Did Tom Cruise Nix Katie’s Nudey Sex Scene?

Conspiracy theories are good. Conspiracy theories about Tom Cruise are better. Conspiracy theories about Tom Cruise forcing people to cut sex scenes from his girlfriend’s films are the best. So that’s what we’ll go with.

After a 12-second clip of Katie Holmes having it off with Aaron Eckhart went missing from a Sundance screening of her new movie Thank You For Smoking, all kinds of rumours are zapping around about the reason for its exclusion. And, seeing as how most of the rumours are about Tom Cruise freaking out, we thought we’d let you know.

Every now and again we do feel a slight twinge of guilt for Tom
Cruise (DVDs). Everything he does is always blown out of all proportion – he
tries to express his love for Katie Holmes by leaping all over a couch and people call him crazy; he tries to gaze lovingly at his unborn child using a sonogram machine and all kinds of people call his behaviour ‘dangerous’. He can’t even take Katie for a quick piano-handstand session at a specially-closed toystore without eyebrows being raised.

So when a sex scene went missing from Katie’s new film Thank You For
, fingers naturally pointed at Tom Cruise. The version showed at
the Toronto Film Festival included 12 seconds of hot Holmes sex action,
but by the time the film came to be shown at Sundance, the sex was all
gone. Thank You For Smoking writer/director Jason Reitman told the Los
Angeles Times
that it even came as a surprise to him:

"We were sitting there in shock. And I turned to other people who had worked on the film, and we were
completely confused. But the audience didn’t seem to notice or care."

So where did the scene go? Did Tom Cruise step in, incensed that the whole world would be able to see Katie doing the nasty with someone other than him? Did the scene not comply with something in Scientology law about seeing girls bazzers on a screen? Sadly not – the simple truth according to Reitman is that when the Thank You For Smoking print was assembled, the scene had been accidentally sliced off
when the reels were spliced together. Shame.

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[story by Stuart Heritage]