Evan Rachel Wood’s Family Is Really Grateful She Didn’t Marry Marilyn Manson

evan rachel wood jamie bell marriedI’m not a sentimental person, but it’s difficult not to be touched by the fact that Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell, the?stars of Green Day’s 2005 video “Wake Me Up When September Ends,”?got married this week.

If you’ve never?watched the video for?this song, you?should. Personally, I’m not?a big fan of Green Day … ?I like a few of their songs, but overall they’re not my style …?”Wake Me Up When September Ends” is one of those?epic ballads, though,?that makes all women swoon and all?men’s eyeliner run.

The video to the song is an?extremely poignant statement about the U.S. war with Iraq. It was shot in 2005, at the ugliest part of?a very ugly war, and?is very emotional,?very romantic, and completely unforgettable. As mentioned previously, I’m not sentimental, not into chick flicks, not easily reduced to tears?… but that video kills me and?the fact that these two were?married … and years after the fact …?really tugs at my ovaries.

Twenty-six year old Jamie and?25-year old Evan?first met when filming the video as teenagers, way back in 2005. They?dated?afterwards, but separated after about a year. Then Evan apparently lost her fucking mind and began dating the ultra-creepy and much, much older Marilyn Manson. They were even engaged for a time … one can only assume to the horror of her family and friends.

Reunited earlier this year, Jamie and Evan married?a few days ago with a “small ceremony in?California.” Further details have not yet been released so it’s unclear if it was small by normal standards or by celebrity standards. Evan tweeted “Words cannot describe the happiness I am feeling. Overwhelming.”Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell

Evan has been a tabloid figure since her teenage years when she starred in the amazing film 13. Since then, in addition to her highly publicized relationship with Manson, she?came out as a bisexual, and starred a vampire-queen on True Blood. Her new husband, Jamie, is best known for playing the title role in the amazing film Billy Elliot and recently starred as the motion capture Tintin in Stephen Spielberg’s?The Adventures of Tintin.

Grizzly and jaded as I am, I wish this couple?every happiness. And Marilyn, keep your fucking distance. You’ve been warned.