Goldfrapp To Do Casino Royale Theme-Tune?

Goldfrapp Casino Royale James BondThe whole Casino Royale furore from earlier in the year seems to have died down a bit, either because the public have got used to the idea of Daniel Craig as James Bond or because the worst critics were buttered up with a free trip to the Bahamas.

Either way, all the manic slagging off of Daniel Craig, James Bond, Casino Royale or anyone looking vaguely suave in a bow-tie has cooled a bit in recent months. And Casino Royale producers appear to have guessed that they need to do all they can to keep excitement levels down – they've reportedly hired snoozy old Goldfrapp to perform the Casino Royale theme-tune.

The production of Casino Royale has been troubled to say the least. After James Bond producers took a couple of years to choose who they wanted to play James Bond in Casino Royale, the general reaction to Daniel Craig's Bond appointment was "What? But he's a yellow haired scouser!" Things got worse after Craig declared that he hated guns before getting his teeth punched out by a midget, while just about every actress ever turned down the Bond Girl role.

But now, after Roger Moore stepped in and a freebie holiday for James Bond critics in the Bahamas was dished out, everyone seems to finally be OK with the idea of a yellow-haired, gun-hating, toothless scouser playing James Bond. So much so that the next James Bond film is reportedly all set to go into production. But there's still one vital ingredient missing from Casino Royale – the theme-tune.

James Bond theme-tunes are just as iconic as anything else to do with 007 – from Shirley Bassey belting out Goldfinger to Tina Turner belting out GoldenEye to Sheryl Crow bel… actually, no, that one was a bit rubbish. But generally, James Bond theme-tunes are quite good. Except for that Madonna one. And the Garbage one. Christ, James Bond theme-tunes have been shit lately, haven't they? 

And what better way to rescue Casino Royale from the enduring shitness of recent James Bond theme-tunes than by getting some ubiquitous electro-poppers to do the honours. If reports are to be believed, Goldfrapp are to do the Casino Royale theme-tune. You know who Goldfrapp are – they've soundtracked roughly every single TV commercial made over the last four or five years.

There's lots of talk about Goldfrapp being the "cool" choice to do the theme-tune, but we can't help feeling that if Goldfrapp do end up making the Casino Royale theme-tune, audiences everywhere will be struck by a sudden urge to top up their mobile phones about 90 seconds into the opening sequence.

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[story by Stuart Heritage] 


  1. Nathan says

    Goldfrapp are the most bland pile of shite! If we’re not careful, at this rate we’ll all be metrosexuals before you can say ‘electro dull’

  2. Mosquito says

    If Goldfrapp are to do the music, will they be able to resist the frequent temptation of making it identical to ‘Strict Machine’, like they’ve been doing to practically all their other tracks since ‘Black Cherry’?

    By the way, Madonna’s Bond contribution wasn’t that bad. It was one of the only two decent songs from her ‘American Life’ album.

  3. David says

    Goldfrapp.. hmm… Interesting.. I’ve just heard 2 songs… not bad… but they’re not great neither.. kind of BORING

    Madonna song was a hit everywhere else except US of course… I went to South America and it was on the radios and TV EVERYWHERE!