Halle Berry Annoyed At ‘Racist’ Chris Moyles

Halle Berry Chris Moyles RacistFunny-as-genocide radio 'personality' Chris Moyles has really put his foot in it.

During a promotional spot on his Radio One show – a listening experience roughly about as enjoyable as Now That's What I Call Weeping Rape Victims Volume 24 – Moyles had somehow managed to snare the celebrity presence of Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman, both in town to big-up their shiny new blockbuster X-Men 3: The Last Stand.

Amidst the relatively polite movie-selling banter, Chris Moyles then thought – for some reason – that it would be a smashing idea to add a sprinkling of his comedy magic.

Cue his impression of "a fat American black guy."

His foolish voice morphing into a U.S accent, Chris Moyles insisted that he was carrying a gun, and yelled at his two lovely guests to:

"… put your hands in the air."


"I'm a black American guy."

Something which Halle Berry unsurprisingly found more than a little offensive. She sneered at Moyles:

"Are we having a racist moment here?"

The interview then carried on with a somewhat less-than-bubbly undertone.

A BBC spokesman has since attempted to cover Moyle's tracks, claiming that the "attempted breakfast humour" was not intended to be politically or morally dubious in any way whatsoever.

So – to those of you asking the big question "Is Chris Moyles racist?" – it looks like the answer has to be a resounding 'no.'

However, to those of you asking the other question – "Is Chris Moyles a talentless obnoxious yawn-monger with the grace, civility and wit of a six-foot pubic louse?" – the answer remains a good solid 'yes.'

Yes he is.

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[story by C J Davies] 


  1. says

    Moyles adopted a thick American accent and said: “I could definitely do that. Put your hands up in the air! I’m a black American guy. A big fat black guy. I don’t wanna be shooting yo’ ass.”

    So in other words Chris Moyles was not using race for the effect of race?


    Halle Berry, sometimes you can ignore the racist the remarks and its Ok. But when you are confronted with an entire radio audience hanging onto your every word its a hell of a different story, because all of your struggles as a Black African American Woman are put on the line. You did the right thing. Your mother didn’t lie.

  2. Jamie says

    Chris Moyles.. I’ve met him and he is as obnoxious as you would imagine. He was also inaccurate in his “fat American black guy” description, he is in fact a fat British white guy. And funny only in a “not funny at all” kind of way. Just to clear up any confusion.

  3. says

    When did we start taking what actors and actresses say seriously? Accusing someone of something like rasicm is a serious business, so why are we not rounding on Halle Berry for spraying obviously unfounded accusations at innocents (no matter how annoying they are)?

  4. Michael says

    “When did we start taking what actors and actresses say seriously? Accusing someone of something like rasicm is a serious business, so why are we not rounding on Halle Berry for spraying obviously unfounded accusations at innocents (no matter how annoying they are)?”

    At that moment she wasn’t simply a celebrity, she was an offended African-American woman. We take her seriously because seeing as how she was the only Black-American on stage, her opinion was the only one that meant anything. That was a stupid, insensitive and prejudice-based joke. And the show would’ve gone on without a hitch more or less, if Halle hadn’t said anything. As an African-American, it’s her opinion that adds validity to the idea that the joke was in bad taste to some blacks, because she’s Black.

    Unless you’re implying that celebrity, in some way, removes one’s racial and ethnic background, faulting a Black woman who becomes offended when a White guy makes a bad, prejudiced joke about her race is borderline racist in itself.

  5. Colin says

    “seeing as how she was the only Black-American on stage, her opinion was the only one that meant anything.”

    So because she was black, her opinion is given more weight than anyone elses? Sorry but treating people differntly based on their race is pretty much a defenition of racism. I view your comment as being prejudice against anyone who is not a Black-American. Just because you are supporting a minority group does not make it right.

    (Chris Moyles is still a tosser)

  6. Derrick says

    Yes, that was a racist comment…and profoundly uncalled for. If he just so happened to be in the company of a “fat American black guy” as he put it…do you think that he would have chosen to make such a comment? One would venture to say, no…no he wouldn’t.

  7. Halle Berry can go suck a dick says

    You’re all cunts for even giving this the time of day. it got blown out of all proportion. political correctness can blow my wad.

    Chris Moyles should have thought before he spoke and Halle Berry should stick to blubbing like a child at awards ceremonies.

    Also, I agree with colin that saying halle berry’s opinion was the only one that mattered is definitely racism in action, but hidden racism.

    Racism cuts both ways.

  8. trousers says

    chris moyles is fast becoming another example of “had their day” celebs who feel the need to resort so shock tactics to try to maintain a flailing career….just like david blaine’s silly exploits….simply acts of desparate attention seeking…. if a child behaved like that, the doctor would say the same…attention seeking………..so if these people in the public eye feel the need to go lower and lower to try to lift their flagging careers…then it’s a very sad world that we now live in if we rise to it!

  9. Joe says

    Pathetic, another example of over critical segraphobes.
    there was no racist intent in such a statement, and if it wernt for the fact halle berry thought it was racist, this issue would not have even been raised.
    like most band wagon riders, this story is thin and watery at best.
    he said “fat american black guy”, its not as if he said “big fat Ni**er”.
    The pressure that chris moyles and the other radio presenters are under on a live show like that is imence, in essance they are stand up comics, without a written script. And i personally found his comments light hearted and not at-all racist. Chris moyles has boosted the ratings of Radio 1, and raised money for various charity’s and at time stood against racism.
    The people who left the comments above, should use a little more thought in such matters, as opposed to just agreeing with politically corect docterin, and if they were to follow such docterin, they may realise that black, asian, and other ethnic groups are just as, if not more racist then White people.

  10. Nathan says

    At last someone with some common sense. Sir i applaud you for not being a prick like the rest of these slackjawed halfwitted knuckle draggers who just slavishly follow the herd and their politically correct idiocy. As i said in my earlier post (Halle Berry can go suck a dick) she should stick to what she knows (although at this precise moment i can’t think what that might be, fucking moron).

    Also very good point about Blacks and Asians etc being just as if not more racist than white people in some cases. Hear Hear

  11. says

    A couple of people seem to have missed the general gist of the article.

    Chris Moyles – racist? No.

    Chris Moyles – twat? Yes.

    And there we have it.

  12. Joe says

    No, i didnt miss the gist you were pointing out or beliving to point out that chris moyles is a twat.
    What i find annoying is the justification for such a judgement.

  13. Jane says

    I can’t stand Chris Moyles!
    He has the biggest ego ever, and look at him. He actually believes he is attractive? I don’t think he was being racist, just tactless. He thinks he can get away with saying anything.
    He is a twat and he irritates the life out of me. I wish they would take him, burping a farting off the air!

  14. Nathan says

    I for one am going to stick my neck out for Chris Moyles. I like him, i find him funny and if only he didn’t play such shit music on his show it nwould be brilliant. I think that a lot of people have missed the point. you’re all crying like girly-men about how arrogant he is. Someone (I can’t remember who, and frankly the thought of reading their self righteous drivel again prohibits me from finding out) said “He actually believes he is attractive?”. I think you’ll find that he is being ironic when he talks about his celebrity admirers, how attractive he is etc. Get a life you whingeing spunkbag.

  15. Diana says

    those who ACTUALLY listened to this interview and Chris’s morning show will know that he is NEVER racist……….. Halle Berry was just being your normal, diva like American “actress”!!!! They are totally humourless! Comsidering she is part British you would have thought she had a sense of humour, but no!!!! Hugh Jackman was totally wonderful and entering in to the spirit of the thing!!! This is PC gone mad. AGAIN!!!! GET A GRIP! Yeah, and who DOES care……….. only Halle Berry’s PR team!!

    And Chris Moyles,, well those that say he is a tosser have not listened to his show for longer than five minutes!!! It is hilarious… if you don’t listen you will never “get it”. I , too felt the same way till I gave it a go…. now I never miss it! Chris and the team get 6.5 million listeners!! Must be for good reason!!!! Eejits! * shakes head*

  16. says

    You know, whites are never racist unless they are wearing hoods. The man engaged in what was racist behavior. If it had been funny or used to create a humorous moment, then you might defend it as being an effort to entertain. But claiming you’re a big black guy with a gun isn’t particularly humorous. I don’t know how white people take these things since I’m not white, but hey. More importantly, making an effort to be entertaining doesn’t exclude you from racist behavior. If I told jokes about white guys having sex with their mothers, it might be funny because its so outrageous — the incest part, not the racial part. The racial part is extraneous until you explain why the use of white is important to the joke. (And given that there is no stereotype about white guys having sex with their mothers, the racial part is purely extraneous.)

    Unfortunately, Chris Moyle’s use of race plays off of the stereotype of blacks as criminals. It’s a powerful stereotype and thus fits in with his schtick. Unfortunately, because he is a lout, he doesn’t understand that he would be offending a black woman with racist humor.

    Here is a joke for you. It tells you if you’re racist or not. “How do you keep five guys from raping a white woman? You throw them a basketball.” The question isn’t whether you laughed at the joke, but whether you understand the joke and laughed and why you laughed determines whether you’re a racist. If you got the joke and thought it was outrageously offensive, maybe you laughed because of the outrage factor. But if you thought that it was a clever way to talk about blacks, then maybe that means you’re a racist.

    You don’t have to listen to the guy’s show to know that was racist. It’s humor revolves around a racist stereotype, but it doesn’t require anyone to think beyond the stereotype. The fact that he said it isn’t outrageous enough to be funny on its face. Had he claimed to be a big fat white guy who is a robber, would it have been funny? That’s the ultimate question. (OF COURSE NOT!!!)

  17. Neil says

    I wouldn’t have even thought about race until Halle Berry mentioned it. Racism is only there if you see it. Racism is not persecution – persecution is worse and should be dealt with by Police (persecution being things like what the KKK do). But racism, in the matter of remarks said is all what you make of it. Halle Berry obviously has a chip on her shoulder so big that it is now a potato farm.

    Also, Polical correctness is crap, and Chris Moyles is actually very funny. I find that people who don’t find him funny tend not to get up early in the morning cos they have not got jobs, so they don’t hear the show. The show helps me get up in the morning, which is the point isn’t it?

  18. says

    The idea is that indeed what happened there isn’t alright at all. I believe that the people who did this and also the ones who sustained the idea are guilty and Halley should sue them. I am sure that she would win the process if she did that.

  19. Pili says

    This is the perfect example of people going overboard with political correctness. First of all ‘a listening experience roughly about as enjoyable as Now That’s What I Call Weeping Rape Victims Volume 24’ if thats the case, you don’t share his sense of humour but about 6 million other people do…get over it. If your that bothered about it go and listen to another station. And now moving on to the main ‘issue’. Black IS the politically correct term to use. Moreover he was most probably saying he was a black-american guy as he may have been impersonating that type of accent, in general black americans have a different accent to white americans, i’m sure he didn’t mean anything racist by it. Furthermore he was pretending to shoot or whatever because hugh jackman was talking about him being a James Bond double. And he probably said fat because chances are he was making fun of himself like he usually does. Now I’m not racist but its over the top people like you who have bah bah black sheep changed to bah bah rainbow sheep, which i’m sure offended no one and the same people who have allowed burkha wearing muslims, which is NOT required as part of there religion, to sue employers as they won’t employ them because they won’t remove the garment. Yet if i applyed for a job and was refused because i wouldnt remove a hat at all, there is no way i could take them to court. Racism should be stopped but sometimes people are ridiculous

  20. zach says


  21. Sebastien Dubois says

    Er, James, [assuming you’re not a moron] one can only assume you did NOT catch the aforementioned transcript spewed by Moyles. But if you DID then I apologise for my earlier assumption and instead find yourself and Moyles in good company