HecklerPlay: You Choose The Music, We Smash Your House Up

We’ve been making Spotify playlists to share with you (sorry America, you don’t have it yet) and we’d like you to join in.

Yesireebob, our HecklerPlay playlists have been based around themes (you can see previous playlists here) and this week, we’re looking at ARRRGH! AAAARRRRGH! GAAAGH! RRAAAH! AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGH!

Yes. Anger.

So if you’d like to choose a track for everyone else to listen to while they bludgeon their team leader repeatedly with a Rapesco stapler, or indeed, vent their ire while throwing their recent ex’s clothes and belongings out of a window, leave a comment on the site or tell us at our Facebook group or on Twitter.

Someone has already suggested ‘That’s My Goal’ by Shayne Ward.