Hecklerplay: Young Liar

For some stupid reason, people tend to think that Cheryl Cole is the greatest export to come from the North-East of England. Are these folks mental? Haven?t they heard of stottie bread, brown ale and Chris Waddle?

Due to the ongoing soap opera that?s X-Factor, we?ve kind of fallen out of love with Cheryl Cole and we?re now looking for people who can think for themselves and not get fisted off Simon Cowell on a daily basis.

Despite everyone in the world assuming that ?Fog On The Tyne? gets played when a child in christened in the North-East, this isn?t the case. The region as a whole has many musical gems that should shun any musical stereotype. The bands we?ve seen and heard will soon be playing to wider audiences as opposed to a sideshow to a touring band. With so many ace acts to pick from, Young Liar is just one of the dozen acts that deserve the attention of your ears.

At this point, we normally have to harp on about where Young Liar would neatly fit into in terms of fitting a specific genre glove. We could end everything here and lazily label them as post-rock, but there?s more to their sound than just a couple of blokes moodily swaying a guitar around their bony hips.

Explosions In the Sky, for example, have the timid polite angle covered whilst Mogwai are the easiest comparable band in the world due to them being the popular. The genre isn?t particularly big in terms of known artists, therefore the same bands are mentioned time and time again.

Young Liar are instrumental act who want you to do more than just sway on your feet and politely applaud when it?s over. Songs have a force behind them that seemingly wants to murder whiny, limping indie music. Unlike the standard formula of most post-rock songs, Young Liar delve headfirst into the mix without tedious six minutes build ups before the drummer gets a chance to do anything. The songs switch tempo throughout, which is a refreshing difference from waiting for the build up to kick in and then fade away.

Whilst Godspeed You! Black Emperor had a very heavy orchestral sound behind them that flared up the emotions, Young Liar have an electronic element in their setup which is used subtly and effectively to create grooves which are a treat for the earholes.

After sitting on recordings for what seems forever, Young Liar are about to release a self titled album on the 8th August. By visiting their bandcamp page you can get a sample of what the band are about.

Get on it.

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