First Transformers, Now A Voltron Movie

VoltronWe might be being a little uncharacteristically cynical here, but when the announcement of a big transforming robot movie is followed by the announcement of another big transforming robot movie, something tells us it’s not entirely coincidental.

One of the biggest movies of 2007 is bound to be the new live-action version of Transformers, helmed by Michael "Crash crash bang boom smash pow zap blam" Bay (DVDs) and executive-produced by Steven Spielberg. It’s going to be massive – both at the box office and in terms of merchandise. We’re imagining that we’ll be seeing all kinds of Transformers branded nonsense in a couple of years.

And now, riding the coat-tails of the Transformers popularity comes the announcement of a Voltron movie.

Voltron is a… well, we don’t want to say rip-off, but it’s very
similar to Transformers. There are a bunch of robot lions, but they all
sort of clip together and defend the universe as a kind of great big

In a later series, five dashing young men with macho names – Hunk
(Grrr), Lance (Roar), Sven (Ooh), Keith (um…) and Pidge (Pidge?)
gather together to resurrect Voltron to protect the universe from the
generically evil-named Zarkon.

We’re not sure of the point in Voltron history that the movie will take place. All we have to go on are a couple of names…

Producer Mark Gordon has signed up. He produced Saving Private Ryan
– which is good, but he also produced Speed II: Cruise Control – which
is bad. And interestingly, Pharrell Williams is also involved. We’re
not sure in what capacity he’s there as – maybe there’ll be a big musical number on
the planet Arus where the robot lions sing about milkshakes over sparse
but devastatingly trendy beats. Who know?

Call us old fashioned, but as far as 1980’s cartoon movie remakes
are concerned, we’re saving our excitement for the John Woo-directed
He-Man movie
. So long as Mantenna makes an appearance. Mantenna ruled.

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  1. David Ramos says

    Actually, Voltron came before the Transformers were introduced. Transformers came later and grew in popularity because of the extent of different characters that were introduced.

  2. eltorociego says

    the lion voltron was the second (or third depending on your convictions) series. granted its the only one people probably care about but i still remember the awesome team-up of the original and lion voltrons. it stands out as one of the coolest cartoon happenings of my childhood.

  3. tharca says

    I know a lot of people are against this idea but I hope this leads to a robotech live action movie….and I hope it doesn’t suck

  4. fdstang66 says

    All of my friends and i all agreed a Voltron movie is a must when we first heard of the Transformers movie. I owned both Voltron toys when I was a child and the cartoon was awesome.

  5. Darren says

    Comparing Transformers and Voltron is like apples to oranges. They’re both awsome. There’s tons of room for movies of this nature, so bring it on. I look forward to it. And as for one of the commments above…a Robotech Movie…I would greatly welcome that as well. Transformers, Voltron, and Robotech all bring back great memories as a kid. So the more movies they make, the better as far as I’m concerned.

  6. Hector says

    They ruined Transformers, they are going to ruin Voltron, and now they are thinking of ruining Robotech. I grew up watching these shows, especially Robotech. If they are going to make a movie just tell Mike Bay and Steven Spielberg to turn around and walk away. Good memories shouldn’t be ruined by these directors and movie producers. The change story around and you so called fans think its OK. The less movies they make, the better “period”

  7. kerry says

    I don’t want to sound like a hateful geek or anything but, Voltron out in japan way before transformers ever came into the light. so don’t call it a rip off. and also tranformers was a scam created in the eighties to sell toys and so was the new movie(look it up it’s the toy company wh created it even admits it). Get your facts straight!!!!!

  8. Hector says

    Kerry you are probably right, but the fact is the japanese make better cartoons(they pay very close attention to detail), they have better story lines than our cartoons. Look at Disney for example. most of their cartoons were based on old classic children stories. That goes to show how creative America is. What Hollywood tries to do is to change someone else’s original idea and make it better. They don’t care if they change the story around all they care about is the money. The only thing I have to say about Transformers the second movie is two thumbs down and two thumbs up on the CGI.

  9. kacmg says

    Yes, voltron did come after the transformers, but it was the rip off of rip off’s. It was a japanese cartoon called Go Lion. An American company took the footage, edited it, added sound effects and voices, and then called it voltron and took all the rights out here. So even in the 80’s it was a borrowed idea – don’t get upset because there is going to be a movie that borrows it again. There have been very few good ideas that have come from hollywood. Its a money making machine designed to sell tickets.

  10. says

    The Voltron movie is causing quite a buzz around the internet. The official Voltron message boards (at ) have a whole discussion dedicated to it. Featured on my personal Voltron website, I’ev posted two reviews for the movie, one is based on the original review that is on and the second review I wrote is based solely on the script itself (which I was able to read). Check them out if you want to know more about the script itself. Fair warning though, the second review has a lot of spoilers in it so, don’t read unless you want to know what happens.

  11. Hector says

    To Kacmg: That is my point exactly! And you are a good example of what I am talking about. The Americans ripped off the Japanese just like you ripped off what I just said. Amazing! You borrowed my idea and tried to make it your own by adding your own flavor. Thank you for your feedback. Now people can understand better. I would also like to Thank Carl Macek for ripping off, I mean borrowing Japanese shows. Thank you for Robotech. Yes kacmg, Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeada(New Generation) were three different stories in Japan. The Americans combined all three shows and called it Robotech. They did this so they could have so many episodes to run a full season.

  12. Kacmg says

    To Hector: I did not rip off what you said and I didn’t borrow your idea. My point was that it is hypocritical to complain about people taking story and changing it because it might ruin good memories YOU have of your old story, which was created by people who took a story and changed it. I don’t understand your point about directors and producers ruining good memories. I have seen all kinds of movies, but none of them have ever ruined any of my good memories. Do you really think those old Japanese cartoons paid ‘very close attention to detail’? From what I remember of Voltron the characters had three facial expressions – Open mouth, Closed mouth, and Grunting with sweat on their cheeks (for tense situations). To make the characters speak, they alternated from open mouth to closed mouth. How on earth could a live action movie ruin that?

  13. Hector says

    To Kacmg(what ever that stands for): I said that Disney(an American company) make movies from old children stories. You said American companies rip off Japanese shows. Are we not taliking about the same thing here? American companies. I then said that Hollywood is in it for the money. Then you come and say, “Its a money making machine.” Japanese shows that were adopted by the Americans were dubbed, edited and title changed just like you said. How else are you going to sell it. You can’t air shows with Japanese dialouge, nobody would watch it. From what I can recall from my childhood is Japanese animation not American animation. It was their stories that aired not ours. Their animation footage, Their stories are remembered. These memories are played in my head. Good memories. When I think of Robotech, I think of Japan, not America. I say to myself when I watch these shows again on DVD, “Wow, these Japanese are great animators, they pay close attention to detail.” They were ahead of their time. By changing the look and feel of the original will not make it better, just different. Most of the time it will cheapen the OG. Once again I like to thank Carl Macek and other people like him for introducing Japanese animation to us. Thank you!

    You see Kack, were not in the same level of appreciation here. Mine is just higher than yours.

    When you said three facial expressions, I think you were watching old Hanna-Barbera cartoons when you made that comment. You excluded laughter, happiness,and sorrow,etc.

    I would also like to add that Transformers “real life movie” is weak in story,has bad acting, and cheesy dialouge. The only thing good about the movie was the CGI. Thank you George Lucas. Thats your Hollywood kacmg. Not mine.

  14. TheBatman says

    For the record “Voltron” was not a rip off of “Golion” but a “watered down” version. When Golion first came to the U.S. it was considered too dark or too violent so it was heavily edited and re-assembled by World Events Productions in the U.S. Dialogue was completely rewritten, character deaths were omitted, graphic violence was drastically reduced, and plot events were changed. Toei, the original animators, created animation specifically for a plot arc for the U.S. series that was never broadcast in the original Golion.
    And it was definitely not a rip-off of “Transformers” which aired in 1984(The same year “Voltron” first aired) Golion first aired in 1981 and was the basis for “Voltron” thus making it impossible for it to be influenced by “Transformers. In fact Toei Animation studios animated the “More than Meets the Eye” pilot/mini-series.
    Word is that the movie adaptation will not be “watered down” but dark and violent like “Golion”

  15. Tony says

    Kerry & Hector-

    Wake up! You live in the past or at least with your parents still. What you promote with your “anti-remake” attitudes is pure selfishness. It’s up to you to choose to hang onto good memories and “knowing” how awesome the orginal Transformers and Voltron series were. Just because someone comes along and makes a movie of something you knew as a kid, it’s not the end of the world. How will new fans ever be created? They have to be introduced somehow!

    When you’ve been formally diagnosed with your anti-social personality dis-orders and are fully medicated (with a strict regimen of counselling), come back to this forum and post. Then maybe you won’t get so hung up in someone “ruining your childhood” since it sounds like it already was. Possibly undiagnosed Oppositional Defiance Disorder with a hint of Autsim for the both of you?

    All of the posts on this page were positive and a very welcome change from all the angry-nerds till yours…actually, they aren’t nerds, they are fans. They want to see the stuff they love come to the screen. So log off the computer, put your McDonalds uniform on and bug your mom to drive you to work now. Make sure you don’t spill anything when you empty the grease trap.


  16. Bob says

    Thank you! I’m glad someone else remembers this now ancient group of Earth-savers.

    Voltron be at least 30 years old. But what was the name of the sword they formed?