Donda West’s Doctor: Mr Malpractice

Donda West Doctor Jan Adams Malpractice death DUI surgeryNow that the death of Kanye West's mother Donda West is starting to sink in, the time for blaming people can begin in earnest – and that's not such good news for Dr Jan Adams.

With all signs currently suggesting that Donda West died from complications arising from a simple tummy-tuck procedure, it seems as if Jan Adams – the surgeon who operated on Donda West – would be the natural choice to bear the brunt of the blame. But remember that Donda apparently had a pre-existing medical condition, and that no surgical procedure is ever routine, so it's unfair to lay her death at the surgeon's feet so early on. What's that? Dr Jan Adams has a history of malpractice suits and a medical board tried to revoke his license because he kept getting arrested for DUI? Well in that case it's perfectly fine to blame him.

Plus Jan Adams hosted NBC's male version of The View. The bastard!

There's still a large amount of shock over the tragic, untimely death of Donda West, former chairwoman of Chicago State University's English department and mother of Kanye West. Fans of Kanye West are shocked for their idol, people who knew Donda West personally are stunned that she died so early and regular cosmetic surgery patients must be questioning the safety of the profession now.

Although the real cause of Donda West's death won't be discovered for another six to eight weeks following the results of yesterday's autopsy, it does seem as though complications stemming from her tummy-tuck operation are what killed her. One plastic surgeon has already come forward to say that he previously refused to operate on Donda West because of an existing medical condition, but that didn't seem to stop Dr Jan Adams from having a pop – and that's why the media currently has him as its number one scapegoat.

But of course people were going to start blaming Jan Adams for Donda West's death – if she died after surgery then it's only natural to blame the surgeon – but luckily Dr Jan Adams has a squeaky-clean medical record that should absolve him of any wrongdoing.

Except, actually he hasn't.

It turns out that Dr Jan Adams – who some of you may recognise as the host of Discovery Health's Plastic Surgery: Before and After show, or from his frequent appearances on Oprah, or from his book Everything Women of Color Should Know About Cosmetic Surgery – has constantly been in trouble with the law, and the Medical Board Of California, over his 'multiple' DUI cases. If that wasn't enough, stories of his questionable methods are now constantly being released, like the woman who sued him for malpractice because he left a sponge inside her, the woman who sued him because she says he got her drunk and knocked her up, with other malpractice claims made about Jan Adams' tummy tucks, breast augmentations and liposuction coming out at an unstoppable rate.

All that plus Jan Adams' ex-girlfriend had to get a restraining order out against him. 

As for Donda West specifically, it's been suggested that Jan Adams too eight hours to operate on her – twice as long as usual, suggesting that something may have gone wrong during the operation. And then, once the procedure was over, sources are claiming that Adams sent Donda home instead of a recovery facility.

It might turn out to be the case that Dr Jan Adams did nothing wrong at all during Donda West's tummy-tuck, but we still wouldn't like to be in his shoes at the moment. Especially if he's operated on his own feet in the past because, with his record, there's a chance they'd look like giant clumps of ham. And that'd make wearing shoes awfully uncomfortable.


  1. K Dub says

    Plus, Dr. Adams was NOT Board Ceritifed in Plastic Surgery. This means he is calling himself a plastic surgeon, but never took the rigorous test to get Certified as one.