Gary Busey Tries To Explain His Berserk Oscars Weird-Out

Gary Busey Oscars Ryan Seacrest Jennifer GarnerChances are you've woken up after a night out in the past and thought "Oh God, what did I do last night?"

And if that stuff you did included slathering kisses up Jennifer Garner's neck and verbally assaulting Ryan Seacrest on live global TV on the Oscars red carpet, then you probably know how Gary Busey has been feeling this week.

Except, no, you really don't. Because Gary Busey phoned Ryan Seacrest's radio show yesterday to explain his bizarre Oscars antics. And it turns out he's like that all the time.

You're probably sick of the Oscars by now. We are. We already know everything that happened – No Country For Old Men won and nobody watched and Whoopi Goldberg got ignored and was sad. And that's about it. Or at least it would be, were it not for the gloriously unhinged red carpet shenanigans of Gary Busey.

You know. Gary Busey. From Lethal Weapon. And Predator 2. And Under Siege. Barely even counts as an actor. Went to the Oscars anyway. Doesn't matter. Because in one fell swoop on Sunday night Gary Busey provided the sole Oscars highlight by staggering up to Ryan Seacrest live on TV during the pre-show red carpet segment, shouting something along the lines of "You! Youuuuuuu!" and then wiping his damp mouth up and down the neck of a clearly disgusted Jennifer Garner before stumbling off again. It was perfect, and it's here.

Now, your average human being would probably wake up the next morning feeling slightly shamefaced about everything and desperate to either hide away in private forever or justify their actions. Not Gary Busey, though – he phoned up Ryan Seacrest on his radio show yesterday not to apologise but to try and explain what he was trying to babble at him at the Oscars in the most nonsensical way imaginable. E! Online quotes:

You are to me, when you're working, an innocent champion of honesty. Your heart has a way to embrace the truth in your delivery without looking like you are reading a script. Everything looks spontaneous. What spontaneity is—spontaneity comes from an invisible idea that is there before the creation began. And you have that naturally, so I just wanted to pay you a compliment. But I didn't know you were in the middle of an interview, I was just moving through there.

We'd love to transcribe the whole Gary Busey interview, in fact – it's full of talk about catching dreams and the etymology of the word 'fan' – but you can click the link below for edited highlights.

All in all, though, Gary Busey's bewildering behaviour has led us to believe that maybe he might be just the thing to turn around the Oscars' dwindling fortunes. Imagine an entire Oscars ceremony hosted by Gary Busey. It'd be awesome – he'd divide his time rambling on enthusiastically about nothing and dribbling wads of man saliva over whichever female he happened to be nearest to. 

In fact, forget the Oscars. Gary Busey deserves his own VH1 reality TV show. That's how big he deserves to be.

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  1. Chad says

    Gary Busey is a hollywood legend – What has Seacrest done? Exactly….Jack Shit People are overreacting over this – So he kissed Garners neck – omg!! – There are cameras all over that red-carpet – so he didn’t realize there was an interview going on and was a little excited – big damn deal — I saw Daniel Day Lewis kiss George Clooney – why didn’t that generate the same response? – because Lewis and Clooney are “in” right now – plus they keep all contact with the media and public flowered up with bullshit at all times — Buseys time has come and gone – but that doesn’t give you an excuse to disrespect his accomplishments– Quit writing about this type of stuff and go write an article bad-mouthing Britney Spears you hypocritical sack of dog shit

  2. says

    A legend? A Hollywood legend of lunacy!! Did you brits ever get to see the horror that was the Gary Busey Show?
    The man’s insane!!!
    But I thought the red carpet incident was kind of overrated. He can be MUCH crazier. I wouldn’t fawn all over Seacrest either. Boring little twit….

  3. ALady says

    The guy just acted as a blog guy among good looking women…or just women WHEN THERE ARE PEOPLE AROUND WATCHING. He was spontaneous trying to be interesting…that is all. I believe Jennifer didn’t expect it and that’s why she felt surprised and plus she was interrupted by it…so it is normal for a person to feel a bit confused. Moreover, maybe she did not know him at all and felt as if her privacy was invaded. Very natural for a woman.
    So..I don’t see anything out of the oridanry in Gary’s behaviour…typical for a lot of men who want to show off when others are around and they think they are watching…and Jennifer simply did not expect it and wasn’t ready for such “congratulations”.

  4. gir says

    “So..I don’t see anything out of the oridanry in Gary’s behaviour…typical for a lot of men”

    What the fuck kind of men are you hanging around?

    hecklerspray is written almost exclusively by blog guys (except for Annette Hyde, on whom the jury is still out) and they almost never slobber all over women’s necks on TV. Well, apart from when Stuart Heritage appeared on Sky. But that presenter was asking for it.

  5. Annette Hyde says

    Hey, let me know what verdict the jury comes back with on that. I’m not really sure myself.

  6. gir says

    Well, would you consider stumbling about and licking Jennifer Garner’s neck, and then complimenting Ryan Seacrest?

    Please remember that you are under oath.

  7. Stuart Heritage says

    That presenter was asking for it, by the way. Notice that I still haven’t been invited back…

  8. euclid says

    How about complimenting JG for stumble-licking
    RS’s neck? As they are both reptiles, this should have
    occurred naturally, had not Mr. Busey so graciously
    intervened on our behalf.

  9. Annette Hyde says

    I wouldn’t lick Jennifer Garner’s neck, gir. Mostly because I’m afraid of accidentally being swallowed up by one of those cavernous cheek dimples.

  10. gir says

    Well I suppose that’s a rational fear. Certainly more reasonable than mine that she would be overcome by my animal magnetism and demand erotic pleasure.

    And really, who wants that?

  11. ALady says

    hey, I am sure there are lots of females out there who would enjoy a neck kiss..even if it was from a guy like Gary B. I am sure a lot of them nicer ones are far worse than him if one could only see.
    He did not approach her from her back and that’s the good news in all this circus.

  12. rick calryssian says

    I don’t get this at all. Busey was the first to talk to Seacrest, but Seacrest blew him off! Who the hell is Seacrest, the jerk! What has he done? He then eschews perhaps an entertaining conversation with legend Busey in favor of talking about which designer of identical black dresses the actresses are wearing. Is it any wonder nobody watches the Academy Awards anymore, with mediocre scum like Seacrest trolling around for fashion stories? All the while, he’s acting like Busey is some scumbag, he’s afraid of! And then, horror of horrors, he introduces Garner to Busey, who kisses her on the neck. SO WHAT?? First of all, she should know who the hell Busey is, and not treat him like a homeless man. Who the heck is Garner, other than Ben’s squeeze and part-time actor? Secondly, it’s HOLLYWOOD, and people are kissing each other all the time. So this whole story is BS, in my opinion.

  13. sherri says

    Gary Busey is a little weird. BUT he was in a car wreck and has some brain damage. I dont see any big deal here besides some SNOTTY actresses and ryan who should be ashamed for treating anyone like that.