Emmy Rossum Without Makeup

Emmy Rossum pretty

Actress Emmy Rossum?s fans have much to be appreciative of, thanks to her raunchy role in Shameless where she is often disrobing.

She is not just a pretty face with a fabulous body either. Her efforts in The Phantom of the Opera were recognized with a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. She has also starred in films including The Day After Tomorrow, Poseidon and Beautiful Creatures as well as Dragonball: Evolution ? but we won?t hold that last one against her. Her classic looks boast dark hair, dark wide eyes and fair skin.?Emmy Rossum without makeup is just as enviable.

Emmy Rossum without makeup

Emmy is looking particularly baby faced with her hair tied back which only accentuates her big Bambi eyes. With standout eyes like those, you would give the eyeliner a miss too. In the second picture her hair may be all kinds of frizzy, but that face is clean and fresh. Her minimal dark circles barely stand out and her skin is evenly colored without any blotchiness or spots. Sadly, I don?t have great big orbs as eyes and without concealer I am usually greeted with a chorus of ‘Are you ill?’ Stay pretty, Emmy.

Emmy Rossum no makeup


  1. Jasmine Hollander says

    I only gave Fiona all those clothes back in season one so I could see those delicious tits of hers. You have to admit she has a body to die for. I still dream of the night I finally kissed her.

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