Here Comes A Jackass 2 Blowout

Jackass 2 trailer gameThe Jackass movie from a few years ago was good enough, but it left all kinds of questions up in the air that could only be answered in Jackass 2. Questions like, um, what are the social repercussions of putting a firework up your bum?

Alright, so Jackass 2 is a movie that's in the running for The Most Needlessly Gratuitous Movie Sequel Since The Birth Of Man, and if it weren't for Miss Congeniality 2: Armed And Fabulous, Jackass 2 would have it in the bag. Look, you know what you'll be getting for your money with Jackass 2; a gang of topless, increasingly middle-aged men hurting themselves in a bizarrely homoerotic fashion. And you know what? You'll go and see Jackass 2 when it comes out in a month and you'll bloody love it. And that's why we've literally got a shitload of Jackass 2 internetty goodness for you today. You want to see the Jackass 2 trailer? We've got that. You want to watch Wolfmother rocking out with the Jackass 2 boys? We've got that too. You want to see two men from Jackass 2 running down a hallway until they hurt themselves? We have that as well. And – what's that? – you want to play a game where you get to tattoo Steve-O from Jackass 2? Go ahead and help yourselves.

Watch the Jackass 2 trailer

Watch the Jackass 2 Wolfmother clip

Watch the Jackass 2 hallway clip

Play the Jackass 2 Steve-O tattoo game