Eddie Murphy & Scary Spice In Matching Tattoo Fiasco

Scary Spice Mel B Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy and Scary Spice were like two sweet ships passing in the night.  

And after they passed each other, they did a U-turn and pass each other again. Then they did another U-turn and pass each other again. Then they did another U-turn and pass each other again and again and again and again. Then they boated into an ink parlor and got matching tattoos.

And so is born the world's next über-couple. Eddie Murphy and Scary Spice are probably gonna be one hot ticket in 2007, says we. If they're going to be successful at all in pushing TomKat and Brangelina back a few tabloid pages, they're gonna need a baby and a real catchy 'mixed' name. The baby thing's really up to Murphy's sperm count, but for a name merger we'd really like to see Sceddie Spurphy catch on and take flight. It'll really look great in a headline.

Seriously – picture it in Times New Roman.

Celebrity love is the purest form of love the world could ever hope to know. That's why we're super stoked the we just got more of it – Eddie Murphy & Scary Spice (AKA Melanie Brown) are rumoured to be falling in it deep. They've been spotted all over Malibu of late, and are even said to have gotten tacky matching tattoos together. An unspecific friend of one of them says: 

“Within a few days of it all beginning she had his name tattooed on her hip. I’ve heard he had a matching one with her name. It all seems a bit fast but that’s just Mel – she’s very impulsive. She’s been saying how great he is and how she’s never met anyone like him.”

Well if that don't beat all! That Mel B is just so fickle. Sure, when Murphy gets a tattoo for her it's all 'la-dee-da' this, and 'la-dee-da' that. But when we get her face and entire body tattooed portrait-like across our back, sides, triceps, butt and upper rear leg regions, the term 'legal action' gets thrown around like she didn't want us to crawl through her freshly-broken window and show it to her while she bathed anyway.  

Honestly, it's almost enough to make us wish she wasn't permanently inked opposite our Mahatma Gandhi

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[story by Shawn Lindseth]