Halle Berry Without Makeup

Halle Berry Looking Good

Oscar-winning actress, Halle Berry, is absurdly gorgeous. Her face is pixie, sex-goddess perfect and, at 46-years old, she still looks better in a bikini?than most women half her age. Her acting prowess aside, she has been highly ranked on pretty nearly every list that rates beauty and sex appeal of every imaginable publication in the universe, including being the first African American named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman in 2003 and Esquire Magazine’s Sexiest Woman Alive in 2008 when she was 42.

(Think about that last part … Sexiest Woman Alive at age 42.) Currently engaged to French actor, Olivier Martinez, Berry manages to strike an enviable balance between beauty, talent, and personality.

Though she has long been a Revlon spokesmodel, the actress is not shy about being seen in public without makeup. Her level of comfort with her natural beauty is completely understandable, because, even at her age, Halle Berry without makeup looks phenomenal.

Halle Berry Without Makeup


Ms. Berry looks stunning in the first photo of?her with a clean face. Her features are so perfectly-shaped and so perfectly-balanced that it could make regular women very angry, if we weren’t so emotionally stable. It’s not easy for any woman to look good in a baseball cap and no makeup, but there it is, folks, beauty against all odds. And she’s likeable too.

The next photo shows the actress at?the 13th Annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women in New York City in May 2010. Berry participated in the event to help raise money to fight women’s cancer.?She doesn’t look anywhere approaching her age, and all she needs is a little concealer under her eyes and she’s good to go.

Halle Berry Without Makeup



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