Get The Cannes Treatment, Jacques D’Azur-Style

First the bad news: Jacques d’Azur won’t be going to the Cannes festival this year, because he’s dead. What’s the good news?

You can go in his place. Stella Artois 4% is running a breathtaking new competition, where the prize is the full VIP Cannes treatment. Think fancy flights to Cannes. Think nice hotel. Think VIP festival screenings. Think trailing around after Rachel Weisz hoping that she’ll notice you, and then failing, and then getting trashed on cocktails afterwards. That’s the kind of thing that’s up for grabs here.

And now you have three choices. You can enter the competition here, or you can watch a lovely video about it after the jump. Or you can tell us what you’d do on the red carpet if you won. Who would you like to kiss? Who would you like to grope? Who would you like to deliberately trip up? Answers below, please…


  1. Tom Angell says

    I would take to the red carpet with a knotted handkerchief on my head, sandals with white socks on my feet and Megan Fox on my arm. Grit and glamour – a truly hybridised Brit abroad experience.

  2. says

    No chance, Tom. There is a dress code (for men at least, does anyone remember when the Cicciolina went up the red carpet in a flowing dress sans panties?).

  3. dunreading says

    Well clearly I will be wearing an exclusive and rather revealing couture number from whoever will give me something for free, with some world shatteringly expensive diamonds that could feed the entire village of my 3rd world adopted children for at least 2 years. I am more than likely to trip myself up if I am not careful to keep my long term lesbian lover well away from my doting husband.