Genitals at the Ready! The New Cast of Skins is Announced!

Every time a new cast of Skins is announced, people mourn the last lot who they initially slagged off, but eventually ended up furiously masturbating over. So why not cut out all the moaning and crying about how much you’ll miss Simpie, Razzle and Dimpo (or whatever the last lot were called) and just make with the wanking right now?

E4 has announced the names of the new cast members on Skins and, as ever, the two year cull has brought new faces, whittled down from 7,000 hopefuls who auditioned.

Don’t worry. There’s a bigger picture to stare at after the jump.

Skins executive producer John Griffin said: “More people than ever turned up this year for the open auditions in London and Bristol and the standard of young talent was as high as ever. It was a huge process but incredibly rewarding and we hope that the auditionees had as much fun as we did.

“We are really excited about the talent that has come through and we now have a brilliant cast of actors helping to create the exciting new characters for Skins series five.”

And here they all are… stood against a wall. You will certainly see over half of these in their undercrackers at some point. Try and spot the one who will be into doing loads of Ket or something dreary.

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