Eva Mendes Without Makeup

Actress and once-spokesmodel for cosmetics giant Revlon, Eva Mendes, has been lauded and idealized for her exotic looks in the past, but the only aisle her latest look has been taking her down is the grocery store aisle.

We’ve been treated to the sight of Eva Mendes without makeup on several occasions in recent years, so any possible shock factor has been minimized considerably by now. Most recently, the first photo, from June 2012, shows Eva merrily making a trip to the grocery store in all her bare-skinned beauty.

Judging by the smile on the ‘Training Day’ star’s unadorned face, either Eva was surprised to find something other than groceries awaiting her, or she doesn’t give a damn about going makeup-free.

The second photo of Eva isn’t quite so up-close-and-personal, but, looking at this image, it’s clear that this is a woman who still looks very attractive without layers of makeup on her visage.







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