You Don’t Need Another Reason To Love Emilia Clarke, But Here’s One Anyway

Emilia ClarkeWho’s up for some exclusive Game Of Thrones spoilers? Season four will see the battle for the Iron Throne climax with a sick break dance battle between Daenerys Targaryen and Hodor.

Joffrey’s head is already on a spike in the background after he lost out in the rap battle.*

*Alright, I might have made all of that up. But if Emilia Clarke’s recent appearance on ‘The Tonight Show’ is anything to go by, George R.R. Martin should keep an open mind about a possible big musical episode. Just for a little bit of light relief between all the incest and beheading. Personally, I’m gunning for Arya and ?a one-woman ‘Cell Block Tango’ remake.

Emilia stopped by to chat with Jimmy Fallon about the hit show and ended up reflecting on that fateful audition and the embarrassing and downright degrading act that led her to get the part. It’s not what you’re thinking, and I have a pretty good idea of where your twisted little mind just went. It’s much worse than that – she did the Funky Chicken.


After Emilia nailed all the usual line reading for HBO execs, she asked if she could do anything else for them – like making a cup of tea, or something. The typical British reaction to any kind of stressful environment. She then went on to tell Fallon how an exec had jokingly asked her to dance, and hilarity ensues:

“I don’t know how to do it, but I did the funky chicken. And I kind of morphed into the robot.”

Socially awkward nerds everywhere can rejoice in the fact that even women as beautiful as Emilia Clarke have toe-curlingly embarrassing moments every now and again, although millions of dollars and a role on a hit tv show probably cushion the blow for her slightly.

Fallon failed journalists and fans alike by not forcing her to re-enact the dance, but you can still cling on to the hope that Dany busts out the Running Man when the fourth season of Game Of Thrones comes back in April.