Dita Von Teese Without Makeup

Dita Von Teese beautiful

Sultry Dita Von Teese is the most prolific burlesque performer since the golden age of entertainment. She drew further attention after marrying goth rocker Marilyn Manson for two years.

Dita is famed for bringing back the burlesque art form with vintage bejeweled outfits. She is renowned for her Martini Glass show, in which she writhes around in just that, a huge martini glass. Sexy stuff.

Even without the alluring lingerie Dita is a stand out beauty thanks to flawlessly applied makeup in which she applies red lipstick and smoothes over her ivory white to give it a glow. Dita Von Teese without makeup still looks a classical beauty.

Dita Von Teese without makeup

Although she lacks glamour in this first photo, her skin is clear and her high cheek bones are prominent without any blusher to contour. Her dark hair and pale skin complement each other.

Below Dita is working her femme fatale look with a polished up-do hairstyle. Without her vibrant red lips however she just misses the mark and without her trademark thick eyeliner, winged at the ends, Dita looks goes from siren to more average looking. She could certainly work a makeup less look when not on stage though as she looks like she?s taken care of herself and applied sunscreen all these years.

Dita Von Teese no makeup

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