Hecklerspray On MySpace – Come And Be Our Friend

For months now we've been digging through the murky world of MySpace as part of our MySpace Trawl feature, but we always did so from a safe distance – well not any more. Hecklerspray now has its own poorly-designed, occasionally-updated MySpace page.

Go to MySpace.com/hecklersprayuk right now and you will literally be able to see the hecklerspray logo, a very self-conscious profile and not much else. Oh, and a video of a Japanese children's TV show about a crazy octopus that we like. In the fullness of time we're going to overflow the hecklerspray MySpace page with pictures, blog entries, songs, those bulletin things that teenage girls seem to be so bloody keen on and whatever else we decide to do on the rare occasion that we remember it exists.

So if you have a MySpace account, please come and be our friend. We only have three so far. And one of them is Tom. Tom gives us the creeps.