Hayden Panettiere Without Makeup

Hayden Panettiere Looking Good

Hayden Panettiere is so cute and peppy?and wholesome!?Nothing but big smiles! She’s so smiley and squeaky-clean adorable?that you know she’s covering something up, like a really pervy?fetish or?sympathy for Nazis.

In?her new show, Nashville,?the 23-year old actress?plays a conniving country singer, intent on dethroning the show’s version of Faith Hill or a Dixie Chick or another of those?aging bumpkin superstars. The?obvious problem here is that a sparkplug like Hayden should never wear cowboy boots and Daisy Dukes, like she is in all the promos. You want to lengthen, my dear, not chop in half.

Despite the potential wardrobe issues, Hayden seems perfect for that role. She truly is a beautiful young woman, and Hayden Panettiere without makeup looks great.

Hayden Panettiere Without Makeup

The first photo of the actress with a clean face was taken in January 2010 at the?airport in Miami. Her eyebrows look?weird and she’s?a bit washed out,?but otherwise she looks cute. Smiling as always (she probably has all kinds of S&M torture devises stashed in that handbag), she doesn’t seem to be the least bit concerned about having her photo taken without makeup on. Nor should she be.

The next photo was taken in West Hollywood in February 2011. Smiling, but barely, she looks really pretty. She’s just adorable and there’s nothing else to say.

Hayden Panettiere Without Makeup



  1. jose says

    hi how can we get direct contact to hayden? if you dont mind helping me please
    thank you and Mary Christmas

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