Fergie Without Makeup

Fergie Looking Good

There is something very likeable about Fergie. I don?t personally care for her music, either solo or with the Black-Eyed Peas, but I do like her style. The 37-year old singer has confidence without seeming too full of herself. She?s sexy without being nasty.

Fergie has a lot going for her: an amazing voice and an amazing body, not to mention a ridiculously hot husband in actor, Josh Duhamel. The sad fact, though, is that her face doesn?t quite match up with the rest of her. It?s a bit like Carmen Electra after a few cycles of testosterone treatments. That said, Fergie without makeup does not look too bad. Not quite Fergilicious, but not too bad.

Fergie Without Makeup

The first photo is decidedly unflattering. But to be fair, it?s less the bare face than her unfortunate expression. She looks like she might burst into tears, poor dear. It’s OK, Fergie. We think Will.i.Am is obnoxious too, but it’s not worth crying over.

The Dutchess looks pretty good in the next photo. Most people look like death post-run, but she looks glowing and?healthy. Even though she’s rapidly approaching the big 4-0, her makeup-free face still looks great. All that Boom Boom Pow must be working for her.

Fergie Without Makeup

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