High School Musical 3 Spooks Out The Weekend Box Office

Ah, Halloween – when only the scariest, goriest, most psychologically-upsetting movies have a sniff of topping the weekend box office.

And that has never been more true than this year because the number one movie at the US weekend box office as we speak is one of the most awful, horrific movies ever made – High School Musical 3.

But High School Musical 3‘s weekend box office success won’t be celebrated by everyone – its huge opening has forced Saw V into the number two spot. Maybe the Saw franchise can learn something from High School Musical 3‘s appeal and adapt it into next year’s Saw VI. Let’s hope so, because we know for a fact that you’d all go and see a Saw movie that involved Zac Efron blowing his jaw off with a bomb made of putrid pig intestines.

The Halloween weekend box office has traditionally belonged to Saw for the last few years. Audiences flocked to the cinema to see men and women die in a procession of complex gore-splattered traps, even though the franchise has been slowly transforming into more and more of a ridiculous parody of itself right from the get-go.

But not this year, because now the Halloween box office number one is High School Musical 3. It just goes to show the change in public taste that has occurred over the last 12 months. Screaming people attached to pulleys getting decapitated in graphic detail? Pah. Zac Efron’s shiny face singing a song about believing in yourself? Now that’s scary. Here’s the weekend box office top five…

1 – High School Musical 3 (Hopefully the last High School Musical movie to be released, because if it goes on any longer then the inevitable leaked naked internet photos of the High School Musical cast will actually start to feature people who look like adults. Bleurgh) $42,000,000

2 – Saw V (Note: Please don’t refer to Saw V as Saw 5, because the correct pronunciation is Saw Vee. That’s because the producers of the movie are very very sawvee that they keep making you go and see tired old rehashes of an already mediocre movie year after year) $30,500,000

3 – Max Payne (Liked Max Payne? Then you’ll no doubt be excited about next year’s big Mark Wahlberg videogame adaptation. In Spring 2009, Mark Wahlberg will star in a 300-style action version of Smart Girl’s Magical Book Club) $7,600,000

4 – Beverly Hills Chihuahua (We still haven’t seen Beverly Hills Chihuahua, but we’re putting that down to the fact that we haven’t been chloroformed, tied up and forced to watch it under pain of miserable death. But, still, one day eh?) $6,916,000

5 – Pride & Glory (A cop movie about the hilarious adventures of Officer Pride and Officer Glory. Oh, come on, it’s not actually as if you’re going to bloody see it, is it?) $6,325,000

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