It’s The Dream Of Every 30 Year Old Woman: BSB and Spice Girls May Tour Together

Backstreet Boys Spice GIrlsBecause music now a days doesn’t suck enough for people, there has been a pretty big resurgence of 90s pop groups these last couple years.?The Backstreet Boys were the first to successfully?come back and not be a total mockery.? They are getting ready to tour again. and it was kind of cool at first, it’s quickly starting to get as old as its wrinkly balled members.

Now though, get ready for hair glitter, bell bottoms, and Tamagotchis to come back in style because there is a chance that the Backstreet Boys are going to go on world tour with the Spice Girl.? Zig a Zig ah.

When the Backstreets Boys started touring again a few years ago, it was amazing.? The 14-year-old screaming girl with braces inside all of us jumped for joy at the thought of hearing Nick Carter belt out “DON’T WANNA HEAR YOU SAYYYYYY!” again.? Of course, they aren’t quite as young or fresh-faced as they used to be (and let’s be honest, neither are most of us) but they can still sing the hell out of a pop ballad.? And now when our panties drop, we are at least of a legal age and not wearing something flowery out of a 3?pack of Hanes Her Way.

First they toured with the New Kids on the Block, which was perfect for the 40 year olds, and became the past their prime super-group NKOTBSB?.? Then they hooked up with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees, which was not quite as exciting or amazing, but still made them all some much-needed moolah (especially Nick Lachey.? We all know the money hasn’t been the same since Jessica Simpson left his ass for new dick).? But now they have taken the original glory of?getting with NKOTB and have crushed it with their next team up.


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I know, I know, hold it in.? Just a little.? At least in front of your husband/boyfriend/cats so that they don’t judge you too hard.

Yes, according to The Sun (which is like the U.K’s version of Star Magazine, so take it with a grain of bitter salt) Brian Littrell has said that they are in talks to go on a world tour together.? Could you imagine?? I could only hope that Ginger Spice busts out her flag leotard and platform sneakers.? Also, there is a big part of me kind of still unsure if I buy this.

Not just because of the source of the information, but because Posh Spice (I refuse to call her by her Christian name) has already said she will never reunite with the girls.? Mainly because she sucks at singing and lacks any sort of emotion.? It’s kind to hard to blend in with a bunch of perky ass bitches when you never smile and are so frail from lack of food that the most you are able to physically do is walk in 5 inch heels.

Could we have the Spice Girls without Posh?? We did have the Backstreet Boys without Grandpa Kevin for a while, and I know personally I didn’t miss him all too much. Fuck it, I don’t care.? Posh never brought much besides black to the group anyway.? Ginger Spice 4 Lyfe!