Gwen Stefani Without Makeup

Gwen Stefani Looking Good

No Doubt front woman, Gwen Stefani, has perfected a very specific look. Platinum hair, pale skin, and flaming red lips. She always looks completely put-together and much younger than her 42 years. The Líoreal spokeswoman and mother of two somehow manages to be both painfully stylish and rocker cool at the same time.

Stefani is rarely seen without a flawlessly painted face. In October 2011 the singer told InStyle magazine: ďthe makeup goes on every day, even if Iím not going anywhere.Ē I suppose thatís admirable (at least those of us who are too lazy to properly make themselves up unless weíre expecting a delivery and itís Tuesday so it will be the really hot FedEx man who sometimes likes to stay and chat) but the fact is that Gwen Stefani without makeup actually looks pretty good.

Gwen Stefani Without Makeup

The first photo is an action shot and, to be fair, they are never flattering. Stefaniís trademark platinum hair looks extremely dramatic when played up with her usual vivid makeup, but with a stark white shirt and a bare face she looks like a white-haired old lady. A beautiful, white-haired, old lady with a hot body, but still an old lady. We want her to keep jogging to maintain that insane figure, but maybe she could wear sunglasses.

In the next photo, her hair is tousled in the wind and she looks annoyed. Itís nice to see her looking less than perfect. She still looks very pretty, but approachably so and thatís always endearing. Cheer up, Gwen. Youíre the winner so far in the forty to forty-five year age group.

Gwen Stefani Without Makeup

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