Helen Mirren is a Royal Badass

Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth IIHelen Mirren is a great actress with a good sense of humor, a fantastic rack, and, evidently, a bit of a temper. Last weekend,?when?her highly acclaimed theatrical?performance as?Queen Elizabeth II in “The Audience”?was interrupted by loud drumming outside the theater, a pissed-off Helen dashed right out … wig, pearls, and all …?and told the drummers to fuck off.

At least one audience member had?attempted to shut them up to no avail, but it was the vision of petite Queen Helen yelling obscenities at them that did the trick. Just imagine it …

Helen told the Telegraph:

“The drumming just slowly got louder and louder and then settled right outside the stage door … the audience couldn’t hear us speak at all. I thought, we can’t carry on like this, they have to stop. …?They got a very stern royal ticking off, but I have to say they were very sweet, and they stopped immediately.”

The noise-makers were promoting a festival for gay and transgender people called As One in the Park, which will occur in London later in May. It had not been their intention to interfere in the play and they were, needless to say, somewhat startled to be chastised in such a manner. According to the parade organizer:

“Not much shocks you on the gay scene. But seeing Helen Mirren dressed as the Queen cussing and swearing and making you stop your parade ? that’s a new one.”

Helen’s co-star in “The Audience,” Rufus Wright,?said:

“You should have seen Helen. She came out in full Queen costume and shouted at the drummers too. Honestly. It was breathtaking.”

Helen, for her part, says she feels “rotten” about losing her temper at the musicians and,?following the episode, she posed for cameras wearing a homemade shirt promoting the festival … because she’s fucking awesome.