Did Sienna Miller Bugger Up Sean Penn’s Marriage?

Sienna Miller Sean Penn Marriage Divorce AffairNow, being married to Sean Penn must be crap at the best of times – it'd be like living with an intense, chainsmoking tramp who won't stop ranting away in the background about the war from morning until night.

But imagine if you're married to Sean Penn and all of a sudden Sienna Miller starts openly flirting with him. Would you smash Sienna's pointless little face in? Would you just be thankful that he'd stopped the war-ranting for a handful of joyous seconds? Or would you just divorce Sean Penn?

Sean Penn's wife did the last one, apparently. Lazy bitch – she could have at least tried the first one while she was at it.

Sienna Miller might not have ever been able to make a film that didn't make us want to squeeze our fists up our nostrils and rabbit-punch our brain to death, but that isn't to say that she doesn't have any other special talents. For example, it looks an awful lot like Sienna Miller can plough through famous cock like a combine harvester operated by a grinning toddler jacked up on Red Bull.

In the last couple of years Sienna Miller has been linked to Jude Law and Darth Vader and Leonardo DiCaprio and the dirty-looking man from Notting Hill and Diddy and, of course, her own reflection. But now the well is running dry for Sienna and she's had to get it where she can. And, if reports are to be believed, that means Sean Penn. Even though he looks like an embittered, penniless Mr Punch doll who'd rather stab himself through the heart than ever crack a smile at anything.

Sean Penn split up with his wife of 20 years recently and nobody knows why – aside from the fact that, you know, he's Sean Penn and he probably never did the dishes because he was too busy trying to do an impression of a disabled man for a film after reading a report about how you always win an Oscar if you play a disabled man – until now. Possibly.

Whatever you do, try not to visualise this – we'd hate for you to sue us because you vomited so hard that your eyes popped out – but reports are suggesting that Sienna Miller was the third party in the Sean Penn divorce. According to The New York Daily News:

A source recalls a party in a suite at a New York hotel where they both were staying. "Sienna was sitting on Sean's lap," according the source. "She was dressed very sexily. She had her arm around his neck." That night, claims the source, they stayed up quite late. One Penn friend maintains there was never anything romantic between them. "Sienna is like that with everyone," says the friend. "She's very physical. She drapes herself over people she likes. She doesn't mean a lot by it."

Sienna Miller's slave also denies an affair, calling the rumours "outrageously untrue." So why, then, would she even go near Sean Penn? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that Sean Penn is a big name in Hollywood and a successful actor and director to boot, while Sienna Miller looks like the sort of person who'd burn down an orphanage if it got her one extra close-up in a movie.

Maybe this can all be explained away as a case of Sienna trying to use her feminine wiles to get a part in Sean's next film. Which we'd be totally cool with, actually. So long as it was a sequel to Into The Wild that ended with Sienna freezing to death in an arctic wasteland.

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  1. sarah says

    there are photos of sienna and sean and robin all hanging out back in 2005 during the time of jude’s affair.

  2. angie says

    Ah, poor thing…probably still torn up over Jude’s “affair.” I think this tells me more about Jude’s actions than anything else…best decsion he ever made was to get rid of her tail…Sienna is a real piece of work…or piece of something..

  3. Maggott says

    Not true methinks, as 18 months ago the Penn marriage took a knock ,not through Sean ,but Robyn who had a very brief affair with a young actor.Hello. !! Facts gents facts.

    She and Sean worked through it but it was the kiss of death.He and Robyn remain on excellent terms and she is to star in his next directed movie.

  4. pammy says

    Sluttyienna is the lowest of the low. She is a pretty package, but not for long! Drinking and drugging tends to make one look older before their time! She looks to be 36 already not 26! The movie going public is very aware of this low, coarse, vulgar person and the public will act accordingly. The wiil not support any film, any advertisement or any of her fashion line. She is as good as dead to the entertainment world, even her so called friends are afraid to be seen with her!!