HecklerPlay: The Bonnevilles Give Away Amazingly Noisy Music For Christmas

Okay ear owners! It is time to punish yourself in the most fuzztastic way possible. Scorching guitars, white-boy soul howling and drums being hit so hard that the snare wishes it could grow arms just to blow its brains out.

This week’s HecklerPlay is offering you free tunes from the outrageously great Irish outfit, The Bonnevilles. Fans of The Black Keys, MC5 and shit-kicker blues, apply here.

A sick minded two-piece, The Bonnevilles take the blues by the scruff of the neck and give it a motorcycle booted kicking before buying it a round of drinks. Then beating it senseless again. We’re talking white-hot, knuckle cracking garage punk rock ‘n’ roll that aims to hit the floor so hard that the floorboards move out of the way. The Bonnevilles’ ‘Good Suits and Fightin’ Boots (which you can listen to here) is a firm hecklerspray favourite. And the gruesome twosome are giving away an EP for free! Merry bastard humbug readers.

The Bonnevilles Facebook or The Bonnevilles Bandcamp for more details and free stuff!