy to get through parental control’s) what if your kid who you didn’t let listen to those songs says no and he doesn’t take no for an answer. but you don’t want anyone to stop rihanna from putting out her next porno song. Im sure there will be lots of people ripping this to shreds and its funny because its obvious you don’t want anyone interfering with your fun everyone else is someone else’s problem until its your son or daughter and nobody really cares.

  100. Shay says

    The “Genie in a Bottle” video would play in between shows on Disney when it came out. I remember my friends and I knew all the dances from all the videos when we were kids, and I think our parents thought it was innocent ,but really we knew what they were talking about in all of those songs.

  101. bb says

    No, no
    Candyman goes:

    Who can make the sun rise
    Sprinkle it with dew

    geez, i feel like i died 3 years ago.

  102. bb says

    I was thinking this list would have stuff like Starland Vocal Band’s “Afternoon Delight”.

    Now, I just feel old.

  103. mojo1436 says

    LOL…when i was like 3, my big brother taught me all the words to “(Mama’s Got a) Squeezebox” by The Who. His friends all thought it was funny, my parents, not so much.

  104. mojo1436 says

    (Mama’s Got a) Squeezebox by The Who. “mama’s got a squeezebox, she wears on her chest, when daddy gets home, he never gets no rest, ’cause their playing all night” LOL…Poison did a cover of it in 2002 and Tenacious D sang it on VH1’s Rock Honors. While i enjoy a lot of current music, i am still partial to my Rock roots.

  105. mojo1436 says

    Actually that song got the message out to a lot of kids to “keep it covered” , letting them also know about the dangers of risky sexual behavior. I always thought well of Salt n’ Pepa for being so brave to put that out there in the early days of AIDS, and they weathered the backlash like classy ladies.

  106. DerangedHousewife says

    The problem is, back then when you were 12, you didn’t know what “getting physical” even meant. Now kids know far younger than that not only what it means, but have probably already done it … and we wonder why. I think one reason is because parents let their children listen to the aforementioned list of crap music when they’re way too young. Holy crap!

  107. Larry says

    ” ~Relax come to it , when you wanna Cum” nice lyrics for young children to here , Get real cause “Franky goes to Hollywood” Engrossed our youth with wisdom of sensual sexual nature,the entire media system is running away from censor ship as the freedom of speech people haunt them with every persons right to hear anything put out there and leave it to parents to police their kids listening agenda and content …………….

  108. Lulu says

    Oh my goddess, A lot of these are true I am only 16 but I grew up with older sister’s who always listened to these songs. But hey when I was 10 or 12 I didn’t understand what they ment I just liked dancing and singing to them with my sisters. But once I hit my teenage year’s and started listening listening to the lyrics and understanding, Your just like “Oh goddess” lmao especially to genie and the bottle! never thought of it like that. Now it is ruined for me.

  109. Brooke says

    McFly: “There’s nothing on earth that could save us when I fell in love with uranu” haha! Or a lot more McFly or Busted songs!

  110. Desert says

    What about “She Lick Me Like A Lollipop” by Lil Wayne??
    I was surprised it wasn’t in the list

    Shawty want a thug
    Bottles in the club
    Shawty wanna hump
    You know I like to touch her lovely lady lumps

    Okay, lil mama had a swag like mine
    She even wear her hair down her back like mine
    I make her feel right when it’s wrong like lying
    Man, she ain’t never had a move like mine
    But man, I ain’t never seen an ass like hers
    That pussy in my mouth had me lost for words
    So I told her to back it up like burp, burp
    And made that ass jump like jerp, jerp
    And that’s when she

    She lick me like a lollipop

    What do you think?!!

  111. Vanessa says

    How about milkshake lol
    I know you want it,
    the thing that makes me,
    what makes the guys go crazy.
    They loose they minds
    they way i wind
    i think its time.
    I can see your on it
    you want me to teach thee
    Techniques that freaks these boys
    I cant be bought
    Just know,Thieves get caught
    Watch if your smart….Lol love that song still awesome..P.S. how do put a photo on that little dude that is naked lol…..

  112. Commentor says

    How has B4-4 not been mentioned? I never realized that ‘Get Down’ was actually about oral sex as a child.

  113. Vanessa says

    Hey wat about Your love is so sexual by Sisqo
    Its so Fudging awesome
    Oh baby baby yeah
    Baby baby

    Girl I peeped you on the corner
    So I rolled up on ya late one Saturday
    You was peelin a banana
    I was lookin at ya
    Thinkin she freaky

    (That night)
    That night I gotta getcha
    Gotcha Gucci underwear in my back pocket
    Mmm and I can’t get you outta my mind
    Girl I can’t get enough of it

    Your love is incredible
    You can say it’s unforgettable
    Can’t believe it’s merely sexual
    Cuz your love is incredible incredible
    Said your love is incredible
    You can say it’s unforgettable
    Can we make it more than sexual
    Cuz your love is incredible incredible

    I’m thinkin about the things that you did to me
    Imagine your body movin like a centipede
    I want ya to know that I’m ready to be
    All over your body
    (Baby you got all I need)

    I like the way you got the softest lips
    Infatuated by the way you kiss me
    Oh girl I’m tellin you wit you is where I wanna be
    You know you drive me crazy


    Break it down
    Break it down
    Yeah yeah
    Yeah yeah
    Yeah yeah
    I know that your love is



    [CHORUS to fade]
    Standard YouTube License
    Buy “Your Love Is Incredible

  114. Phil says

    Whats sad, after X-Tina and Sisqo, I havent heard any of these songs before. Wait, not sure thats sad, Im sure thats a good thing. But what about Candy Shop by 50 Cent? I have never been a fan of rap, but I use to sing this song all the time in my teens.

    I’ll take you to the candy shop
    I’ll let you lick the lollipop
    Go ‘head girl, don’t you stop
    Keep going ’til you hit the spot

    or this part

    You can have it your way, how do you want it
    You gon’ back that thing up or should i push up on it

    or this part

    Got the magic stick, I’m the love doctor
    Have your friends teasing you ’bout how sprung I gotcha

    Or even this part

    After you work up a sweat you can play with the stick
    I’m trying to explain baby the best way I can
    I melt in your mouth girl, not in your hands


  115. Vanessa says

    Ooh yeah that one is also good But I LOVE Ciara she is amazing and beautiful. Everyone go to Sisqo last night…omg =)

  116. Vanessa says

    Ooh yeah that one is also good But I LOVE Ciara she is amazing and beautiful. Everyone go to Sisqo last night…OMFG you have to see this crazy crap….There was a shooting in Connecticut at an Elimantry school..18 children dead and 8 adults dead

  117. MSJ says

    I’d figure a person that is too young would not know these songs. Christina and N’Sync are musical empires back in the 1990s, and Christina never stopped being famous. Sisqo isn’t really active anymore, but it was impossible to forget the Thong Song!

  118. Lisa says

    I’m really showing my age… FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Relax I had no clue what the hell I was singing.

  119. LAMama says

    Wow! I think music is such an important way to express yourself. I also think that children only do what you allow them to do. That being said, I was listening to Prince in the late 80’s as a 6-8 year old (Erotic City- no less)… and I was not hypersexual! I didn’t even know what he was talking about. I just liked the music/ beats. Kids now have so many outlets (TV, computer, etc.) that they DO know what he is talking about. So, parents need to start earlier discussing these sexually charged images, lyrics, sites, etc- to educate their children on what is appropriate BEHAVIOR irregardless of the media type/content they may be exposed to. Some of the worst behavior can come from the kids whose parents SHELTERED them from anything considered ‘bad’.

  120. Bob says

    Oh man this has just reminded me of The Outhere Brothers – Boom Boom. Used to sing along to that song when I was like 10 or something:

    Girl your booty is so round,
    I just wanna lay you you down,
    Let me take you from behind,
    I won’t come until it’s time,
    But if I cannot sleep with you,
    Maybe I can have a taste,
    Put your niney on my tongue,
    And your booty on my face!

    I didn’t have a scooby what any of these lyrics meant!!! Proper filth. Haha

  121. Kitty says

    Now this is a nasty song to be singing as a teeneger.

    2 Live Crew The Fuck Shop Lyrics
    “I know a place just down there two streets.
    Baby, they’ll ask you no questions and give you clean sheets!”

    (gong noise)


    Verse 1: [Fresh Kid Ice]
    There’s only one place where we can go
    Where the price is right just to fuck a ho
    It’s always popular with the girls and the guys
    ‘Cause for all my money, it’s the best buy
    Ten dollars, two hours is the time of the stay
    It’s more than enough time to slay
    Each room has a bed and also a sink
    So you can wash your dick after fucking the pink
    But be careful of the things that you use’
    Cause you can get arrested for sex abuse
    So as you hit the door and the panties drop,
    Whole lot of suckin’ and fuckin’ at the Fuck Shop!

    Verse 2: [Brother Marquis]
    Please come inside, make yourself at home
    I want to fuck, ’cause my dick’s on bone
    You little whore behind closed doors
    You would drink my cum and nothing more
    Now spread your wings open for the flight
    Let me fill you up with something milky and white
    ‘Cause I’m hopin’ to slay you, rough and painful
    You innocent bitch, don’t be shameful
    Bring out the ice cubes and the hot water
    This is the second half, and not the second quarter
    I’ll fuck you ’till you sleep; you’ll sleep like a baby
    And in your dreams, you’ll say I’m crazy
    In the Fuck Shop!


    Verse 3: [Luke]
    In the Fuck Shop! That’s where it’s at!
    In the Fuck Shop! The place to splak!
    In the Fuck Shop! Where all the boys go!
    In the Fuck Shop! Fuckin’ all the hoes!

    (gong noise)


  122. Jim says

    I didnt sing any or listen to any of these songs when i was a kidnor would i listen to them now, im not even sure i know who they are except for christine agulara but still doesnt mean id listen to her.

  123. Gea says

    I cannot believe that the writer of this article says that she learned from the song “too close” that if she feels a bulge from the guy while grinding, she should be honored that he wants to have sex with her. Does she know anything about guys? If a guy gets a hard on, he doesn’t care who you are. He just wants to have sex and he is going to do anything he can to get it. Honored! What an idiot.

  124. JamesfromDFW says

    Some the “old” people can’t say nothing about the songs in the 90’s, you had “Afternoon Delight” by The Starland Local Band

    Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight
    gonna grab some afternoon delight.
    My motto’s always been; when it’s right, it’s right.
    Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night.
    When everything’s a little clearer in the light of day.
    And you know the night is always gonna be there any way.

    Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight.
    Thinkin’ of you’s workin’ up my appetite
    looking forward to a little afternoon delight.
    Rubbin’ sticks and stones together makes the sparks ingite
    and the thought of rubbin’ you is getting so exciting.
    Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight.
    Started out this morning feeling so polite
    I always though a fish could not be caught who wouldn’t bite
    But you’ve got some bait a waitin’ and I think I might try nibbling
    a little afternoon delight.
    Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight.
    Please be waiting for me baby when I come around.
    We could make a lot of lovin’ ‘for the sun goes down.
    Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight. Afternoon delight

  125. Juanita says

    I remember being little and my parents listen to Prince. I think he is one of the most sexually explicit artist out there. I remember taking a bath when we were stationed in Germany, my parents were listening to Erotic City. I remember thinking that it was a great song. He came out and said exactly what he wanted. I agree that every generation has sexually explicit songs. Parents cannot be with their children 24/7!!! Get over it.

  126. Cissy says

    When I was in 5th grade I used to belt out “I’m every woman, it’s all in meeee. anything you want done, baby, I do it naturally! whoa whoa whoa.” NO CLUE WHAT I WAS SAYING LOL

  127. Cissy says

    Yes! In the 80’s, I remember Prince was incredibly nasty!! How about that song about sex with his sister? and of course Darling Nicky and Erotic City. I just liked the songs, it didn’t make me become a slut or anything lol

  128. Practicing What I Preach :) says

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I find it kind of amusing that you adults (some) are here talking about how perverted my generation is and how terrible the media is. The title of this article is called “6 Totally Inappropriate Songs We Sang As Children.” Why are some of you pointing fingers at the media TODAY about corrupting the minds of young children TODAY. After reading a majority of the comments, these songs are from back in the 20th century. Welcome to the 21st! (: My point is, it doesn’t make any sense for you to think it was “ok” to sing theses terrible songs when you were a kid because you didn’t know what it meant, but think children are perverted these days for listening to the same explicit themes. Some kids today that sing these songs are INNOCENT and just like the beat of the song. Some kids today have developed mature enough minds to handle hearing such content without being dumb about it. EVERYONE has pervs in their generation, so please stop putting the blame on ONLY today’s generation.

    Yes, Im a kid. A 13 year old girl to be exact :)

  129. musecalliopeia says

    Who remembers “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Had *NO* freaking idea what they were talking about when I listened to it when I was 12. :)

  130. Derp says

    Used to listen to all of these as a kid, but I knew wtf they were about because I didn’t ride the short bus…

  131. DeeDee says

    I was an adult when these songs came out, and I remember hearing my kids singing them, and at the time, I too, was so caught up in the beat, lol! one day, I was listening to my then 8 year old stepdaughter singing Adina’s “Freak Like Me”, and remember thinking, “how cute!” because of the “barking”- THEN I listened to the words!! can you say “turn it off- NOW!”?? needless to say, I monitor EVERYTHING my kids listen to now, lol!!

  132. Ani says

    I worked as an aide for Headstart when Nelly’s song “Gettin Hot in Here” came out and saw these little three year old girls singing its getting hot in here so tke off all your clothes… And almost broke my neck diving over the seats to prevent them from actually doing it. They didn’t just sing, but did some of the dances from the video (I think it was the video, I never watched it).

  133. Ani says

    My mom gave me a bad time about my music as a teenager, and I reminded her about how much she liked Collective Soul’s December:

    Don’t scream about, don’t think aloud
    Turn your head now baby just spit me out
    Don’t worry about, don’t speak of doubt
    Turn your head now baby just spit

  134. Tierra says

    One song I didnt know was sexual was Aaliyahs rock the boat. I actually thought she was on a boat and it was rocking but I was only 3.

  135. Fourteen00 says

    I just wanna say you are all wrong if you disagree with my opinion. I believe you are all wrong. Have a great day!

  136. says

    Yes, I’m giving away my age, but I’m to the age that I really don’t care. Oh well. I have memories of my little sister, six years my junior, running around the house singing, “I want your sex”. I’m not sure if that was the funniest part of the situation, or the faces on my parents, trying to figure out a sensitive way to tell my sister to stop singing that without raising her curiosity as to why singing those words were not acceptable. Moments like that amused me as a child… but terrified me of my future role as a father (thus far, the fear was unfounded – my children are angels… yeah, we’ll go with that).

  137. says

    I somewhat agree wit you.. but aint no way in hell parents gon stop kids from listnin to music they wanna listen to. Im young the only one of these songs I no is genie in a bottle.. I dnt remember how I heard it. Im not even 18 yet. But yea this music is inapropriate. But Eminem, the best rapper of all time and still is, uses the most innapropriate lyrical content n he gets the point across. These rappers out now suck besides him, slaughterhouse, yelawolf and mgk and t.I. skylar greys an awesome singer. 50 cents a boss 2. I listen to eminems songs from d12 al the way til now.. non of his lyrics would suprise me. He is amazing and none of them are too old or goofy or oldfashoned to listen too. This goes fur all music. If u truly umderstand the lyrics, music will never die down

  138. bandgeek says

    Haha I actually have that song on my ipod. I’m 15 but I don’t think it’s that bad as long a nobody takes the lyrics to heart and I gotta ask, why do people get so caught up in the lyrics? It’s just words and if kids like the beat then it doesn’t matter what the words mean/represent. Like I said, as long as no one takes it to heart.

  139. v says

    No one mentioned Pearl Necklace by ZZ Top? I was a kid in the 90s but I listened to more rock than pop. This song was probably the biggest shock when I found out what it meant. I was like 6 or 7 singing all of the words!

  140. iqahapizi says

    Dumb. When the adult is this dumb, no wonder the teens are the way they are today. If you were a mother, I’m sure you let your girls look up to Nicki Minaj and all of those ruined, moral corrupted singers/actors. Feel sorry for them.

  141. Darj says

    No matter what kids hear, if its catchy, they will repeat it. Even if they don’t know what it means. I don’t shield my kids from much of anything, but they have no clue what 80% of the lyrics mean. When they sing along, they get half of the words wrong anyway. Don’t try to shield them from songs they like. I can hear a G-rated song & make it R with my nasty, dirty mind. If their minds are innocent, then whatever song they hear will be innocent to them.

  142. Susie says

    Mike you’ve got a point, however our kids arent with us at all times, we arent always in control of our kids surroundings, I had problems with my Kids hearing inappropiate information when they were way to young. It came from t.v., radio, and other kids. So if Barbara has a bitch let her.

  143. Susie says

    I disagree..when the kids see reaction from teenagers, older kids, I guarantee a subliminal message gets through. Have you ever heard a seven year old boy sing,” Lick me like a lollipop”? Disturbing. How about a ten year old girl singing ,”Do that to me one more time”. Creepy. Since some parents won’t moniter thier children, the FCC should.

  144. Tressy says

    What about George Michael’s “I want your sex”. I remember attending my neighbor’s 10th birthday party and all the little girls knew the words. That was the first time I realized that kids are so impressionable. I was about 24 then.

  145. smanack says

    Folks, it’s not difficult. First of all, the world is full of songs, images, and various other forms of media that are grossly inappropriate for children. And the Internet makes it all more accessible than ever – and it’s not going to go away. We can bash the artists till we’re blue in the face and when we finish ranting, free speech will still exist, and so will the many people in the world who produce objectionable material. Secondly, we can’t follow our children around to ensure they aren’t exposed to anything we don’t approve of. The answer is to be a good parent. I am a school counselor & the mother of 2 college-age children so I speak from experience – I’m not saying I did it perfectly, but I know there are things parents can do about this issue: teach children right from wrong from a very young age, live by example, and develop a close & open relationship with them so they’ll actually listen to you and trust you when you explain why it’s a bad idea for them to expose themselves to certain media – whether it’s songs, pictures, videos, or reading material. The most important things, though, are to LOVE them, LAUGH with them, and LIVE BY EXAMPLE so they won’t resent you for expecting them to live up to a standard that you yourself can’t uphold. I hope this doesn’t sound too preachy…I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this issue because I work w/kids every day. Thanks for listening!

  146. ummno says

    I only know 2 of them songs and when I was listening to them I knew damn well what they were talking about and I found it to be hilarious. I would laugh so hard when I listen to Digital Getdown.

    Most embarrassing music moment of my life was at my 16th b-day and Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” came on and my Grandma was dancing to it telling me it was a good song. lol

  147. bterral says

    I just wanted to thank you so very much for your post and actually working toward contributing to help our children and teens in a productive manner. I am a high school English teacher and see what adolescents deal with, struggle with, and what are daily fads with anything from fashion to movies to MUSIC. Each teen is unique but I can say I have discussion with numerous students about songs, what the interpreted meaning was for them, what they listened to when they were younger and if they knew what those songs even meant then. I swear their answere would surprise many and many answers would align with what you have said. Also, although parents cannot control all things at all times, the best way to guarantee that your child or teen takes the path that you ideally want for them is that you on DAY ONE model the actions and lifestyle that would wish to see from your child. It is much harder to go back when they are 16 and tighten the reighns and figure out why they may be rebelling or not taking the path you wanted for them if you never modeled that path in the first place. Nature AND Nurture…no verses anymore!!!

  148. vikki says

    I’m 20 and always thought Christina Aguilera-dirty AMD aqua-candyman was to dirty for me to sing but there great fun

  149. jack says

    I agree. We wonder why the standards and morals of society are on a downward spiral, and complain about the state of things when they slide past what we (individually) consider to far, but we continue to listen to people who tell us everything is ok. That people should do whatever they want. Well, it’s not ok. Morals and standards have never been about doing what we want, they are about doing things we don’t want. Like keeping things a certain way simply because we don’t want them to slide down hill. I mean to say, how long will it be before rape, murder, armed robbery and child abuse will be considered ok?

  150. yiyi says

    Lmaoo! I know every last one of those songs and im 23 so you know i was singing those songs growing up lol but cant blame the artist gotta blame our parents they could have turned it to to nicolodeon or disney

  151. cj says

    How many little kids danced the soldier boy as their parents laughed and cheered. What did they think was standing straight like a soldier as he supermaned that hoe?

  152. m.davis says

    I loved that song when I was little ! My grandson heard it on an oldies station the other day and has been singing it ever since. He’s 6 .

  153. AngL says

    I have read so many people commenting about ‘monitoring what your children are listening to’ or ‘music like this is what made our kids like they are today’. I just have to laugh. Music like the ones listed have been around for decades. I am 36 years old and remember listening to songs from the 1950’s and up (even still today obviously) that have the same innuendos, sexually explicit lyrics. Or more. I grew up listening to Snoop Dogg and TLC as well as Madonna, Dr Dre, Def Leppard and then of course The Who, ACDC, Diamond Rio, and many more. I danced around to some ‘raunchy’ songs and blasted them on my cassette deck stereo in my room. When I was 11 or 12, I didn’t know what half or more of the words were or meant, but even when I found out, I didn’t stop listening to it. I didn’t go… “OMG”. I just kept listening and singing and dancing. The beat got to me more than the words did back then. Now, I listen to the beat still. I will listen to songs now for the meaning more often, but still like that good beat to dance to. (even if it is embarrassing to my teens) that Oh by the way, listen to the same stuff. And know what the lyrics mean. They don’t care. They laugh at most of them and the way some people react to the words and to a particular artist or genre. If you teach your child right from wrong, teach them about sex, drugs, relationships, laws, guns, and the such that they sing about before the song or peers teach them. Then you really wouldn’t/shouldn’t have to worry. I trust my teenagers. I have a great relationship with them. I don’t lie to them when they ask me a question, I don’t shelter them from the ‘big bad world’ that they will be forced upon in a few years. I want them to know what to expect, be prepared for it. I use these songs and many other tools to teach them about respect, love, friendship, helping others, doing good things with what they know and with what they have. Songs like this … didn’t make me a slut or get me to ‘lose my virginity’ nor has it affected my children this way. We do not do drugs, break laws, cheat, lie and sort because of the music we listen to. That comes from how you parent your kids. However, if the music, internet, tv and society are teaching your child for you, then, I can see where this could be a problem in that household, but in mine.. its not a problem. My children are all virgins, drug free, good in school, attend school, have career choices set up and a plan to follow them, social skills, knowledge and common sense. They are not perfect by any means and still learn as they go, but that is what life and being a teenager is all about, learning. Learning to be prepared. And agreeing with many others on here, there are so many more songs that could have been listed.. I would have loved to have seen a longer list!

  154. ninc says

    I remember thesee lol nd so many more britney spears has a few that are just wow but as a youngster I didn’t know what any of that meant

  155. Veronica says

    Ooooh my gosh haha i remember next-too close and Christina aguilera- genie in a bottle…lm 14 and i use to listen to these when i was like 6 haha 😀

  156. Think on this. says

    Kids, for hundreds of years, who live on farms and such, are exposed to sex and know what it is at a very early age (watching animals and such, then asking parents about it). For example, my father knew about sex by the time he was 5! He’s in his mid-late 60’s now. This media has NO negative impact on children except for what the parents allow it to be. Sex is NOT a bad thing in any way. We wouldn’t be here today without it! You all should concern yourself more about things like murder, rape (as in the fact that it is not consensual) and things that are actually BAD.

    Sex is a part of life, and anyone who has turned it into something bad and perverse in their mind really should look take a look at themselves. It really is just a natural thing that must occur at some point if humanity is to continue to exist.

  157. Sweets says

    Actually I sang and listened to most of these songs and it didn’t influence me. I’m 25 and on my 2nd bf ever and very far from the sluttyness people feel this causes. My mother knew how to teach me right from wrong and respect for myself and my body and the truth about what men really look for. I’m not America’s next top model material but I’m a pretty and skinny girl I could’ve used it like much of my generation did but I had a good mama. Parents just need to teach morals and values to their children. I seen w my sister the more you try to ban something the more desirable it becomes to a teen. Sheltered children act out way more. Let your kids experience shit just make sure you build a honest foundation for them.

  158. Tony F says

    Geez, I’m old. “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”, by Meat Loaf was the taboo song of my generation. For you youngsters; it’s a twistedly ironic tune that tells the story of two hormone-riddled teens and their point-of-view struggle leading to a hysterical climax (in more than one way). That’s the difference between music from way back when, to today. Subtlety. I had no idea what the song meant at 7 years old, because it was filled with double-entendres and metaphors. Nowadays, they just come out and say what they want. Today’s pop “artists” need to purchase a Thesaurus.

  159. Doug says

    I can think of one that I first heard in Germany and was *SHOCKED* to hear – Frank Zappa’s “Bobby Brown”. That makes your list pale in comparison.

    I also laugh when I hear “Pass the Dutchie” which was sung by a group of kids. As mentioned, your list missed my generation by a mile (I am 46).

  160. Areyoukiddingbro says

    I can’t take people like Jack seriously. “Hurr the morals of this world are going to hell. Everything was wholesome back in my day.” Give it a rest!

    In ten years violence in the US where much of these songs come from has dropped in half. Murder down to a third. Global violence is down despite hotspots like Syria and pockets of Africa. Preventable disease deaths like malaria are dropping off dramatically, starvation is dropping off dramatically but “waah I don’t like masturbation and sex”.

    Get some perspective you man-child.

  161. meka says

    I loved all those songs that is posted. Really when these songs came out its all about the beats. Older adults was messed up in the game because we were growing and listening to this type of music, but the music don’t define u as a person. Its just what I like end of story.

  162. Ko says

    dude, when I was like four I was singing “Doin It Well” by LL Cool J, “Pony” by Ginuine & “Oochie Wally” by Nas a couple of years later; nothing subtle AT all there in those songs, lol 😀 & what was even funnier was my mom would play these songs all the time, & when me & my sisters started singing along to them she’d get pissed lol.

  163. Kevin says

    I’m a child of the sixties. My parents were discreet enough not to allow certain knowledge to come to me that I was not ready for. They made sure I was in Sunday School and Church and learned things like “love thy neighbor as thyself” and the ten commandments. They are gone now and I honor them for what they taught me even though society was going the other direction. It was “uncool” back then to stand for God’s will and it is politically incorrect to do so now. However, I wish for you all here today to come to know the living God in the way I have come to know Him. See Acts 2:38 in the Bible and trust Him with all your heart. He loves you. And when this tired old life is over you will live with Him forever. God bless you in your endeavors. Kevin

  164. Beorn says

    I completely hated myself when I listened again “Average Joe” and “Rock It” recently. I now realized that both songs are about sex and promiscuity. Worse, it was obvious and shameless.

  165. christie says

    memories! i love oops that was my favorite song of hers even though i was young i still love to jam to that lol

  166. kanga says

    sex sells unfortunately and its something we all come to terms with if you have kids just educate them early on since they are going to find it any way and i feel everyone is just more hormonally charged lately must be something in the water

  167. Son says

    As a kid in the disco era, I remember singing along to “In the Bush” by Musique. That song was too erotic for someone my age to be singing along to. The chorus: “Push, push in the bush, push push in the bush,” and “Do you like it, do you like it like this, do you want it, do you want it like this,” the vocalist would keep repeating those lines until they sounded as if they were in an orgasmic frenzy. Another disco song I used to sing along to as a kid was “Love to Love You Baby” where Donna Summers sounds like she’s masturbating as she’s singing–“When you’re laying so close to me, there’s no place that I’d rather you be than with me. Sexual moan…Love to love you baby…..Do it to me again and again” Looking back, I’m surprised my mom didn’t smack me upside the head for singing along to those songs.

  168. Skyye says

    A couple should be added to this list like Nelly – It’s Getting Hot In Here (So Take off all your clothes) I was totally mortified seeing my 6 year old sister and her friends singing and dancing to that. Lil Kim – How Many Licks, Britney Spears The Touch of my Hand, Too Live Crew – Hey We Want some P*ssy, Sir-Mix-A-Lot Baby Got Back. There should be a top 100 of inappropriate songs for each generation, lol

  169. Serena says

    O.M.G. I did too until just now when I read your comment!! I’m 42 yrs old and did not know that until just now (hangs head in shame)

  170. Jessica says

    Firstly, I never sang ANY of these songs as a child. Secondly, those songs are pretty damn obvious. Even as a child, I would have known they were inappropriate. Last, try coming up with a clever article next time. This was a waste.

  171. Ramiel Deals says

    Maybe I can these to the list:

    …(Hit Me) Baby, One More Time – Britney Spears
    Up And Down – Vengaboys
    Lollipop – DJ Alligator
    Like A Virgin – Madonna
    The Sailor Song – Tarzan and Jane

  172. Luanne says

    Lets talk about sex
    Sexy and i know it
    I just had sex

    And all these songs my sister listens to and she is only 12 LIKE OMFG MOM YOU RUINED MY BABY SISTER lmaoo

  173. Paul says

    How is that possible? There is no such thing as masterbation. Seriously, look it up. It’s not in the dictionary. Perhaps you were referring to masturbation? There is a huge difference, seeing as the latter exists, and the former you just made up.

  174. Krista says

    Pop singers / songs on mtv it’s all for teenagers so u shouldn’thave been listening to then any way I thought this would b more like songs in cartoons ( what kids should b watching) like the song “getting lucky” in The Chipmunk adventure.

  175. yo says

    bandgeek because usually thats what makes someone associate with the song, the lyrics, i’m 30 so i’ve gone through about phases of music…hair metal, grunge, rap, gangsta rap, metal, pop, club, i don’t know where you fall into but, if you like a song because it means something to you, you love the lyrics, a beat, well if thats what you need then it doesn’t need lyrics, club music, and in my opinion rap and pop, they are garbage, but rock music, acoustic, piano driven, lyrics are an intrical part, actually i’m not even sure what you were trying to get at

  176. yo says

    yea you guys are a bunch of pussies actually, “oh my god, that song is scary because it talks about sex, ewwww, now i have to blame it on my kids going crazy and not my shitty parenting” help me i’m so pc i don’t know what to do,


  177. Jasmine says

    It was a surprise that any of them were straight! Haha! Lance was my favorite too, but I don’t really get how him being gay is heartbreaking. It’s not like fans ever had much of a chance anyway.

  178. Jasmine says

    I remember hearing the uncut version of that Khia song in middle school… and throwing up in my mouth a little bit. lol

  179. lala93 says

    “It wasn’t me” by Shaggy, lol, always wondering how my mom ever let me play this in the car when I was little.

  180. Guera says

    im surprised Shaggy-it wasnt me wasnt on this list. I remember being in elementary on my way to school singing this with my 2 cousins and then getting yelled at by my aunt saying what were we singing, I remember replying “the song”

  181. Colin says

    I definitely was not a child when this stuff came out. More to the point, when I was a child I was listening to stuff that didn’t suck like these worthless pop poseurs. At least this list was written by a girl. If it was written by a guy, even a gay dude, I would have to question so much about the world.

  182. Julia De Los Santos says

    Does anyone remember “It wasnt me” By Shaggy. Like, that song was just, whoa. and the kids would sing it and have no idea what it meant. it had a nice beat though. Ha!

  183. michele says

    how about, “you gotta lick it before you kick it”, “don’t want no short dick man”, “come baby come”, etc. do i need to go on? LOL

  184. Michelle says

    I remember singing “push i by salt n pepa in 7th grade. I had no idea what it meant, although I was thrilled that it maybe meant something dirty. Since I had no experience with anything, it was all in fun. I’m now a church-going mother of three. Because I was raised properly.

  185. jd says

    lol i dont know how old you was but i remember when my mom made my cousin and i stop singing “hot diggidy dog diggidy oooo what u do to me its so new to me oooowhat u do to me when u are holding me tight. never knew anyone that could kiss this away give me bliss this away even touch this away and on an on. rauncy then but nothing now lol

  186. jd says

    OMG I thought I knew a lot at 16 many years ago lol. But then and older guy and i were “makin out” and he asked me to give him a blow job.I had never heard of that so he unzipped and whipped it and and said now baby give me a blow job. So innocent me leaned over and blew as hard as I could on his hot hard whatver ya call it nowdays lol. He laughed till he cried and i puked till I was shaky. now that is a glimpse of life in 1963 lol.

  187. Cajun Mark says

    you forgot a classic in Yummy, Yummy, Yummy (I Got Love In My Tummy) by the Ohio Express, and Love Comes In Spurts by Richard Hell and the Voidoids

  188. Boo says

    Did anyone ever think of the lovely song When I Need You?

    I listened to it once, just for the voice, but listened again: “When I need love, I hold out my hands and I touch love.” I don’t know if its because I’m (self-confessed) rude minded that I got the idea of masturbation?!

  189. Papa McCain says

    Remember “Let’s Spend the Night Together” by the Stones getting banned all over the US?

  190. Boo says

    Lol reading some of the comments brought something big from my childhood back. I remember absolutely loving this song “hey ma” by a guy called cameron, purely because of the beat. I found the single the other week and listened to it and realized now at 19 that it’s actually about a guy questioning a hooker he wants to pick up to make sure she’s healthy and doesn’t smoke and shit. I rememberer some of the lyrics being about how she better not touch anything in his car and awful stuff to follow. Pretty fucking sick!

  191. Kizzy says

    How about the song “I Get Wet” by Celine Dion I think.
    The lyrics go something like this:
    ‘And everytime it rains,
    I fall to peices
    So many memories
    The rain releases
    I touch you
    I feel you
    I cannot forget
    Anytime it rains
    I get wet”
    No explanation needed. Lol

  192. Mari says

    Haha I’m the same exact age as the person who posted this. Um “Liquid Dreams” um even more inappropriate because I was in elementary school “2 becomes 1″. These are great because i really had no idea wth I was singing about until years later. Some of these comments blew my mind “Hey Ma” really tho??? hmm

  193. kissfan1977 says

    Love gun?
    Heaven’s On Fire?
    Lick it UP?
    Let’s put the X in SEX?

    I wasn’t sure about the first because it’s vague to me so I asked my dad what a “Love Gun” was so he told me to think about it.
    I’m sure there were a lot of girls singing a lot of the KISS songs listed but there’s my favorite though
    Calling Dr. Love and there’s other stuff that they did that isn’t for kids but the kids do sing it when they get to the concerts!

  194. Dalia says

    hahahahahahaha omg:P i had totally forgotten about these songs to be honest 😛 but the song that should’ve made the list and still makes me laugh is “Milkshake” 😛 now that was a perverted song!! “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like it’s better than yours damn right it’s better than yours i could teach you but i’d have to charge :P”

    I remember this only because we used to sing it when we were little and in school and the teachers used to yell at us to stop singing it!! but they never really explained why to us so we kept singing it until the song’s fame faded out 😛
    now that i remember that they yelled at us back in the day .. i’ll be like … ooooooooooooooo that’s why 😛 oki that was such a pervy and bad song!:P
    the thing is back then we just didn’t know what they even meant 😛 didn’t even wonder what they meant 😛 i donno why 😛
    but nowadays definitely kids do recognize the meanings of them!! things have changed and i can’t stay it’s good that things have changed! sure back in the day we didn’t know what they means and now we’ve turned out fine! it definitely has to do with our parents for sure but it also has to do with us not knowing what they mean .. point blank 😛 we were oblivious 😛 the danger yes is now to be honest because kids know what they mean and most act upon them and learn from them 😛 sadly 😛
    i mean i watch movies now where kids of barely 3 years of age say the word FUCK sorry for the cussing 😛 but it’s true… and that in my opinion is REALLY wrong!!!!! i don’t encourage that, coz even if they don’t know what these bad words mean, eventually they will, and they’ll think they’re normal to say them… that’s why most teenagers curse and smoke and have sex and younger ages now … there is a huge influence from the songs and movies (the media) despite what u guys think… and despite the parents… sometimes it just affects them even with the right kind of raising up and such.. especially nowadays.. i’m not talking about us with these songs from before… i don’t even know how you remembered them 😛 see? we don’t even recall them 😛 hahahaha 😛

    anyways.. that’s all I gotta say 😛

  195. Johnny Depp fan says

    First of all, I do not need your negative comment(s) and/or remark(s) about the following artist(s)/band(s). As I will NOT be replying to anyone who may have something horrible to say about them.

    There are three other songs that I can mention that is about sex:
    Backstreet Boys – Get Down ( You’re the one for Me )
    Backstreet Boys – If You Want It To Be Good Girl ( Get Yourself A Bad Boy )
    NKOTB – Full Service

    At first, I did not realize that these songs were even about sex. All I can say now is ” good grief “. ( The very thought of even thinking about sex turns me red in the face ).

    Finally, for the jack @$$ that wrote this article, it is never a good idea to encourage young children to listen to songs with lyrics about sex. You are setting a very bad example for them.

    Just saying.

  196. Johnny Depp fan says

    I am sure that you know all of this already.
    But just in case . . . a word of advice:

    Be careful how you are commenting on the phrase that ” sex is part of life “. We all know this to be a fact. However, ( and I say this only if you are a person with morals ), sex outside of marriage, is never a good idea. Also, sex should be between married couples only.

    I know that I do not have the right to judge anyone, ( last time I checked I was not God ). So please do not feel like I am being judgemental.

  197. Daniel says

    They forgot Frankie Goes To Hollywood back in the 90’s
    Relax don’t do it
    When you want to to go to it
    Relax don’t do it
    When you want to come
    Relax don’t do it
    When you want to suck to it
    Relax don’t do it
    When you want to come
    Come-oh oh oh

    But shoot it in the right direction
    Make making it your intention-ooh yeah
    Live those dreams
    Scheme those schemes
    Got to hit me
    Hit me
    Hit me with those laser beams

    I’m coming
    I’m coming-yeah…

  198. gsdubbleu says

    I am twentyfive and I was raised in the carribean and I have heard all these songs including shaggy and 50cent and loads more
    And much of the local calypso music and reggae music played on the radio here is extremly suggestive

    and I loved them they were really fun songs to sing along to some of them I had no idea what I was singing till I got older and now I have seven year old daughter

    who comes home from school singing songs that she and the kids at school are singing they even make up little dances to them that are cute and make me laugh a lot and she has no idea what they mean either

    thou her dad has told her not to sing those songs and we don’t play music in the house when she’s home period
    And her father has a major thing for rap while I enjoy rock

    But I don’t think raunchy music affects kids unless they know what they are singing about and unless us adults clue them in

    thou I too do agree that a lot of the music has gotten really terrible these past few years

    I don’t know what the big deal is about lil wayne and niki minaj cause half time I can’t understand a word they are saying and my younger brothers 15, 16, and 13 respectively love them to bits

    music I believe is what we enterpit it to be and while we can monitor our kids there’s no way we can be with them every second teach them right from wrong lead by example

    do everything you can as a parent and you can’t go wrong but you can’t shield them from everything

  199. KFSFOSHO says

    You and me baby ain’t nothin but mammals, so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel. — Thats a song EVERYONE sang and danced to.. I understood some of the lyrics. But I was raised pretty well, i understand right from wrong, and from personal experience if you force your kids to not listen to certain music, it just makes them want to listen to it more. My parents listed to the same music as us kids did, and if we had a question about certain things, my parents would explain in an age appropriate manner. I figure, kids are going to hear the music regardless.. So just be a good parent and teach your kids right from wrong. People turn out to be the people they WANT to be, they choose their own path to take.. Simple as that.

  200. Jason says

    What about the song and especially the video for one of Madonna’s biggest hits ever…”Justify My Love”. Still one of the hottest videos ever.

  201. Evelyn R. says

    You can’t stop kids from hearing and singing what they want. The world has evolved and kids mature in content much faster. Some adults/parents actually don’t care what their kids listen to and those kids go and hang out with the kids who aren’t supposed to listen to them and now it just spreads like a virus. I listened to these songs at younger then 12.

  202. Someone says

    Reading some comments gave me cancer…
    How could people forget their morals, & principles, freedom isn’t about to do whatever you want, that’s over freedom, freedom is to do whatever that doesn’t harm you nor others in anyway…

  203. Me says

    I only realised recently how inappropriate ‘I’m a barbie girl’ is….especially when she sings ‘I can act like a star I can beg on my knees’. And to think I would sing this song when I was four years old.

  204. Michele says

    “Like a Virgin” by Madonna, “Me So Horny” by 2 Live Crew, “I Want Your Sex” by George Michael, etc. So many that I look back on and laugh! What my mother must have been thinking!

  205. Rose says

    You are so right! That song was one of the first that popped into my head,’Honey Love’ by the Drifters,so many songs from the 50’s that were deemed too risque’. Many early blues tunes…it goes way back.

  206. Got my life.. says

    Get a life jack…Rape, murder, armed robbery and child abuse actually hurt other people. Now if you were listening to Frankie goes to Hollywood when you banged your sister you weren`t hurting anybody according to the bible. I’m glad we didn’t keep things the way the bible said.

  207. mac says

    If music is what wrong with the world today…. you need to look long and hard. And maybe rethink the whole thing. Are young minds impressionable, absolutely. Music isn’t to blame here. Mislead parenting? Maybe that’s a start. Or maybe you think dancing is the devil to. But music is not to blame!! Music is just music, people get together to celebrate the amazing genius behind such artist . Artist’s that might not fit in to your point mold of what should be. Just because you don’t think its right doesn’t make it wrong.

  208. mom of 4 says

    Plain and simple it is a parents job to educate their children! My children are 22,19,16 13. I am a fairly young mom and have always enjoyed some of the same music my children listened to. I believe that if parents teach their children right from wrong and how to behave like ladies and gentlemen, that is over half the battle!

  209. Ash says

    never i my life have i ever sung or listened to any of these songs and nor would i do something like that. don’t even know many of these songs or singers. i’m sorry but these are just extremely sucky songs. makes me puke. what happened to the good music that we used to hear in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s?

  210. greeneyedmama says

    You know what: It’s all in the parenting and the morals each parent teaches their kids. Yes music can be very inappropriate but if you raise your child correctly then you shouldn’t be so concerned. If you shelter your child they will rebel trust me. I did and now I am a proud parent of a 10 year old daughter who stands up for her Beliefs in God and we don’t push religion in our house and we listen to the inappropriate music as some would call it but we have an open close relationship and I was extremely sheltered. I know she will be a very responsible adult and I can’t shelter her because society is getting more and more sexual. Remember as a parent it is our responsibility to raise our kids to be good upstanding adults. We need to prepare them and realize we can’t shelter them forever!!!

  211. Joe says

    has anyone noticed that though blacks comprise a mere 17% of the total population they comprise 40% of welfare recipients…50% of the prison population and “artists” (and I use that term loosely) responsible for the above songs…is it any wonder blacks by and large occupy the lowest rungs of society particularly where they celebrate a ghetto mentality type culture that is totally delirious…and do you want to know who the real victims are?…its that segment of the black population that does not ascribe to the ghetto mentality and are truly intelligent hard working law abiding classy people who just get lumped together with these nit wits…they can’t win for losing

  212. wendy says

    When I was 11-12 the kids in the back of our bus use to sing a song, we called La-te-da. I don’t remember all the words but what I do remember was that the 6th grade boy I had a crush on was singing about me because everytime they would repeat the verses they would use someones name on the bus. I was in my glory and in love. My brother, sister and I went home that day singing away together. Using each others names interchangebly to the wonderful new song we’d learnt. Such happy children, singing together, something to make a parent proud. My mother stopped us abruptly with “What are you singing and where did you learn that?
    Come from East, come from West (Full name) blows the best, La-te-da, La-te-da. We were not told what it meant but that it was bad and not to sing it anymore. It left a big ? mark in my mind about that boy. They still sang it after that but I didn’t turn around to look at them with that big shit eatin grin on my face anymore when they used my name.

    People are going to do things in this world that we cannot control, all we can do is teach our children and move on.

  213. jeff says

    i think it ultimately its the parents responsibility, however i do wonder about these artists and execs that make a point to peddle their stuff to kids…all that creative, artistic, marketing and business effort all to try and get KIDS (their target market) all horny and stuff…kinda creepy…that one show where they bust those child molesters needs to do a music industry episode (or season) coz this has Jerry Sandusky written all over it

  214. jenn says

    Idiots.. genie in a bottle wasnt ment to be sexual. she even said in a interview people took it in a wrong way.
    its about treating her the right way.. get ur mind out the gutter

  215. BRN says

    Seriously?? You think because of vapid pop songs the world is in a downward spiral??? I got some land in Alaska you might be interested in..I guess it has nothing to do with the wars we have gauged on other nations (where we do rape and kill civilians and no one seems to complain about that), or do you really believe that the Pope or other priests have listened to these songs while raping the little boys??? I listen to all these songs as a kid and loved them…I am disgusted by war violence and rape…and if you must know many serial killers, like Jeffrey dahmers and Ted Bundy sometimes listened to classical music…so your theory is just crap to me

  216. OopsieBoo says

    spice girls – 2 become 1
    every little girl (including myself) in my family sang this when we were kids. i remember my sister and cousin at a family bbq singing it out loud on a karioke machine in the back garden. OH DEAR GOD! i even had a dance routine where i had two pigtails and turned sideways so it looked like there was only one. the innocence of youth makes me laugh.
    come a little bit closer baby,
    get it on, get it on
    cos tonight is the night
    when two become one
    i need some love like i never needed love before
    (wanna make love to you baby)
    i had a little love, now im back for more
    (i wanna make love to you baby)
    set your spirit free, its the only way to be…

  217. Greggori says

    People with actual parents never had to worry about such things. Coming from a musical family, if a like the music we played it, broke it down, played along then kept it moving, not base our future actions on the lyrics. Hasn’t been many good lyrics in last 2 maybe 2.5 decades anyways.

  218. Apples says

    What gets me is that all this trash gets the most attention yet entertainment that strives for higher ground gets lost in this sludge. If people would stop consuming this trash it would go away; but as long as there is an audience who enjoys gutter entertainment it will be here to stay.

    Also, the government vilifies parents when they try to discipline their children; yet entertainers are free to be as crass as they want to be. I personally don’t care if an entertainer says “F@*k me”, but the freedoms of the few and rich should not come at the expense of everyone else; as it reeks of hypocrisy and elitism.

  219. Apples says

    Get your head out of your crack dude. The ones who distribute ‘ghetto black’ entertainment are white people in general. Some are Jewish, Italian, but white just the same. Maybe you should blame them for this. Obviously, that is the image of blacks that they envision and market for the masses. If they wanted to sell a better image of blacks, they would.

    I’ve met blacks who detest this type of entertainment. Most people who consume this garbage are white, and you can do your own research to see for yourself. If anything, it is white people who have their head in the gutter. More blacks get incarcerated because they do not have the resources that whitey has to get away with murder.

    Throughout history, every time blacks organize to become a better society and free themselves; they are intimidated by law enforcement, their leaders are killed and at best they are vilified. Yes, there are ‘ghetto blacks’, but there is white trash out there too, and nobody on this board’s gone racial except you.

  220. Frankendingle says

    Zade, you are so misinformed… Seriously, take a closer look at underage births and you find rednecks popping them out at 10 and 11 >.<

  221. kendra bethune says

    the only song i was singing when i was 13 in 1990 was someday and my aunt and mother thought i could use more practice and watched if i could turn back time i was going to be a part of the school choir signining the national athem at the warriors game when penny was there and tim hardaway enda brewer class of 1992 kendra joy bethune

  222. kendra bethune says

    that as long as u love me parts innapporate i don’t care who u are as long as you love me and what used to get me is buy u nice things 1997 does he buy you nice things i can buy my self nice things kendra joy bethune can buy kendra nice things and does that i used to write bop or bb and desrcibe it

  223. Mae says

    My little sister at age 3 ran around singing the NO NO song by Ringo Starr. She of course has no idea what it meant but then again not sure my Mom did either. Being from a very small town & being very Innocent about drugs & such.

    No no no I don’t smoke it no more
    No no no I don’t (sound of sniffing) no more

  224. John Sposato says

    I heard songs from even earlier than these that are enough to rile up Mary Whitehouse and Tipper Gore!

  225. Nik says

    I used to sing “Caress Me Down” by Sublime when I was a little kid and I had no idea what it was about, lol.

  226. john doe says

    Honestly it’s this kind of dumb ass attitude and allowing children to listen to things like this that really is causing problems in the world. It’s more than music, it’s what you’re exposed to on television, the radio, the internet, and all other government regulated media outlets. Music today promotes sex drugs and violence to the extreme, i mean have you heard the song pumped up kicks? It is about shooting someone for having nicer sneakers than you. The Government regulated music on the radio is corrupting the minds of our youth and making them dumb whores like the author of this article. Sex, however, is the least disturbing of topics used in the media. Advocating sex is just how the government turns you into a dumb whore to increase the tax paying slave population. So go ahead and fornicate furiously with every big dicked guy you meet that pops a bonar when you grind him at the club, and then have fun with your 5 bastard children supported by welfare, 6 std’s that will kill you at an early age, and blown out vagina no one wants to touch, just like the government intended while you listened to their songs. Considering the goal is to promote sex to increase the population of youth, and then kill off the adults with diseases, chemicals in our foods, advocation of drugs and violence, and promotions of tobacco and alcohol, specifically designed to do so as brainwashing a child to become an idiot incapable of skepticism or revolt is much easier than doing so to an adult. Honestly though, it’s the violence and drugs that really need to be fixed in today’s music, sex is the least of our concerns.

  227. TimR says

    Youre not alone Brandy.. I too had an embarrassing tshirt when I was a fan of the rock group Queen and the letter ‘n’ was wearing off from too many spins in the dryer and I took a look in the mirror to see what the kids were laughing about and i read the shirt backward which I saw it spelled ‘Queer” I then took the shirt off and went outside and burned it in the driveway. boy was my face red lol

  228. boofheadfred says

    The “nice guys finish last” song is a song made up by a popular you tuber called ‘nigahiga’ LOLOLOLOLOL ;D

  229. LishaStar says

    Lol…I was already over 18 when these songs came out and some of them were a bit much for me but you can’t help to not like them! Loved the commentary under each one lol. Thanks…

  230. LishaStar says

    The lyrics have sexual tones whether she meant it or not…and yes people minds are quite often in the gutter. :-)

  231. Sean says

    Use to listen to ‘Bloodhound Gang – Bad Touch’

    I vaguelly knew what it meant and thought of it as more of a funny thing.

  232. Danielle says

    When i was a kid i remember singing along to Boom Boom Boom by the Vengaboys – i had no idea what the song was about until i was much older

  233. Priness says

    Do that to me one more time?! I remember that song! That was pretty racy in the day, but we listened to it anyway in high school and yeah, we knew what it meant, even back in the ’70’s! Racy lyrics in music is certainly nothing new.

  234. Ohboy says


  235. Anonymous says

    Here is another person who thinks this generation is going to hell. Just read between the lines. But it’s this generation providing all the scientific breakthroughs and new conviences.

  236. Kiersten says

    I’m 18 and I’ve listened to most of the songs on the list. I never knew what they all meant, I just like the way they sounded. My parent basically gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted and all the stuff I could have done with my friends, I chose not to do. It’s all about parenting. If you keep someone locked up all the time and not allow them to do anything, the more they want it. Kids need to experience things on their own. My sisters are a perfect example of this. Before our mom died she was the one taking care of us and she was very protective. Look where they ended up. All 3 of them are on drugs and so on. She died when I was only 9 and me, my dad, and one other sister moved. He didn’t know how to raise girls, so he didn’t. I basically raised my self and I’m not perfect but I definitely could have been worse. I’ve got a family of my own and I moved out of my dad’s house when I was 17. I’m also married and graduated and going to college in the summer. I don’t do drugs, I don’t steal. Of course I’ve experienced with those things, but I’m only human. I realized those are bad things you shouldn’t do and I never did anything ever again. It’s just all about parenting, it really is.

  237. Ashley says

    “If you get down on me, I’ll get down on you,
    I will do anything that you want me to,
    It’s a game of give and take to make it through.
    So if you get down on me, I’ll get down on you tonight.”
    and who could forget the best line:
    “Gonna make you come tonight…….
    -Over to my house”

    Get Down by B44

  238. Sandy says

    This is too funny. My first ever concert was Cheap Trick so of course I had to buy thst black t-shirt saying Cheap Trick in white about 10 times down the front, my Mom threw it away because she thought that guys would be thinking that I’m a cheap trick so she tells me to listen to that song ‘Afternoon Delight’ because she liked it and it was a nice happy song…she still to this day has no idea what they’re singing about, I don’t have the heart to tell her…omg!

  239. Sandy says

    Oh, and now I have ‘Afternoon Delight’ as her ringtone….everytime she calls I laugh, such good memories, lol!

  240. Sandy says

    The older classic bands had ‘real’ talent by actually playing instruments and writing their own lyrics and music, putting real feeling into them and hard work. Most of the newer artists out there have it way too easy now and are so aweful!

  241. kimmey says

    Calm your tits people. “oh your children are all dumb whores because of this music” and “oh this music is why the world has all these problms” and “the world has spiraled downward because of kids listening to music like this” please pipe the fuck down. Just because we listened to this stuff growing up is not what makes us “corrupt dumb whores” honestly music today is not all that much better. And what kind of genius does it take to realize that the author saying “nonsense let the little ones sing about intercourse if they want to” is obviously freaking sarcasm?…

  242. Jay says

    I can’t believe know one said “Sexy Back” or “Future, Sex, love sound.” By Justin Timberlake?

  243. AWD3 says

    You kids got nuthin…. Chuck Berry — My Ding-a-ling. There is a song for the school yard. ‘Least it was when I was growing up. 😉

  244. tom says

    Couldn’t have said it any better.
    Michelle Nobama reminds me of an orangutan hanging out in the trees picking bugs off the nappy hair of her daughters.
    While her husband walks around looking just like the ‘Missing Link’.

    I see the very distinct similarity between those two and of the apes in the zoo!!!!!

    And……..our country is becoming stupider every day. For voting in that nitwit. You know, he has never held a private sector job in his life!!! He only knows how to take, take, take – from the government.
    And he has never earned a real honest dollar in his entire life.
    I hope someone n**s him &/or his wife/kids.

  245. Moral-N-Crazee2 says

    I get where you are coming from Jack… It seems that others are missing the fact that yes back in, let’s say my day the late 70s and 80s my tween through high school years,music, did have a suggestive undertone and lyrics like those in Relax by F. G. H as previously mentioned were indeed there but also were the exception not as so many today are an have become, the rule. First, it used to be songs told somsort of story or conveyed an emotional ie sad, happy, mad, etc.) it seems today songs are about themes… Such as partying…. Including booze, money, drugs and sex or violence…. Be it on the block, and against the “man”, at home where dad hits mom and she hits me and i hit my siblings or other kids…. Or maybe it’s about family…let’s see…. baby daddy problems or baby momma drama (a phrase we didn’t have in the 80s cause a teen mom was still the exception to the rule)…. Or maybe it’s about being the best you can be and succeeding…. So it’s about about getting a recording contract and making it rain at the strip club, and drinking crystal off of strippers bodies (how not sure) having an entourage strapped at all times that’s got my back, and having the best Dro or whatever drug the ladies want so they will hang with you… Its about money and power and power is equated with fear, guns and real deal big boy shit we didn’t think of involving ourselves within high school or for years after…. Its not just the decline in the very fabric of the music of today, and not the mind numbing bass heavy digital loops that pass for musicality, and not the pseudo English, ebonic whatever you want to call it when you make up words so something will rhyme with what you just said, or being in a group requires nothing more than be in on stage bent over at the waist due to a medallion and gravity attempting to plant you flat on your face and hopefully muffle the erratic cries of “yeah, yeah” into a handheld mic while the other hand waves in the air when not furiously pulling at or ones pants to avoid falling down as the waist passes your ankles or if reaching in your back pocket which requires bending at the waist to reach that pocket somewhere below your knee…… His the job of a “hype man” or in other words the bigger no talent friend of the latest highly marketable so called artist willing to play ball with record ding labels in order sell clothes, and booze and an image so today’s youth will want to be just like them…. Having stripper poles in every video…. Referring to qirls or ladies as Hos…. This is how they will become viewed and will start to view themselves…. Since the hip hopovement music has seen a resurgence as a culture… A WaY of dressing, and thinking, and acting, values to believe in, a code of honor so to speak to keep, a mentality about women and being a father and Daddy… Not just a sperm donor…. I mean this culture tells young men its many to have several children by different mothers…. It makes them a stud or something…. I mean these are just some examples of how music can impact so many areas of our children’s lives add to this the ready availability of all sorts of sexual information on the Internet and tv, the behavior allowed in schools today…. Assaulting teachers is cool… Unheard of 30years ago… If it happened if the teacher didn’t kill you your parents did…. Now days parents think the teacher deserved it and the kids feed off of that attitude… The lack of prayer in schools, the removal of religious symbols from Courthouses across our nation…, the trend among young people that doing a bit or going to jail makes you cool and elevates you in that manufactured lifestyle and creates for you power and prestige…. It all goes hanin hand…. The more small erosions of the family oriented, one nation under God country we once were…. Every time we bow down to this or that left wing group that doesn’t wanprayer in schools or for the pledge of allegiance to be said or wants in God we trust taken off our money we lose a little more of what makes this country great and if we keep giving away pieces of who we as a country have been for hundreds of years and still really are to me every single Joe Liberal I don’t want religion in my school whiner who should be told then stay the he’ll at home and teach your own kids… This has worked for the majority for decades…. Or the whineyass “you can do it mom who thinks every kid ought to make the team and get a trophy”] just shut up and understand if your kid weighs the same as the other teams first baseman and their base coach they probably need to slim down and practice up… That’s life… Not everyone makes the team so let Jr., get your sed to it now so he doesn’t grow into some da k goth like teen who find out he hard way life isn’t about everyone making the team and getting gushed over for sucking down juice boxes all season while the kids that actually work to become good do all the work on the field are the ones that are real winners and their fat lazy you could do it but your lazy fat sense of entitlement ass has been lied to all this time now to get the attention you got for nothing playing soccer you will go blow awY your school to get and then say you didnknow what you were doing….. Let’s get back to basics… Elementary school kids don’t need to dress, act, sing or otherwise be allowed to act like they are teenagers…. We had to wait to act like one until we were one…… High school kids don’t need to be having kids and the media, tv, music and everyone else this country should support that…. Our nation was so much better off when a teen mom and dad were looking d down upon for being irresponsible…. I mean is it responsible to have a kid when you are in high school now? I have NO ITS JUST TOLERATED…… is it responsible to drop out now and become emancipated and get a job…. NO ITS JUST TOLERATED….. is it ok for young girls to go on birth control at 14 under the guise of making her period easier or helping with acne… NO ITS JUST TOLERATED…. BRING BACKMORALITY REEL IN THESE LEFTWING LIBERALS WHO NOW THINK EVERYTHING SHOULD OFFEND NO ONE AND SLAPTHEIR ASS TO CONSCIOUSNESS. AND MAYBE JUST MAYBE WE HAVE A CHANCE.. OH AND THE REST OYOU JACK BASHERS GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND LOOK AROUND OR YOU JUST MAY BE THE NEXT 35 YROLD GRANDPARENT ON THE BLOCK…. DIDNT HEAR OF THEM WHEN I WAS A KID… WONDER WHY?

  246. Frekki says

    What the H*ll?? I was looking for “Ring around the rosey” or some such. This is why we didn’t let our kids watch TV. And why they’re all are tops in their schools/professions. No unwanted babies here, or crazy bi-polar crap. Really people, you need to divorce yourselves from our caustic culture.

  247. urallfunnyhaha says

    you know what’s funny? not the songs, but the teens here saying when I was young ROFL you STILL are young hahaha and if you didn’t know what these songs meant, explain the part where you started shooting out babies at the age of 17 LOL!!! “Oh i may not be america’s next top model but i’m pretty and i’m only on my 2nd bf” pffft get over yourself HAHAHA 1. you’re either super fugly or 2. you got your satisfaction out of these 2 guys – ie slut or nymph same shit different smell.

    Keep the stories coming though hahaha what a crack up – stupid little boppers!

  248. OhReallyFoo says

    Forget our childhood.. what about today’s kids? eg. The Lonely Island’s Jizz in my pants and Dick in a box lol.. HAHAHA nice! “BUT THEN I JIZZED IN MY PANTS”

  249. Lydia says

    i listen to wayy more inapporiate stuff then tht and im 11!! lol probably cuz my favorite music is rap lol so yeah <33 Lil Wayne <33 Wiz Khalifa

  250. monarchos says

    I’m still surprised at some of the stuff I listened to as a child — My Sharona, Marvin Gaye’s — Sexual Healing, and of course, Afternoon Delight.

    As others said — it seems to be a lot more blatant for shock value now and it is also true sugar pop which is clear (Ke$ha, Blow my Whistle, and I’m Sexy and I know it.) Nothing is as disturbing as watching six year-olds signing to these songs.

  251. You Don' have ta know, K? says


    Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby
    Let me know
    Girl I’m gonna show you how to do it
    And we start real slow
    You just put your lips together
    And you come real close
    Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby
    Here we go


    Seriously flo rida, Seriously?

    -GOOD BYE!

  252. Der Kaiser says

    LOL this is funny. These songs were intended for us 30 somethings who were 20 somethings back in the day dancing and grinding in the clubs!

    Same as songs like Back Dat Ass Up, etc.

  253. Nina says

    It seems some people have never heard of a Prince song called Erotic City…which I LOVED when I was 10. Good crap, people, I sang She Bop at my grandfather’s birthday party and only after that did I find out–from my aunt–what it was about. And we had a laugh about it. And I turned out fine. And the kids listening to crazy music now will turn out fine, for the most part. Give me crazy music over prudes any day.

  254. GennieInABottle says

    Well said, Mike Todays… kids are exposed..? They would not be exposed with the mass of parents, who won’t enforce parental control over their own children, and teenagers… Children and teenagers, are given the * green light * to ” be what they want to be “. They have no guide, or teachings of RIGHT AND WRONG.. not right or wrong.. The parents have been dumbing down for the last 2-3 decades and they are passing those genes down to their offspring. The Music Industry.. are carrying out their ORDERS TO dumb-down your children and teens… It is the parents’ responsibility to discern, rule over, and firmly SAY NO, and ( mean it ). But who am I fooling… Parents today, don’t know how to be a mommy and daddy.. They know how to entertain their kids, and other adults, with porn, and smut… so what do parents… expect the music industry to do..?! Pack it all up and leave your kids alone..! NO… ITS CALLED SUPPLY AND DEMAND..!.. What you are buying… or what your kids’ friends are buying for them.. will filter MORE AND MORE… to destroy YOUR FAMILY..! DUH….!

  255. Marie Parker says

    I was a little young and singing that song. I really thought it had to do with exercising…

  256. Yaspar Kyashred says

    Remember this one?

    “Daniel Boone was a man,
    A biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig man,
    But the bear was bigger,
    So he ran like a nigger up a tree.”

  257. Gustavo says

    You should listen to our Brasilian songs …. if you know Portuguese do it. There’s a band called “Mamonas Assassinas”, something as “Killer Mammons” and they had a lot of funny songs that all the kids from 90’s sung and now that we grew up they’re not that cute songs as we thought, in fact they are all double meaning.

  258. Shannon says

    WHAT songs…all I saw mentioned were DREADFUL ear worms there is NO music just NOISE and irritating noise at that. Anytime I hear the first note of any of those HORRIBLE noise attacks I change the station!!!! It makes me want to slap the “artists” in the face and tell them to get some talent!!!!

  259. m says

    i rember my third grade teacher[ im in seventh grade now] having my class sing who let the dogs out in front of the school

  260. ken eastwood says

    Hey people I just love all your comments fantastic, I’am coming up 80 & I have to say the best songs were from the 40s 50s & the 60s songs were brill lyrics brill .NO SEX BUT in those far off days SEX was BRILL

  261. KSL says

    Really, yes please can we blame music for the downfall in morality? I just cant have enough of that………… No how about we blame the parents for not parenting correctly, or hell how about we actually blame the children for making piss poor choices.

    Ruined yet another article by blaming stupid shit.

  262. Chelsea says

    ‘DIGITAL GET DOWNNNN’ I was listening to this song TODAY and thought this exact thing!!!! This list is exactly what I was thinking !!!!

  263. Clarabella says

    okay so some of these songs are pretty weird and gross and……literal and honestly I would prefer if the songs with the great beats and tunes didn’t have a double meaning behind the words,but at the end of the day what else is their to sing about if not sex or love or happiness or whatever you want to call it, and although some people don’t agree with the lyrics and others think that is the parents responsibility to “protect” their children from these types of songs and the messages they give but it’s no ones fault, if you ask me then sitting there saying you think these songs are disgusting but saying that you listen to them too now and even when you were younger and didn’t understand the meanings is hypocritical, and honestly just because the words mean something different doesn’t mean that they’re sending children negative messages,I’m 12 almost 13 and yes I listen to some of these songs and I do understand the double meanings but just because I understand doesn’t mean I’m gonna run outside and do any of these things with my boyfriend because at the end of the day if your a good person with morals that understands right from wrong but also understand that today we live in a world where there is a lot of subliminal messaging whether its through tv, music, radio, films or even theatre that songs like those aforementioned are kind of a given and have been round for a lot longer than i have existed so todays society is not the problem, you want the problem, okay, artistic license, freedom of speech etc. but people have a right to these things regardless to opinions of others or in this case petty bitching

  264. A says

    you should have said yes you were 12… To think an over 30 year old is still thinking like a juvenile is very disturbing…. Don’t be fooled believing it is a cool thing to do…. People please, you need to wake up and know when you are being manipulated, suduced and lulled into being mentally possessed where you can be led by anyone appealing to your weaknesses and desire to be loved for who you are… lust is not love… if your body controls you, you have lost your mind and are reduced to being a slave, a junkie for attention and acceptance by those who will use you up… when you only think about pleasuring the body (the ego of self) and forget your mind needs more than the superficial feel of the moment to sustain itself for life, that’s why too many people are unhappy no matter how much they have or how good they look on the outside. they are hollow and empty inside because they have forsaken their soul’s purpose for living and thereby creates a false need for validation from outside sources. You don’t know who you are and most don’t like who they’ve become so they want to fit in to hide themself by appearing to be what they are not and when the mind can no longer keep up the lie they will self distruct by developing dis-eases mentally (Alzheimer

  265. A says

    How else would you control the growing masses except keep them preoccupied with crap… Just a thought

  266. Sam says

    I am too old to have heard the great songs when I was a kid. But I am proud to be a Valley boy who helped turn over the 50s’-style repression so the 60s’ garage bands (Doors and many more!) became 70’s metal and stadium favorites, all with messages that yanked my parents’ guts but told the truth. I am so happy that my 6-year old granddaughter is growing up free to listen and learn, because when she asks about something “inappropriate” for her age then her mother provides a simple but honest answer then gets a bigger answer when her questioning shows that she is more ready to handle things. It is unfortunate that some people still repress and ignore what is really needed by everyone. But rock n’ roll will never die! Let’s keep on truckin’, “keep the faith” have that orgasm whenever you can and keep it real ’cause Jim, Stevie Ray, Janice, Jimmy, AC-DC and all the others have American ideals, no matter where they’re from or now live, ideals rooted deep to keep our lives interesting, fruitful, and happy. Avoid the bushwackers and instead go with God.

  267. auda says

    lets see

    britney spears -oops i did it again
    spice girls-if you wanna be my lover

    and so forth i listened too all the time (im 30) and ya know what i dont think the “love”songs did anything wrong if it did then the kids were not brought up right end of story

    lets see the only songs that are actually making kids bad are are rap crap songs
    i am so damn sick and tired of hearing crapy rap and stuff like that its annoying

  268. Kat says

    LOL I remember those days. I was so shocked when they used the song Miracles by Jefferson Starship as an example of an inappropriate song. I was around 18 at the time so I was not blind to things but to me that song was more about love, just because it was also sexual didn’t make it rude in my book

    For those who don’t know the song

    f only you believe like I believe, baby
    We’d get by
    If only you believe in miracles, baby
    So would i
    If only you believe like I believe, baby
    We’d get by
    If only you believe in miracles, baby
    So would i.

    I might have to move heaven and earth to prove
    It to you, baby
    So we’re makin’ love and you feel the power
    And I feel the power
    Then there’s really nothing that we can’t do
    If we wanted to, baby
    We could exist on the stars
    It’d be so easy
    All we gotta do
    Is get a little faith in you
    Oh, I’ve been (to) so many places
    I’ve seen some things
    I know, love is the answer
    Keeps holding this world together
    Ain’t nothing better
    Ain’t nothing better
    And all the answers to our prayers
    Hell , it’s the same everywheres, baby
    Nothing ever breaks up the heart
    Only tears give you away
    Then you’re right where I found ya
    With my arms around ya
    Oh baby, baby, baby, love is a magic word, yeah
    Few ever find in a lifetime
    But from that very first look in your eyes
    I knew you and I had but one heart
    Only our bodies were apart
    That was so easy, so easy
    I had a taste of the real world
    When I went down on you, girl.

    If only you believe like I believe, baby
    We’d get by
    If only you believe in miracles, baby
    So would i
    If only you believe like I believe, baby
    We’d get by
    If only you believe in miracles, baby
    So would i.

    I can hear windmills and rainbows
    Whenever you’re talkin’ to me
    I feel like swirling and dancin’
    Whenever you’re walking with me
    You ripple like a river when I touch you
    When I pluck your body like a string
    When I start dancin’ inside ya
    Oh baby, you make me wanna sing
    Yeah, baby, baby, baby, baby
    Oh yeah, all right
    Baby, we’re sure doin’ it tonight
    Everytime you come by, let me try
    Pretty, please sugar on it
    That’s how I like it
    I can’t even believe it, with you
    It’s like having every dream I ever wanted
    Come true
    I picked up your vibes
    You know it opened my eyes
    But I’m still dreamin’ yeah
    And you’re right where I found ya
    With my arms around ya.

  269. Kat says

    I will never forget (My fav artist) Night Moves by Bob Seger

    I was a little too tall
    Could’ve used a few pounds
    Tight pants points hardly reknown
    She was a black haired beauty with big dark eyes
    And points all her own sitting way up high
    Way up firm and high

    Out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy
    Out in the back seat of my ’60 Chevy
    Workin’ on mysteries without any clues
    Workin’ on our night moves
    Trying’ to make some front page drive-in news
    Workin’ on our night moves in the summertime
    In the sweet summertime

    We weren’t in love oh no far from it
    We weren’t searching for some pie in the sky summit
    We were just young and restless and bored
    Living by the sword
    And we’d steal away every chance we could
    To the backroom, the alley, the trusty woods
    I used her she used me
    But neither one cared
    We were getting our share

    Workin’ on our night moves
    Trying to lose the awkward teenage blues
    Workin’ on out night moves
    In the summertime
    And oh the wonder
    Felt the lightning
    And we waited on the thunder
    Waited on the thunder

    I woke last night to the sound of thunder
    How far off I sat and wondered
    Started humming a song from 1962
    Ain’t it funny how the night moves
    When you just don’t seem to have as much to lose
    Strange how the night moves
    With autumn closing in

    True it was about young sex but his style has always been about keeping things true to life….even now

  270. Kat says

    One other worthy of mention. I have always had a penchant for the FU type of songs, it’s a healthy way of getting rid of anger or hurt feeling without damage to yourself or others. The greatest one of all time in my opinion is

    Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to…..)

    You suck my blood like a leech
    You break the law and you breach
    Screw my brain till it hurts
    You’ve taken all my money – you still want more,

    Misguided old mule
    With your pigheaded rules
    With your narrow – minded cronies who are fools of the first division-

    Death on two legs –
    You’re tearing me apart,
    Death on two legs
    You never had a heard of your own –

    Kill joy, Bad guy,
    Big talking, Small fry
    You’re just an old barrow – boy
    Have you found a new toy to replace me,
    Can you face me –

    But now you can kiss my ass goodbye

    Feel good, are you satisfied

    Do you feel like suicide (I think you should)
    Is your conscience all right
    Does it plague you at night,
    Do you feel good – Feel good!

    Talk like a big business tycoon,
    But you’re just a hot – air balloon,
    So no one gives you a damn,
    You’re just an overgrown school – boy
    Let me tan your hide.

    A dog with disease,
    King of the ‘sleaze’
    Put your money where your mouth is Mr. Know all,
    Was the fin on your back part of the deal…(shark!)

    Death on two legs
    You’re tearing me apart
    Death on two legs –
    You never had a heart of your own,
    (You never did, right from the start)

    Insane you should be put inside,
    You’re a sewer – rat decaying in a cesspool of pride
    Should be made unemployed
    Then make yourself null – and – void,
    Make me feel good
    I feel good.

  271. Embarrassed says

    It prompted my younger sister to ask my dad while I was in the car wit them what a liquid dream was. Um…

  272. Embarrassed says

    The thing about the thong song, unless you’re really young, I think most people know it’s a dirty song when they hear it.

  273. Carmen Y says

    I’m not gonna read all those comments, I’m just gonna say (I’m 26) sexually charged music plus parents not being open enough with some topics, plus internet, peers having sex, etc…that all influenced me. And I was a shy girl! So it’s not what one song does, it’s a combination of factors. Children should be allowed to be children.

  274. Erica says

    Some things seem to remain constant through out the generations. When you reach adulthood, whatever age you are, you think your childhood was so long ago, while those more than 20 years older than you will say “Come on, you’re still a kid!” Also, even though our childhoods seem like ages ago, they also seem like yesterday.
    And of course, we all sang songs that we didn’t quite know the meanings to and which turned out to be a little more “adult” then we’d realized. I was a kid in the 70s and a teen in the 80s. When Grease came out in the late 70s with its 50s themes and catchy pop tunes, it seemed very kid appropriate. We all sang along to the song “Sandra Dee” and most of us , not knowing Italian, didn’t realize when we shouted out “Ay Fung….” that we were repeating an obscenity. Then there was the song “Greased Lightning” which didn’t hide behind foreign languages and cute little plays on words, it was downright dirty, but most of us pre-teens who sangs the song when we went back to school had no idea that the line “the chicks’ll cream for Greased Lightening…” was anything inappropriate, although I think we did somewhat realize that John Travolta singing “we’ll be getting lots of tit” was somewhat naughty.
    Risque lyrics and double entendres in songs have always been around…Remember “My Ding-A-Ling”? That was even before my time, but thanks to radio shows like Dr Demento, I learned that a ding a ling might be a toy with silver bells hanging on a string or it might be something not quite as innocent.

  275. Johnny B says

    To be honest, I never heard of these songs until I read this article. If your parents let you listen to this when you were 12 and re-spew this garbage out of your mouth they must have not cared what you did. This just is junkified English with Congo rhythms to please the natives of Hell.

  276. Shi lin Ping says

    Boy did I miss my guess as to the thrust of this piece. By “inappropriate” I presumed the piece would be discussing actual children’s songs containing casual racism or sexism,( “Jimmy crack corn” for example). My bad really, considering the source I should’ve known it would be vapid garbage rather than something truly thoughtful.

  277. janedoe* says

    When I was a kid I knew nothing about sex!! Nothing!! I thought that baby’s came from a bird and dropped them on the door step . Yet my little sister ( Who is 12) Started having sex when she was 11 . My parents knew nothing about it . They thought there little princess was doing nothing wrong . But she was . All i’m saying is that even if you don’t think kids are having sex at a young age your wrong …

  278. redvayne says

    well..can you say “RANT”..boys and girls ?…The world was way easier when I was 12..didn’t know so much about the child molesters..or the husbands beating the hell out of their wives and kids…it was a “private matter” back then…and if you say “music made me do it” or maybe “:the devil made me do it”…bull crap…an easy excuse…you just want something that you know is wrong. you know is illegal, you know is f@&%ed up…but you cannot stop because you have you have an excuse…remember the witch trials? Innocent girls burned alive because of mold in the corn…Now there’s a good excuse !!!!! But do not tell me music or games or any stupid EXCUSE is a reason for doing ….the veterans who came back from the wars did not just go out and start shooting people in the street, AND THEY PLAYED THE REAL GAME..THEY had a real good EXCUSE…..

  279. Capn' says

    Its insane that I was at least 2 1/2-3 singing my heart out to Digital Get Down-NSYNC and no one could tell me anything.. minus the fact my parents kept the meaning of the lyrics from me 😉

  280. James says

    It doesn’t mater if it is music, movies, or video games, I do not think they can influence how a person thinks, acts, or lives. They make that decision on their own! Their parents and families have more to say than anything you hear on radio. Where you live has some but not as much as some claim. If you want a song to be “dirty” then it is. Of course you can let others tell you what it means and just agree with them instead of making you own decision, or we could not worry about the “meaning” and just enjoy it. Or not listen to it if hate it. I’m going to keep making my own decisions on why I listen to a song, watch a movie, or play a game.

  281. LyLp says

    Gee, and here I was expecting to read about “My DingA Ling” by Chuck Berry, or “She Bop” by Cyndi Lauper. Times have not changed at all people, ever hear the blues songs from the 40s?
    “Kitty cat scratching on my front door, scratched so long, poor pussy got sore… Sore pussy”
    and then there was one about the woodpecker that pecked too long… broke pecker, pecker broke.

  282. Jessica says

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    directly from them in real time as it happens even before it gets to websites or other news outlets.

  283. Bethany A says

    I think you need a beginners course in biology if you think that sex causes schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, and manic-depressive disorder (bi-polar). There are many articles published by reliable sources stating the latest research on all the causes for them that you could look up if you chose to educate yourself on the subject. Also, though humans do have a higher social need than simply pursuing physical attraction, mature adults know how to have a bit of “fun” without harm. It’s a choice that people make, but usually if sex is self-destructive to a person the problem started long before their issues with their sex lives. For healthy adults your body does not control you. You control your body and your impulses.

    Commenting about the songs, however, parents need to keep their children from listening to these as much as possible. Because they are not always able to be around they should also teach children to respect themselves, and be open about the content of the songs when they reach an appropriate age to talk about it with them. Discourage them from listening to songs that promote them disrespecting themselves, and direct them towards more positive forms of media. Unfortunately many of these songs are marketed towards children, so it’s almost unavoidable that they’ll encounter them at some point. It is possible, though, for parents to teach their children the values that will allow them to resist the negative effects of songs like these so they don’t have to worry if their kids are listening quite so much.

  284. Orion58 says

    I know precisely what you mean Jack and I agree. Garbage in/ garbage out. Those who call you names are like children who haven’t experienced enough of the world yet to be able to see the downward spiral…the forest for the trees. But down it does go. It used to amaze me how the most liberal people I knew turned conservative after: having a child to raise and or getting a job and seeing what taxes do to your hard work.

  285. elizabeth says

    i remember all these and more. However, remember nowadays people are getting pregnant at a later and later age. So don’t just blame media. Women would be married by 17 and pregnant by 19. I mean that isn’t that young however, todays standards it is.

    But one song I remember singing in the car was:
    Shaggy it wasnt me

    (Yo’, man) Yo’
    (Open up, man) What do you want, man?
    (My girl just caught me) You let her catch you?
    (I don’t know how I let this happen) With who?
    (The girl next door, you know) Man
    (I don’t know what to do) Say it wasn’t you

    Honey came in and she caught me red-handed
    Creeping with the girl next door
    Picture this, we were both caught making love on the bathroom floor
    [another version: Picture this, we were both butt naked, banging on the bathroom floor]

    How could I forget that I had
    Given her an extra key
    All this time she was standing there
    She never took her eyes off me

    How you can grant the woman access to your villa
    Trespasser and a witness while you cling to your pillow
    You better watch your back before she turn into a killer
    Best for you and the situation not to call the beaner
    To be a true player you have to know how to play
    If she say a night, convince her say a day
    Never admit to a word when she say and if she claims
    And you tell her baby no way

    But she caught me on the counter (It wasn’t me)
    Saw me kissin’ on the sofa (It wasn’t me)
    [another version: Saw me bangin’ on the sofa (It wasn’t me)]
    I even had her in the shower (It wasn’t me)
    She even caught me on camera (It wasn’t me)

    She saw the marks on my shoulder (It wasn’t me)
    Heard the words that I told her (It wasn’t me)
    Heard the scream get louder (It wasn’t me)
    She stayed until it was over

    Honey came in and she caught me red-handed
    Creeping with the girl next door
    Picture this, we were both caught making love on the bathroom floor
    [another version: Picture this, we were both butt naked, banging on the bathroom floor]

    I had tried to keep her
    From what she was about to see
    Why should she believe me
    When I told her it wasn’t me

    Make sure she knows it’s not you and lead her on the right prefix
    Whenever you should see her make the giggolo flex
    As funny as it be by you, it not that complex
    Seeing is believing so you better change your specs
    You know she not gonna be worrying ’bout things from the past
    Hardly recollecting and then she’ll go to noontime mass
    Wait for your answer: go over there
    But if she pack a gun you know you better run fast

    But she caught me on the counter (It wasn’t me)
    Saw me kissin’ on the sofa (It wasn’t me)
    [another version: Saw me bangin’ on the sofa (It wasn’t me)]
    I even had her in the shower (It wasn’t me)
    She even caught me on camera (It wasn’t me)

    She saw the marks on my shoulder (It wasn’t me)
    Heard the words that I told her (It wasn’t me)
    Heard the scream get louder (It wasn’t me)
    She stayed until it was over

    Honey came in and she caught me red-handed
    Creeping with the girl next door
    Picture this, we were both caught making love on the bathroom floor
    [another version: Picture this, we were both butt naked, banging on the bathroom floor]

    How could I forget that I had
    Given her an extra key
    All this time she was standing there
    She never took her eyes off me

    Gonna tell her that I’m sorry
    For the pain that I’ve caused
    I’ve been listening to your reasoning
    It makes no sense at all
    We should tell her that I’m sorry
    For the pain that I’ve caused
    You may think that you’re a player
    But you’re completely lost
    That’s why I sing

    Honey came in and she caught me red-handed
    Creeping with the girl next door
    Picture this, we were both caught making love on the bathroom floor
    [another version: Picture this, we were both butt naked, banging on the bathroom floor]

    How could I forget that I had
    Given her an extra key
    All this time she was standing there
    She never took her eyes off me

  286. George says

    This is fascinating reading to me,,,a 73 year old,,,old-fart.
    I rarely listened to the lyrics, only enough to be able to sing along if the song was musically appealing.
    I have a 30 year old son and he and his friends are always in a battle with me about the songs of today vs songs of my era, 50s~60s.

    I have them do a survey of the top 10 songs of a particular year, take a look at the lyrics and categorize it.
    From my era it would mostly be about, love, breaking up, cheating, cars, etc. Societal statements were few and far between, at least amongst the top 10.
    We excluded Country.
    Try it and see what you think.
    I also refused to call Rap, music. Protest poetry yes, but music has notes, a tune, harmony, etc.
    We always agree to disagree.

    Oh yeah, I didn’t knw that about Puff the Magic Drago, but it’s obvious now.


  287. Pinky says

    Okay, so I totally grew up with all of these… Along with Marcy Playground’s Sex & Candy & later Ludacris’ What’s Your Fantasy & more… & I was (still am) pretty much a closet freak that was in chat rooms on Microsoft Comic Chat from the age of 13, making up my stats to seem older…. Doing the whole cyber thing, etc…

  288. Alexandra says

    How about:
    Get Down by B 44
    When the lights go out by Five
    Boom, boom, boom, boom by Vengaboys
    Liquid Dreams by o-town

  289. hahahahah says

    I will never forget when my family was out in our pool and our neighbors were blasting “My Neck, My Back”…the uncensored version….yeahhhhhh.

  290. hahahahah says

    That song makes me so mad. I know it’s just a song but ever time I hear it all I can think is “man the fuck up bro.”

  291. Deb.e.c says

    I was thinking the same thing! Like “La Cucaracha”, the cockroach running around high because he smoked all his dope. We sang that in the fifth grade…

  292. Micheal says

    Pop music has….profound lyricism? The only thing profound about today’s pop is how stupid it is.

  293. leeleelayla5 says

    the only songs in that list that came out when I wasn’t in Elementary was Oop’s and My neck hell me and a few girls on the block had a dance routine to the Thong Song and don’t get me started on Too Close by next got in trouble for dancing a little too close on a boy back then when that song came out. This List bring back memories.

  294. Mike says

    If you were 33 in 2012, that means you were born in 1979. Genie in a Bottle came out in 1999, when you were 20 years old. Is a 20 year old a child?

  295. Y2James says

    LOL y’know people think just cuz us teens understand a lot about sex that we’ve done it before. its true some teens have but not all. and think about this from the cat in the hat: “Come back here you dirty hoe”, so says the cat. They have subliminal messages everywhere.

  296. Emma says


    When I was a preteen someone started singing a song that had inappropriate lyrics. My mom asked me what they meant, and I used my brain (you know, that thing between your ears, not between your legs) to figure out just how inappropriate they were. Then I made a decision that you seemed too immature to do then or now and decided to not listen to that music or sing those lyrics. Our music teacher chose a medley that had questionable lyrics in it, broadway hits, and I told her I wasn’t going to sing that. I was 12. Singing about being a prostitute wasn’t something I felt was right. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Spender

    I’m sorry your parents weren’t on the ball, and that you had no sense as a kid. But then again, looked at what you were listening to. No sense and no taste.

  297. eric says

    Anyone remember NWA “Fuck the Police?” It came out when I was young and I still have it.

  298. Julia says

    What about that song…. I don’t want anybody else When I think about you I touch myself

  299. Bea says

    Those are not children’s songs. They are adult, raunchy songs about having sex, not even a good topic for any song. These were written by people without any artistic talent or intelligence at all. Just stop calling them children’s songs.

  300. BGenie says

    I Agree with Zade, Nobody fucks at 12 y/o… they get RAPED, even if the other person is under 18, it’s still RAPE.

  301. Sadarsa says

    this is kinda amusing..

    i mean the very first song you talk about clearly has a parental advisary posted on the cover. Most of those will have the same thing as a sticker on the plastic wrap. This music was made by adults, *FOR* adults.

    So if your kids are boppin’ to those tunes, guess who’s fault it is…

  302. Jarrod says

    The article doesn’t call them “children’s songs,” it calls them “songs we sang as children.” That’s the key difference. Just because parents aren’t picking up these CDs (back when people did such things) for their kids as they bought the remastered Sound of Music DVD doesn’t mean that kids aren’t listening to the songs.

    I remember these songs were all played in uncensored glory on the local pop station, which has an audience that could be best described as mostly aged 10 to 30. This is the station that the school bus drivers deemed most appropriate to play for elementary and middle school students riding to school, and more recently I remember it playing a lot of songs by Hillary Duff and other Disney stars who primarily perform in music and movies specifically promoted to the underage crowd.

  303. iwilliam says

    Wow… you listened to some fucking TERRIBLE music when you were “a child.” And I don’t mean because it was raunchy or inappropriate.

    I mean, you listened to some TERRIBLE music. Full stop.

    PS– Pop music has been trashy since pretty much forever.

  304. Ruthi says

    “A” ,
    You hit the nail on the head with this…perfect timing that I ran across your comment today… it’s what I needed to hear. Funny, how it works out that way.

  305. SteveL says

    Well in school you still might sing Cotton Needs a Pickin, and Jimmy Crack Corn. Hundreds of Thousand of Kids today across the nation will sing Onward Christian Soldiers Marching On To War, dressed in uniform and more brainwashed the Hitler’s Youth Movement. None are radio songs, all inappropriate for children!

  306. Destiny's Mommy says

    You missed a couple of big ones….=). I remember a couple saying…(if you want it to be good, get yourself a bad boy), (Sheena was a man), (she wont let me fuck), and I personally grew up singing my favorite….(Hey we want some pussy). =). Neway, it’s not like it’s any better these days. Just look at the disney girls and listen to the words in some of their songs…(when your ready come and get it)

  307. Tony Trout says

    Sadly, that Two Live Crew song was heard everytime the track team went on a track meet somewhere – and the coach never said a word….

  308. ! says

    +1, Ruthi and “A”

    Right as rain. I’m 43 now and living proof, and everyone I know who followed the same path are effed in the head as well.

    These “artists” prey on the young and impressionable. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  309. ThePinkKirby says

    I hadn’t even heard almost all of these songs until now. (I only knew that Genie in a Bottle one, but I never liked it/ sung it.)

  310. ZZ says

    Two songs that come to my mind are:

    “I am like a bird and I’ll fly away…”

    And the second:

    “…You and me we’re just mammals so let’s…”

    I remember I was around 14-15 when these songs came about. The second I got even then. The first I thought of after my girlfriend left me. Guess she was a bird too…

  311. Nadine says

    They forgot PoNy – Ginuwine, Just Put It In My Mouth – Akinyele, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom – Vengaboys, licky boom boom down – How I Met Your Mother, Nice and slow – Usher, No Diggity – Blacksrteet ft RD dre, Bump n’ Grind – R – Kelly.

  312. B. J. F. says

    It might be because I am 61 but I never heard any of these songs. But when I was young a lot of things were different. We were kids and acted like kids and were not fought by those that had no sense or common morality which kids need today. Just to name one.

  313. Dyadya Lyosha says

    I just stumbled on this looking for something else and was intrigued to see what people had to say. You see, I have lived in Western countries for 16 years now. When I first arrived, it was big amongst me and my fellow countrymen to listen to “American” pop music, because it was cool, different from what we had known. We didn’t speak much English! But, as time has gone on and I have come to better understand English, English slang and innuendo, the contemporary music has lost it’s flavour. If the music isn’t of decreasing quality and increasing noise, then the lyrics are becoming more and more in the way of abusive sexual activities and naked lust. Put it this way, if one were to behave as the artists suggest, the mere sight of a woman would trigger an orgy with her. It is an impossible way to live, all sexually strung up like this. I do not want to say where I was from, but where it was, this kind of behaviour was not kindly looked upon. Men were legally held responsible for making a girl pregnant and generally expected to make good on their physical actions by taking fatherly and spousal responsibility for the new family. Imprisonment was the alternative.
    Anyhow, to cut to the point, I stopped listening to mainstream Western pop a long time ago, because I am a healthy man and the constant suggestion is too much for me. I do not think that these kinds of words are healthy for children to listen to because the meaning cuts straight across the morals we wish to teach them with a contradiction set to a “snappy beat”. It is, however, important that they know how to deal with their feelings in this modern environment, something I and my generation were not well prepared for. I still do not know how this is possible to carry out.
    Might I suggest that much more suitable music for children would focus on the important things in life, not the private 5% of an adult relationship. And for us adults it would be better to focus on a more constructive kind of a love. I cannot outright recommend music of my home country to people, mostly because it isn’t in English(!!), but we can sing about beauty in our relationships, those deep moment where a man may be watching the hair of his beloved gently waving in a warm breeze and it is enough to remind him of his profound love for her; a woman who watches her man doing his hobby or similar, the great care and attention that he puts into something he loves, and she loves him for it; those little moments that you get, a love that doesn’t suck the life out of the other person, but gives to them and they to you. We also sing about our great love for our country in all the different forms it has at different times of the year, the synergy between what we love and who we love. It is an immense, bottomless subject, this love. Why can’t you write your music about things like that? Any moron can grind, put a prick in a pussy and make babies with 10 different women, but it takes work and internal personal effort to find and maintain this that I talk about. It doesn’t come quickly. Sex is something which culminates from this kind of love, it isn’t the object itself of the love. Let me assure you that the pleasure that you get from such a relationship as I described will blow your mind in ways you thought not possible, but it does not come for free. As I said, it requires a lot of work. The more you contribute into a good relationship, the more you receive from it. Surely there is not one of you here who wouldn’t want that? Good, so let’s focus on what is beautiful, what is truly desireable and will last forever; and in our music, too, let us search for this.

  314. K.C. says

    I remember riding my bicycle with my transistor radio strapped to my handlebars, listening & singing along to “Afternoon Delight” and “Torn Between Two Lovers”. My younger brother shocked my mother one time when they were at the bakery by singing “Rich Girl” by Hall & Oates!

  315. Amanda says

    …from someone with a MEDICAL background/education, before “A” further embarrasses him/herself Alzheimer’s has only been factually linked to genetics, the researchers aren’t entirely sure what causes it and the only true link discovered thus far is testing that can be done to let you know if you have the gene that carries the Alz Dis. While I’m not as well versed where Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar Disorder are concerned you might consider doing some actual research before making such comments…here’s a link to get you started http://alzfdn.org/

  316. Truth says

    These were songs when I was late teens early 20s so not sure what kid you menat listened to these. then half of these were not songs or artists that most listened to. i mean Nsync? Christina Ag?Khia? You have to be a child still and obviously a horrible taste in music if this is your playlist..yikes.

  317. Ra Ra Rachel says

    I totally remember singing this with my friends when we were in our 20’s outside.
    looking back, that is super EMBARASSING- even if we did know the meanings, we did not think about it then.

    Also what about music like Sir Mix a Lot “baby got back”

    There is some much more dirty music thesedays.
    One of my friends has a techno song where the lyrics are:

    “Hey there Bobby want some E,
    I know you do, it’s free…
    Come to my place with the toys, with the boys.
    Were going to Fu*k, it’s going to rock,
    I know you like fat c*ck.

    pretty much the whole track is extremely graphic.

    Oh, what about when “we” were kids and sang Salt and Peppa PUSH IT?


    Wow, I’m in my 30’s and just realized this…..hahahah!

  318. kiarikame says

    I am 16 years old so I am just one of those youngsters. The things I read here gets me to wonder were the world is going. I am not thinking about the songs (even though pop is boring in my opinion) but I am thinking about the peoples comments. I have read racism, music being witchcraft and possesing people, that my generation are all whore and sluts (I would never use those words myself), that sex is evil, sex outside marriage is wrong and it scares me.

    I think I can see a link to religion here but Im not sure. Some people here seems to think like this:
    Sex is wrong and my child shouldnt learn about it what do I do?
    Oh I know if my kid doesnt get any friends they cant tell him about it and no tv and no music unless I check the lyrics/show to make sure that my kid wont learn anything wrong because if my kid know anything about sex my kid will probably begin taking all kind of drugs and start having sex with everybody (sex is a bad thing remember? ) and the my kid will probably get pregnant because I never taught it about sex so my kid doesnt know about safe sex…
    So lets lock my kid up in a room so it never happens.
    (Sorry for the extreme example)

    And something we all need to get into our head is that virginity is just a social contsruct and not an actual thing.
    Having sex and not having sex is equally okay. I am especially talking to girls because because it is girls who are most effected by this virginity shit. Listen what you do is totally your choice dont let your partner decide and listen to your family but take your own decisions. Just remeber to protect yourself.

    This talk about the songs making us have sex “too early” and take drug sounds very weird to me. If you have told your child the bad effects of drugs and how to have safe sex you have done the best you can do. Leaving them without knowledge is what creates the problem not the songs. Sex is naturall and a part of our nature and because we have managed to get hormones into the water the kids hits puberty earlier. So please dont leave your child without knowledge teach them instead about sex and drugs after all that will make it less “forbidden” and more natural wich will be good if you think about the revolt factor.

    Marriage marriage marriage (I most be sounding like I am possesed by now to the most of you XD)
    In my opinion marriage is a way to control womans. And as I said before virginity doesnt exist so that is nothing you can give or take. I think the reason behind is to make sure “your” girl didnt sleep with someone else but also to make sure she was dependant on a man. In past time if a woman had a baby outside of marriage she would be shunned by the community even if she was raped. So a girl needed to swear her loyalty to a man before she could have sex.
    You have weird things even in todays society if a bou has sex he is cool and if a girl has sex she is a whore especially if she has sex with different persons. No wonder why girls have second thoughts about sex.

    And to you who stated that all your kids where virgins didnt take drugs and did well school. Being a virgin doesnt exist and it doesnt matter for being a good person. You are an equally good person if you have loads of sex as if you dont have sex at all.

    If sex is bad because we are trying to transcend to something more than just an animal why isnt eating food, sleeping, drinking as much of taboo because that is instincts too.

    I am not very pro religion and my view on religion didnt get better after reading this. It is not our fault we dont learn enough about sex its our parents. So teach your children early it isnt bad it isnt perversed it isnt scary its just natural.

  319. Meez says

    Who “sang” these songs? With the exception of Genie in a Bottle, I’ve never even heard of any of these people and I’m not even old.

  320. Austin says

    I don’t think fans are heartbroken because they themselves had the opportunity to be with the guy if he were straight. I think they’re heartbroken because they think they know how nice it would’ve been for a woman to be with a guy like that, and it’s a shame that no woman will get that opportunity now.

  321. Bender Rodriguez says

    These comments above are ironic, “Oh I did that! I’m living proof!” and you all are bone heads. In only that regard, maybe you are right then. And Porsha, you’re a retard.

  322. Rosiema_Gleek says

    Well I’m 13 and I know all of the songs.. The old songs are almost always better than the ones who people are listening to now. And of course it’s not that bad if you know who to listen to. There are so many young talents like Christina Grimmie, Lorde, The Vamps, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Demi Lovato and actually I’m listening a lot to artists like Lana Del Ray, Adele, OneRepublic, Coldplay, Passager, The Lumineers, The Fray, Imogen Heap, Sia.. I will just shut up now! 😀
    AND OF COURSE—> THE GLEE CAST!!! 😀 And Glee at all..

  323. Rosiema_Gleek says

    Well I’m 13 and I know all of the songs.. The old songs are almost always better than the ones who people are listening to now. And of course it’s not that bad if you know who to listen to. There are so many young talents like Christina Grimmie, Lorde, The Vamps, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Demi Lovato and actually I’m listening a lot to artists like Lana Del Ray, Adele, OneRepublic, Coldplay, Passager, The Lumineers, The Fray, Imogen Heap, Sia.. I will just shut up now! 😀
    AND OF COURSE—> THE GLEE CAST!!! 😀 And Glee at all..

  324. Rosiema_Gleek says

    Well I’m 13 and I know all of the songs.. The old songs are almost always better than the ones who people are listening to now. And of course it’s not that bad if you know who to listen to. There are so many young talents like Christina Grimmie, Lorde, The Vamps, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Demi Lovato and actually I’m listening a lot to artists like Lana Del Ray, Adele, OneRepublic, Coldplay, Passager, The Lumineers, The Fray, Imogen Heap, Sia.. I will just shut up now! 😀
    AND OF COURSE—> THE GLEE CAST!!! 😀 And Glee at all..

  325. Rosiema_Gleek says

    Ohh.. Totally! 😀 I’m 13, but I know all of the old songs.. I totally still sing out loud on Thong Song.. #Guilty

  326. Lol says

    Lol, I’m 26 now. I was in middle school when that song was popular. I’ll admit I was probably a tad naive compared with my peers, but I was trying to figure out what was so important about a flip-flop sandle and what her thighs had to do with it. Then again, I also didn’t watch MTV.

  327. Carolee says

    Zade, you are out of touch. I knew a girl who had two abortions by the time we left middle school. And that was 15 years ago.

  328. Carolee says

    Music doesn’t make you go crazy, if anything it provides a more productive outlet for the crazy. No, Marilyn Manson did not cause Columbine. “Liquid Dreams” did not make boys masturbate. “Bombs Over Baghdad” did not cause the Iraq war. Its not the music, its the people and their choices. No excuses.

  329. Look kin says

    Come on dude really.. Let’s keep it real there was some pretty suggestive music back in the day…or as my brother and I call it “Dirty old ppl music”… Just to name a few …my ding-aling, shave em dry and candy licker

  330. Lokkin says

    I just thought the list would be more comphrensive and include music from more decades… Not to date myself as a kid I sang head and erotic city by prince , a song called sugar walls and lady marmalade and had no idea except erotic city that any where dirty… As far as you ppl acting like this new there was dirty ,explicit music back in th day too 1) Shave em dry ( from like the 30’s, chuck berry , my ding-a-ling, and an old blues song called Candy licker… This ain’t nothing new

  331. Shit talker says

    all u is bitches it’s just some songs she thought were well they’re wat she wanted them to be it’s her post she chose to post it so

  332. StnFlwr says

    Yes! That is a Led Zeppelin cover of an old blues tune that was way before our time. People have been making music about sex as long as people have been making music and having sex.

  333. StarryMountain says

    If anyone even reads down this far, I just wanted to say that I am in this age group and sang a good lot of those songs listed when I was twelve and younger. Except suggestive or explicite lyrics goes younger for me. When I was nine I was listening to and singing Trina’s songs like “B R Right” except I listened to the dirty version and didn’t even hear the clean version ’til a couple years later.
    I will say that listening to (and memorizing) songs about explicit content does not make someone likely to follow that path. Almost all of the songs were extremely sexual; I knew almost everything I would ever know about sex by the time I was twelve; I listened to music by men talking about abusive behaviors towards women, listened to music where women were willfully adhering to men, and to music that glorified drugs. I never went to church and had very little influence to the contrary of what I listened to. And yet, at 22 years, I am still a virgin by choice and waiting until I am married; I have never tried drugs (okay, I did smoke some weed a couple times, but that was it); I am a feminist and men who have been with me know I don’t no shit from them at all, I have never been dumped I dumped all of them because they did not respect me enough. I am not afraid of sex and I don’t think it is a bad thing. I have often believed that being exposed to it so young, it had no magic. There was nothing special about it. I am not excited to have sex for the first time because it does not seem like a big deal to me, in part because nearly all the music I listened to was practically (or literally) XXX (oh, and the first time I came across porn I was 9). I am also attending college and am a straight-A student (well, except for math: got C’s in that, it is hard for me).
    For some of the songs mentioned, I had interpreted differently. Such as the song “Too Close”, I thought it was a song about how a woman should not feel comfortable to feel a man’s boner when dancing. I guess I thought he was playing the devil’s advocate (for lack of a better term) in that sense.
    In any case, my point is that what music you listen to and what you are exposed to at a young age does not affect your values unless you let it. I listened to the music as entertainment. I did not assume the adults singing/rapping knew what they were talking about, so I just took it as it was and eventually came up with my own ideas on how I wanted to live life. I’m not going to worry about what my children are exposed to at a young age, I will just ensure they knew they don’t need to follow anybody, and should make their own choices about how to life their life. So, I just wanted to dispel the myth that music with such content damages children and will cause them to live like the music describes. I am proof that it doesn’t.

  334. Haley says

    I had that song on a CD I got at like Toys-R-Us I loved that song, I still do but now I know what it’s about.

  335. Haley says

    Because no one has ever written a song about killing people. Hello Pumped Up Kicks is about a school shooting. “All the other kids with the pumped up kicks better out run my gun all the other kids with the pumped up kick better run faster than my bullet.”

  336. Haley says

    Holy shit, I have never paid attention to Semicharmed Life holy cheese, I’ve been listening to that song forever. I never realized it was so bad lol.

  337. Haley says

    I’m 21 and still a virgin, nothing wrong with that and I don’t plan on changing it any time soon.

  338. keith says

    planet soul-set you free,
    monifah-touch it,
    Laid Back-white horse,
    Lil Louis-french kiss,
    Frankie goes to hollywood-relax,
    2 live crew-pop that pussy

  339. keith says

    Oh and P.S, you might try and shelter your poor little babies ears, but once they are 12 they know what these things mean. It a song, its nasty and its got a beat to grind to, and if you have ever been to a h.s. dance know a days, there is no teacher with a stick making sure your youngin’s aren’t “dancing to close or too suggestively.” I WAS the H.S. DJ and played what I could get away with at all our dances, the kids loved it… and with that in mind ol’ fougies’ you too can get out there on the floor, aka you can do put your ass into it!