Hayley Williams – The Cutest Emo Scene Girl in the World

hayley williams picturesEver since Avril Lavigne grew up and stopped being a punk princess, Paramore’s Hayley Williams has become the style idol and inspiration for all emo teen girls worldwide.

Narcissitic and self-absorbed, emo/scene girls are generally awful. Always seen in skinny jeans, converse & slogan t-shirts, they spend all their time taking carefully angled photos of their brightly colored hair and carefully lined eyes.

But Hayley Williams is different. She can actually sing. She doesn’t go overboard with the scene look. She’s pretty, down-to-earth and rocks red/orange hair better than any other woman out there.

These pictures below show Hayley in all her glory. Live in concert. Backstage. Photo shoots. Candids. Enjoy.


  1. Xenon says

    U a dumb.. Hayley is more better than avril, avril is a punk-ass … Hayley is the most beautiful singer in the andromeda galaxy..

  2. williams'girl says

    Hayley is better. You’re a jerk. And that’s why people fight like this. It’s your fault, camila.

  3. ReverseFate says

    Emo and Scene are “labels”, Oh she listens to rock music she must be emo, no she could listen to rock music and not cut herself. Emo is what you would call somebody that suffers from self-harm. Emo and Scene are exactly the same except for the fact that Scene people do not cut themselves. Does that explain it to you?

  4. Miguel says

    Avril grew up? No, she didn’t. She’s still the same petulant little brat who half-asses it during live performances, which she really shouldn’t because at her best Avril is nowhere near worthy enough nor talented enough to even be mentioned in the same paragraph as the dynamic Hayley Williams!

  5. King of the douche nozzles says

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! She’s a pussydelphia fan. Just had to kill my unicorn and find another one. Fuck. Maybe Emma watson.

  6. Oliver Sykes says

    Camilla you are absolutely right….. Avril Ramona lavigne is senior than Hayley…. And Hayley is still a little kid

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