Heidi Klum Is a Huge Pervert, Likes Dressing Up for Sex

heidi-klumSupermodel Heidi Klum has popped out four kids and is?pushing 40 years old, but she’s still incredibly gorgeous. She’s also, apparently, a bit of a pervert.

A few years ago, Heidi?famously introduced the world to her pervy side when she disclosed to Oprah that she?fell hard for her ex-husband Seal when she first glimpsed the outline of his?gigantic dick in his bicycle shorts. In next month’s issue of?Marie Claire, Heidi continues her over-sharing as she elaborates?on her adventurous approach to sex.

In the interview, Heidi told Marie Claire that?she recommends letting your partner know if you’re game for some?straight-up kink, and, not surprisingly given her profession, she also encourages playing dress-up.

“Some people are more experimental in bed and others are more boring. If you are wild and crazy, bring it on so the other person is well aware that you have little devil horns that come out every once in a while. It’s good to make an effort to dress up sometimes ? to do things outside of the norm.”

Heidi also admits that she understands why women often prefer younger men, though she’s not eager to follow in Jennifer Lopez’s footsteps and pursue the joys of cougar-dom just yet.

“I can understand why a woman finds a young man attractive, because the truth is that when men get older, their shape changes. Younger men train more, and when the clothes come off, it is nice to look at a sexy, ripped body. But I am realistic. I’m turning 40 next year. I don’t think I could deal with waking up next to a 25-year-old.”


While not directly sexual, but supporting the argument that Heidi is very far from prudish, she has openly discussed the fact that both of her parents were in the delivery room for the births of each of her four children. Her father even videotaped!

I agree with a lot of Heidi’s opinions …?being uninhibited is great, go on ahead and have fun, dress-up all you want, run wild with those devil horns, especially if you look like Heidi Klum (or her hot new boyfriend)?…?but?I veer a bit when it comes to the father in the delivery room. Childbirth is a miracle … blah blah blah … but maybe ask a?friend to videotape your kids’ births and keep your father out of there. Unless he’s an OB … but even then he should probably recommend a colleague.