HecklerPlay: The Dying Seconds

When skimming through the popular dross that makes up the hit parade, it?s becoming more evident that music is slowly turning into what modern sport has become. A total parody. Yes, you?ll be able to argue that throughout the ages, there have always been world famous stars who?ve acted in diva like ways, but now everybody seems to be doing it. Even crappy support acts on a tour have demands.

If television in America was guilty of product placement, music has recently snowballed in terms of brands being name checked, all in the hope that a PR will be listening and send a freebie.

Frankly it?s a worry that some musicians see recording an album as a boost to ?celeb stardom, not because they love jamming with their mates to discover a groove. Instead of being told an artist is the next big thing because they happen to be label mates with a global star, we?ve found the most charming band in The Dying Seconds.

We?ll be honest; we don?t know much about The Dying Seconds. But after stumbling across the video for their single ?Mora Minn,? we want to find out more.

Fragile and chilling piano chords echo throughout the song, proving that calm and ambient sounds can be as powerful as a track with a slick bassline that?s backed up with thumping beats. It might even be our ears, but the electronics in the background seem like they were the result of one experiment being torn to shreds and stitched back together.

Journalists who can?t play an instrument will have repeatedly said that songs lack ideas in terms of development and fail to change. But for ?Mora Minn? we?re glad the build up is slow and gradual, almost to the extent that it?s a natural progression.

There’s no cheesy drum rolls that plagues most dance music used here. Simple ideas are often overlooked by artists who often look to pile on layers of sound, often making a mess of something that never needed to be touched. The minimalistic fits the video perfectly as you can see for yourselves:

Once again, modern pop music promos seem to have a requirement of making no sense (anything by Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj). Being moody and irritating (Snow Patrol and Coldplay) and all singing, all dancing as videos by The Saturdays and JLS prove. Yes, ?Mora Minn? looks like it could have been shot in a day, but the editing used in the video show a band who are almost possessed by their music which is beautifully haunting. Contrasts in the light combined with the jumping shadows that leap around the abandoned room make for a video worth watching again and again. It mightn?t have the budget of an artist like Beyonce, but that extra bit of care and attention make it look a lot better.

Conspiracy theorists may think that The Dying Seconds are planning to release an album after our very own editor and overlord Mof Gimmers. Their debut album ‘Glimmerers’ is out early 2012. ‘Mora Minn’ and another single, ?Kid Logic’ will both feature.

If music hasn?t died by then, we urge you to buy it. Streaming it on Spotify doesn?t reward bands like The Dying Seconds enough.