Heidi Klum Without Makeup

Heidi Klum scares me. I only heard her speak for the first time in a TV interview with Piers Morgan earlier this year and, such was her almost hyperactive intensity, I thought she was going to eat Morgan. I decided it might be best to stick to looking at still images of Heidi instead.

Apart from being glammed-up at various events and what-not, Heidi Klum without makeup is something you see fairly often too. In the first photo below, Heidi has just devoured Piers Morgan. Just look at that gleeful laugh. She’s digesting him already.

According to Forbes, Heidi took home $20 million last year, so that gives her another good reason to laugh. When you’re raking it in, going out without makeup isn’t going to make a dent in your confidence.

The second photo of a makeup-free Klum was taken after she emerged from a meeting with divorce lawyers, where they devised wicked (but legal) ways to make her ex-husband Seal suffer. For someone who’s 39, Heidi’s skin looks remarkably clear here.

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