Drunk George Clooney Sleeps With Cindy Crawford

george-clooneyGeorge Clooney rules the world.?He makes an occasional movie, pals around with exciting?people, and?nails tons of foxy chicks. And apparently, old George is fond of a drink or two …?so much so, that he decided?to develop?his very own brand of tequila.

George partnered with?his friend?Rande Gerber (best known as Cindy Crawford’s husband) to?create?Casamigos, a “small batch, ultra-premium tequila” and to advertise?the tequila’s?release, they put together a one-minute long film called “It Could Happen” that features George, Rande, and their respective women … Cindy Crawford and Stacey Keibler … in bed together in various combinations. It’s not as sexy as it might sound though.

The Casamigos?web site offers the following intro to the film:

“We?ve all been there. A few too many drinks … and next thing you know, you?re in bed with someone you didn?t expect to wake up to.”

Organized into three segments,?the film opens with Rande strolling down a hallway in a tux with his tie undone, presumably after a long night doing whatever it is that gorgeous celebrities do. He opens the bedroom door and?discovers?George and Cindy in bed together. Sleeping and clothed, but with a?half-empty bottle of tequila on the bedside table. Then the scene shifts to George entering the same room to find Cindy in bed with Stacey.?Also sleeping, but at least Stacey appears to be topless under the covers. Then, it turns to Cindy walking into the same room to?catch Rande and George in bed. Fully dressed. Not even cuddling.

Overall, it comes across like an SNL skit waiting to happen.?I’m willing to bet that?one night the four of them actually did have a few too many drinks,?came up with this half-hearted idea, and filmed it right then. It’s a little bit funny, but mostly disappointing because it could have been so much better. First, it was also a mistake to open with Rande’s segment because no one knows who he is. Also, he got cheated because George got his turn in bed with Cindy, but Rande didn’t get his turn with Stacey.

At the very least, it would have been better if there were clothes strewn around the room or the various couples?were spooning. Or maybe some vomit. Maybe when it’s Cindy’s?turn to?open the door and she exasperatedly says “Rande?” the men?could have pulled down the comforter to reveal a third person. Like?Hugh Jackman or a midget.

Evidently George and Rande own homes next door to each other in Mexico where they hang out together, getting fucked up on tequila and being handsome. On the Casamigos web site, George and Rande posted the following joint statement:

“We love tequila. On the rocks, by the shot, at times, straight from the bottle. Tequila-filled nights with friends is how Casamigos was born.”

Right on. And for the record, George and Rande, I am personally more than game for a tequila-filled night with you two. Who knows? It could happen.