Gretchen Rossi Without Makeup

Gretchen Rossi Looking Good

Everytime I watch the Real Housewives of Orange County, I’m expecting the show to culminate with a Tootsie-style revelation that all the housewives are actually men in drag (okay, I know they have boobs, it’s impossible to miss them … so let’s say they’re post-surgical).?

Among the OC crew is creepy 34-year old Gretchen Rossi. Rossi seems to have the world on a string: she has her own cosmetic line, her own handbag line, is engaged to very weird Slade Smiley (no relation to Guy), recently humiliated herself in a performance with the?Pussycat Dolls, and just released a truly horrible new single (if you’re inclined to listen to it, don’t … Rossi is actually less musically talented than Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak).

Rossi is probably expected to be painted to the hilt everyday, since she owns her own makeup line, Gretchen Christine Cosmetics. It’s fortunate for the rest of the world, because?Gretchen Rossi without makeup looks pretty rough.

Gretchen Rossi Without Makeup

The first photo is a still image from an episode of RHOOC that aired in January 2012. Rossi doesn’t look good at all. Her complexion looks?lumpy, shiny,?and unhealthy.?Interestingly, she looks much younger than she does all made up though. Maybe if she found a happy medium, makeup-wise, she would look her age.

The second photo, taken in 2010, is not zoomed in enough to see her face clearly, but it is possible to see that she’s clean-faced.?She doesn’t necessarily look good, but, again,?she does look younger than her years without all the makeup. Her jaw is still enormous and she looks?stiff and uncomfortable, like the homely, huge-chinned?cheerleader.

Gretchen Rossi Without Makeup


  1. mimsii says

    I’d luv to see a photo of YOU, with or without makeup – bet your appearance is much worse than Gretchen’s. I’m not defending her (apparent) character, but am so tired of anonymous cruel jibes at the looks of various “celebs” – most of these women (the cowardly attacks are almost always directed at females) are much more attractive than average. In Gretchen’s case, she has lovely features, striking eyes, magnificent cheekbones, an amazing physique – & possibly some moles that look like under-the -skin acne. I’d give a lot to look exactly like her (but would definitely seek surgical intervention to remove Slade from my back…)

  2. mackenzie says

    This is terrible writing and also bullying. Focus on something else other than women without makeup..
    She looks beautiful. What are you saying to most women who read this? That they too are ugly without makeup.

  3. NMM says

    What a mean spirited article!! Gretchen looks fine without makeup except for her skin. She apparently has serious skin problems. I don’t know why she has not undergone dermabrasion. She also needs to stop using base makeup as it makes her skin problems worse, not better. She uses the base to cover the blemishes but the base makeup causes the blemishes. See the problem? Her jaw is not enormous and she does not have a huge chin. Whoever wrote this article is a creep.

  4. Ash says

    Oh booo, if you guys cared about people’s feelings you wouldn’t be on a website called Don’t try to be all high and mighty now. She looks a mess with makeup and without. She looks like my little pony and is a plastic, phony woman that wears too much makeup. If she didn’t want to be judged she wouldn’t be on a stupid reality show and have loads of plastic surgery,

  5. Lisa Browne says

    You are just as shallow. Maybe, you should get a different hobby. You’d be much happier. I think you have too much time on your hands. By the way, I just came across this website. I didn’t look google “mean websites.”
    Just saying.

  6. nikka says

    That is definitely a face for makeup…which is fine. She seems to know that. Also good. I don’t see a problem in pointing out the features that make it a face for makeup. Could have been done in gentler language, but who wants to read that?

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