Harry Potter 6 Coming Out November 2008

Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Movie thanksgiving 2008 Daniel Radcliffe must be a bit disappointed; all he wants to do is take his clothes off and stab a load of horses in the eye with a metal stick, but he keeps getting told to keep making those flipping Harry Potter films.

Even though the new Harry Potter film – Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix – has only just started filming for its release next year, Warner Bros has announced a release date for the Harry Potter film that'll come out after it. Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince will be released on Thanksgiving weekend 2008, by which time you'll have forgotten that Dumbledore dies at the end of it, so that'll be a nice surprise.

In theory, this should be one of the quietest times for Harry Potter news. The next Harry Potter film, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, won't be out for another year and JK Rowling is trying to find the time between getting angry at skinny models and upsetting Stephen King to finish writing the final Harry Potter book. But every day it's Harry Potter this and Harry Potter that.

Lately we've learnt that Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix will star Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestange, whoever she is. We've learnt that JK Rowling is getting ready to kill off two big Harry Potter characters and we've learnt that Daniel Radcliffe likes nothing more than partaking in a little naked horse-eye stabbing in front of a crowd of strangers. And now we've learnt that the movie of Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince has a release date even before the film before it finishes shooting.

According to reports Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, the book of which sold 250,000 copies in its first hour of publication, has a release date of November 21 2008 – Thanksgiving weekend. Harry Potter regular Steven Kloves will write the screenplay, although there isn't a director attached to the movie yet.

But why the quick turnaround between Order Of The Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince? Simple; the quicker the Harry Potter movies get made, the less ridiculous Daniel Radcliffe looks dressed up as a wizard. Although – let's face it – by the time JK Rowling has finished writing the last Harry Potter book and its been adapted into a screenplay and a director has been found and the thing's been filmed, Daniel Radcliffe is going to be a 38-year-old man anyway, so there's probably no point rushing so much.

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  1. Ahmed Khaled says

    Hey i was woundring that you could me as a part of a movie harry potter 6 as a new friend of Harry,Hermione and Ron………………………….

  2. ski says

    bloody hell do u all u believe everything u read the potter films & bks rule nd huever wrote this website is talking bullocks nd spoiling the film for every 1 asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. V says

    wtf ppl y would u think they were recurting thats gay and that idiot at the top of the page gave the ending away nice going wat about the ppl that haven’t read all the books like some of us i’ve read the last one and if u spoil any more of em i hunt u down boy

  4. says

    lol…recuitin new members for harry potter? that’s a bloody shame….gay potter zzz i wont watch the 2 new movies when it’s out that sucks 2 new gays comin out of the screen.

  5. bald boy says

    what is wrong with some of you people. U actually think you’ll get in the movie, no , so just read the books and stop posting on this lieing not reliable guy that wrote the blog

  6. whatever says

    i knew that dumbledore dies..but why did you feel the need to write it in an article..and ruin it for those who did not know that

  7. Mayara Marques says

    Eu ao Harry Potter, ele foi e é o melhor ator que eu ja encontrei no universo inteiro!
    Ele é o maior e eu o admiro muito!


    i loVE YOU!

  8. faith says

    harry potter is a awsome book i’m not a big suporter of what i think of as the slatter of the theird-fith movie but i still showed for the first showings and would do it again in a heartbeat. i’m looking forword to seeing the next one and Stuart Heritage is a DUNBASS, BITCH that most likely never read the books or watched the movie so he can go to HELL!

  9. okayy. says

    im a huge fan of harry potter… and i cant wait to see the new movies, although i know daniel radcliffe is getting much older and making these new movies probably seem boring. but i want him to be in the rest of them! oh and i read all the books, i knew dumbledore dies, but you shouldn’t have written that.

  10. kitty20290 says

    i’m a huge harry potter fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn to u need to make a nother book from where it left off!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Marta Baptista says

    Hi Daniel i want to tell you that if you want to make more moivies continue but if you don’t want don’t do it jest falow your hart a do waths rigth.


  12. bleh bleh says

    Stupid fuck, thanks for DUMBLEDORE DIES AT THE END OF THE MOVIE NOONES SEEN YET. I know the books out but i restrained from reading after the 5th so i could enjoy the movies more. Thanks for ruining the ending. Next time put a spoiler notice you dumb ass cock mongler.

  13. says

    You people are soooooooooooooo big losers acource they need new characters and no one here but me would ever make it in to one!!!!!!!! LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. says

    this is kind of DUMB! “naked-horse eye stabbing”? where on earth did that come from? seriously
    and why did you spoil the fact that dumbledore dies?

  15. Ausiie Girl says

    Your all hilarious… of course they are not recruiting new characters just probable bystanders dumb asses and its funny cause someone said bullocks….. u poms are hilarious i swear you guys crack me up big time!

    p.s Your idiots
    so is the website i agree with boo naked- horse eye stabbing…. so original

  16. lord voldmort says

    hey snape kills dumbldore hahahahah i just ruined it what are yall gonna do huh

  17. Samantha Patterson says

    Your comments on Equus, Stuart, are rediculous.  I would be surprised if you had even read that play and knew what it was actually about… you just sound… really ignorant.  Its an incredible script and whether Daniel Radcliffe sucked ass in it or not he was brave to take it on.

  18. Mandy says

    not 2 burst anyones bubble but. it’s a known fact that they won’t take u on the show unless u where born in england (the only exception to this was in the 1st movie, the directors daughter get 2 play hannah abbot {can’t spell}, but she had 2 speaking lines & she was the directers daughter this was published in a book i read & i’m not lying i always wanted 2 be in the movie & so i researched it) SORRY GUYS & GIRLS!

  19. yo mama says

    damn thats one hella of a gay rule
    that means i cant play some random kid on the street in the movie?

  20. Sean Pohle says

    I would really like a part in the 6th Harry Potter movie. I know everything about the last 2 movies and I know all that goes on. I would really like to play another close friend to the three main characters Harry, Hermione and Ron. Plus, I help them face off Voldemort and his evil army in the Seventh movie.

  21. ...guess... says

    wel its very understandable why they would only let people that were born in england be in the movie… cus you kind of have 2 sound like everyone else in the movie and it wuld be kinda hard 2 make up an english accent… oh and harry ROCKS!!!!!!!!! wooooo go harry………….

  22. ...guess... says

    oh and fuck you lord voldemort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you ruined the whole fucking movie 4 all of us…………………….. god y do you have 2 be such a dib shit??????????

  23. Lauren says

    if u ppl dont like harry potter than what r u doing on this website….and who ever made this shouldnt b making fun of the movie……we all kno that Dan is makking alot more money than u r so if r going to make fun….i’d like to c u making that much money…even if he is in a wizard costume

  24. says

    I can do a PERFECT BRITISH ACSENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I could be i the movie!!!!1Well im not saying that I will be,but I wish and could.Im only 12 and I know how to act,fake any acsent,i’ve read all the books,and i love tom riddle when he was younger ahhhhhhhhh………..anyway by any chance do you guys know any of the actors?WRITE BACK!!!!!Oh wait thanx you moron,their not recruting and he dosn’t want to do any ofthe gay crap u listed befor jerk.Thanx for ruining the dang movie/book for everyone else!!!!!!!!I’m not being sarcastice eather.

  25. meagan says

    This website sucks you cant read anything its all way too smallplease fix it so harry potter fans like me and others can read it and love it duh everyone knows that

  26. IchaIcha says

    dude harry rocks and stupid ppl whyd u ruin it for others???? i can do like any accent and ive been in 32 different plays(not in a movie) and i rock i can do any accent and act you could name i could totally be in the movie but course we all think that……. well everyone sticking up for harry is a friend of mine and the rest of you dissin him obviously have bad taste >_<

  27. IchaIcha says

    oh and one more thing i hope this next movie rocks cuz i also love vampires and the new books Twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn aby stephenie meyer are pretty close to pulling ahead in my favorites……..anyone agree???? ^_^

  28. claudia says

    well i am a great fan of harry potter.i always put a pressure on my dad 2 buy d book 4 me. i still expecting d part six. kudos 2 u guys.

  29. Michaela (Huge Harry Poter Fan) says

    Hey Everyone
    The new Harry Potter Movie is going to be the bomb i cant wait any longer i have got all the Movies of Harry Potter just making me think of this makes me want to wathc al the movies. I need to see the new Harry Potter Movie this min. They should just bring the movie out this min. Anyway thanks for listing to my story.
    Michaela (Huge Harry Potter Fan)

  30. claudia says

    Hi i can no longer wait to watch harry potter part six.Harry potter u guys are too much .I LOVE U GUYS.

  31. yo mama says

    wtf u dipshit don’t give away the ending to harry potter some ppl have not read he books so think before u open your fuking mouth

  32. says

    thanks alot 4 telling the ending even though i new. i love the harry potter books and movies cant wait 4 the 6th one to come out :)

  33. goddess says

    haha… you guys crack me up so much.. I love this site. People get really violent when people runin the movie for others lol. However, I understand it is rude.

  34. Neo Queen Serenity says

    you stupid loser. you say “flipping harry potter films” do you know wat u r. a git( git is a britsh word, look it up loser)in the name of the moon i shall punish u( ingnore the last sentence)

  35. says

    i also want to take part in harry potter and deathly hollow part 1 and 2 desperately hope i get a part i stay in jhansi but still i wish to get a part in it

  36. Jinda says

    Ahhhhh!! He dies!!!! Well thanks for telling us. And it was gonna come out on my bday! :( ugh!

  37. lex says

    you guys should so no listen to the datebecause theres no way its gonna make it out in time it won’t come untill some where in 2009.