Diddy Knows What The Ladies Like – Proposes To Girlfriend On Instagram

P DiddyGet ready to swoon, ladies. All signs are pointing to the fact that P Diddy proposed to his girlfriend with a photo of a ring that he posted on Instagram. Just like every little girl dreams of.?

It’s not quite as cheap as it sounds. You’d expect more than an out-of-focus photo of a diamond from a guy that allegedly spent ?80,000 on one night’s worth of booze in a London club. Although in all fairness, in the centre of London that only equals one round of drinks.

Diddy posted the photo on his Instagram account with the caption: “Baby do you like it? I just want to get you wat [sic] you Like ! I just wanna Mk [sic] you smile :) #takeDat. !” There’s always the possibility that his account was hacked by a fifteen year old boy, but seeing as there weren’t any statuses declaring he’s gay or liking pictures of boobies, it’s more likely that he’s just talking like one.

Diddy instagram ring

The lucky lady in question is Cassie Ventura, who you might recognize from her song ‘Me & U’, or if you’re the kind of person that’s seen Step Up 2: The Streets.?Which I totally won’t judge you for, it’s the best movie about a girl who just wants to make it into a prestigious dance school but ends up being caught in a fight between rival break-dancing gangs.

diddy and cassie

She didn’t seem to mind the gesture, seeing as she replied back ‘I’m definitely smiling. It’s perfect’. ?As if any woman in their right mind would turn that rock down. Their reps have confirmed that they aren’t engaged, so presumably he’ll be popping the question using helicopters, lasers and a brass marching band on Valentines Day. Kanye set the bar high for proposing rappers, after all.

Not that it will be much of a surprise for either of them – that could have been his motivation for semi-proposing through the Internet first. If she said no, he can just pull the ‘hacked account’ card and carry on with his life. Hey, he’s actually kind of a genius. Who’d have seen that one coming?