Hermione Sacks Off Harry Potter

Emma Watson Harry Potter Hermione Granger Quit moviesSeveral events occur each time a Harry Potter movie is released, but it looks like it's time to wave goodbye to our favourite – creepy tabloid newspapers counting down the days until the Hermione Granger actress is old enough to have sex with you.

That's because Emma Watson – the girl who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies – has decided that she's fed up with being known as That Girl From Harry Potter and is apparently refusing to sign a contract to star in the final two Harry Potter movies. And quite right too – let's give full credit to Emma Watson for not wanting to be known as That Girl From Harry Potter when she could go all-out and be known forever as That Idiot Who Turned Down £4 Million To Be In Two Harry Potter Films Even Though People Will Still Call Her That Girl From Harry Potter Until The Day She Dies Regardless instead.

The success of the Harry Potter books and movies has affected everyone involved in different ways. For example, Harry Potter creator JK Rowling now makes the news every time she grumps about skinny people, while Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe is so stinking rich that he can take his penis out and mutilate horses without anyone even raising an eyelid. Meanwhile Rupert Grint continues to maintain his lockdown on all roles for dopey-looking ginger teenagers. But things haven't been so great for Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter novels.

Instead of following the Harry Potter trend and regularly getting her penis out for delighted theatre-goers, Emma Watson always looked like she enjoyed making the Harry Potter films the least. The most Emma Watson had gained from Harry Potter was the knowledge that no boys like her – apart from a boy at her school who has allegedly been stalking her. And now it seems like Emma Watson has had enough – the News Of The World reports that, while Daniel Radcliffe has signed up for the remaining movies, Emma Watson won't be making any more Harry Potter films:

TEEN film star Emma Watson is about to do a vanishing act from Hogwarts — because the Harry Potter films have lost their magic. The pretty 16-year-old, who plays key character Hermione Granger, wants a spell doing other roles. She has REFUSED to sign a new contract, plunging the final two movies of the JK Rowling novels into crisis. The feisty young actress has told producers that even doubling her pay packet to £2 million a movie won't do the trick… Daniel Radcliffe is already signed up to star as the quidditch-playing wizard and Rupert Grint will again play Harry's best pal Ron Weasley. He told us: "Emma doesn't want to do it any more. She's tired of being known as ‘that girl from Harry Potter'." 

Emma Watson's decision to stop being Hermione Granger is bound to cause some upsets, not least with the Harry Potter fans who'll be angered by Emma quitting. In the short term Harry Potter 6 is due out in 2008, which leaves no option for the Harry Potter producers but to go and find a replacement Hermione for the movie, even though a brand new face will undoubtedly weaken the series.

But the loss of Emma Watson is not irreparable. The final Harry Potter book – Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – isn't out for a few more months yet, so JK Rowling will need to get her skates on and minimise the damage to the movie franchise by writing the words "Harry Potter was sad that Hermione mysteriously and suddenly died for no reason, but vowed to continue referring to her invisible ghost as if she was still alive anyway" above the first chapter of the new book. In biro. 12 million times.

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  1. Dianna Stuckey says

    It is a shame that Emma does not have foresight re her role in the Harry Potter Series. She is only 16 and has her whole acting life to put to rest “That Girl From Harry Potter” stigma if it is a stigma. Elizabeth Taylor seemed to manage it as well as other child stars such as Shirley Taylor, Mickey Rooney, etc. which will take up space here to mention them all. Also, where is the loyality to the rest of the cast and the writer. What a horrible thing to do, quit in the middle. For one, I’ll not follow her career no matter how popular she gets just because of letting the writer and

  2. Devin says

    She does realize that no one will ever hire her again, right? She’s just shown the world she’s unreliable, a quitter, and not a team player. How will she beat the Hermione stigma if her last role ever is Harry Potter 5 out 7?

  3. charlie says

    she cant go she is so good at actin why cant harry die? daniel radcliff is the one should go and someone else can play him because he cant act anyway did you see him in goblet of fire !

  4. biggest fan says

    shes hot! shes not ugly, why does she think shes ugly !?!?! SHE IS HOT ,DO NOT QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. C.L. says

    I know that thousands of girls out there would die to be in one of the Harry Potter movies, and she’s just abusing it. If she’s expecting to quit this and walk out the door expecting agents to hire her to tons of movies after what she did, than she’s in for a wake up call. I love the Harry Potter series and the movies, and I think that Emma Watson is an amazing actress. I don’t believe that she wouldn’t finish the last two movies.

  6. Emmajade says

    look will people stop been so thick!!
    Emma is not leaving and neither are Rupert or Dan as far as know,
    Rupert may be ginger but what does that matter? he’s funny cool and he can act
    And so can Dan so i dont know why you are slaggin him off!

    Also read what C.L said ( date: August 11), it is what i am tring to get at, no-one in there right mind would quit Harry Potter!
    Sorry for dragging you in this C.L, no harm is ment by it just some people on here are thick

    People these days dont use their commen sence

  7. says

    who cares they found a replace ment for dumbledore didnt they
    and they look almost the same

    anyway in my opintion if i was being paid however much she is
    i would do the two movies look for another movie to be a lead in
    and live the rest of my life being known as that girl that finnished
    the role she was assigned and made a living out of what she had.


    id rather be a could be if i can not be an are
    because a could be is a maybe who is reaching for a star
    id rather be a has been than a might have been by far
    because a might-have-been has never been, but a has was once an are!

  8. says

    emma watson now grows old and frm the fisrt scene of her fisrt movie harry potter and the philosofers of stone she act excelently till now,i m asually a great fan of emma and she is also very hot

  9. LOL says

    daniel radcliffe and rupert grint are shaking off the stereo types! rupert’s been in loads of other stuff so even though i think “ron”, but that’s only cos i’ve watched all the movies and stuff. when the series is over, they’ll be in other movies and stuff and they wont be stereotyped as much. so what if she’s stereotyped? now she’ll just be the girl who quit harry potter because she was too stupid to realise that she can get rid of it if she tries hard enough.


    If you are a Harry Potter fan, then you know this article is not true. Emma Watson is a very important part of the Harry Potter movies and I believe that she no equally as important as Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint. AND she IS doing all of the Harry Potter books. Where did these people get their information from. It must be really hard being an teenage actress at such a young, tough age. She is very concerned with school also, so cut her some slack for thinking through how she will spend a large amount of the next three years of her life!! This is a horrible article and before you whole heartedly agree with this article research a little for youself.
    THIS IS A HORRIBLE ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bluequills says

    Dear Emma,
    This is Wrong. There are many people that know you by Hermione Granger/ Emma Watson and not By That Girl From Harry Potter. You are very important to Harry Potter Films. So, if you don’t stay in it…well, they will lose many, many, many fans.

    From, Bluequills


  12. S.G says

    I agree with Bluequills…because if she quited now then many of Harry Potters fans will be sad,image that a millions of fans disponted….whoa, If i was her then i would countine playing Harry Potter 7…then she can go to a new career instead of the same one…Good Luck Emma!

  13. Andrew says

    You do realise that this is way out of date, and she signed already…

    So this is a moot point.

  14. Olivia Scarlett says

    You losers… FAKE NEWS!! Emma Watson is doing the next two HP movies (DH part 1 and DH part 2) and i am really excited for HBP. Emma is actually very smart and Hermione is awesome so why don’t all y’all go die in a hole filled with flesh eating bugbears!!!

  15. willliamordway says

    hey i love Emma Watson wather she playes Hermione or not she HOT AS HELL AND I LOVE EMMA WATSON!!!!