Gwyneth Paltrow Without Makeup

Gwyneth Paltrow hardly ever puts a foot wrong (well, apart from naming her daughter after a fruit – still, at least vegetables didn’t provide inspiration) and has tackled a variety of film roles over the years. Currently, she’s trying to sell over-priced perfume that most people probably won’t bother buying (because abusing the in-store tester will do fine).

Away from the bright lights of Hollywood and herds of beady-eyed makeup artists, it’s not uncommon to see Gwyneth Paltrow without makeup and not giving a damn. The first image comes from a night on the town in 2011, but Gwyneth gave the makeup a night off nonetheless.

While the star of ‘Iron Man’ looks a little tired and perhaps low in iron (har, har), she rocks the au naturel, earth mother look with a dreamy serenity that would make Stevie Nicks envious. Gwyneth displays her rather endearing freckles in all their glory – no militant cover-up or airbrushing here.

In the second photo of the 40-year-old sans makeup, the freckles, again, get permission to come out and play, and Gwyneth chats to them every step of the way:”That’s right, guys – if you behave yourselves, I’ll do karaoke while wearing my ‘Shallow Hal’ fatsuit when we get home.”

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