Harry Styles Without Makeup

Harry Styles Looking Good

As the youngest member of British boy band One Direction, 18-year old Harry Styles is known as the one with the swooshed-to-the-side hairstyle. Oh wait! That?s all of them. Harry is known as the one who dates much older women. Nope. That?s all of them. Harry is the mediocre singer with the cute smile who couldn?t win X Factor on his own.

Wait! That?s all of them again. Whether or not you can tell the five of them apart (it?s not easy) and whether or not you care for their music (it?s incredibly awful), it?s difficult to say that Harry Styles is not adorable, in that puppyish, awkward way of teenagers. He?s young and he?s having fun.

I can understand that performers, even boys, need to wear makeup onstage. One Direction doesn?t go to the excesses of Robert Smith or Adam Lambert. They just even out their blotchy teenage skin. Harry Styles without makeup looks just fine.

Harry Styles Without Makeup

In the first clean-faced photo, the 18-year old singer has a couple of zits. We?ve all been there. It will pass. He has a great smile and cheek bones that most women would die for. He?s clearly the Justin Timberlake of the group.

In the next photo, Harry?s complexion looks better, but his floppy hair ruins it for me. I get the hairstyle, but at some point it becomes ridiculous. He does look happy though and he certainly should be, knowing that his spotty face is the pinnacle of perfection to legions of young girls. And boys. And apparently much older women as well. And older men.

Harry Styles Without Makeup



  1. Karla says

    Don’t You Feel Pretty Good About Yourseld Bashing A TEENAGE Idol?! No Hope For Society ????

  2. Kasey says

    Bashing? Are you retarded? Saying an opinion that you don’t agree with is not bashing. Go cry over your obsessive posters of Harry.

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