Demi Moore Without Makeup

Demi Moore Looking Good

Actress Demi Moore will celebrate her 50th birthday in November of this year. Her advanced?age is a?shock because generally we see her image?heavily photoshopped in magazines. As with other aging celebrity beauties, it must be rough watching your gorgeousness slowly fade (especially if that?s?your only true claim to fame). In her case, though, her declining looks are?probably karma for not staying with Bruce Willis, possibly the most awesome man alive.

With a few exceptions (St. Elmo?s Fire and arguably A Few Good Men), Demi Moore?s movies have really sucked, but because she?s so gorgeous, we forgave her and watched them anyway. This woman?looked awesome as a bald, muscular Navy SEAL and more awesome as a stripper.

Robert Redford was willing to pay $1million to nail her, she was so beautiful. Alas, beauty fades. These days, her?body still looks amazing, if a bit scrawny at times, but??Demi Moore without makeup looks rough. Her face is definitely showing her age. Still, she?s nearly fifty so let’s give her old bones a break.

Demi Moore Without Makeup

We all know what I have to say about this photo. It’s atrocious and she must be really embarassed. Her manicure looks nice though! The rings must be worth a lot! Cute Kaballah string! Truly I’m just glad that her eyes are covered because it would have been difficult to restrain myself if we had access to those at this close vantage point.

Why does?the lovely Ms. Moore?continue to share?photos of herself on Twitter??Actually, the lighting of this photo looks a bit like?the lighting in that amazingly terrible scene at the end of Ghost when Patrick Swayze’s murderer has been captured and suddenly, miraculously Demi can see Patrick, angelically bathed in glowing white light!

And she knows he’s okay and that he truly did love her! If she had squinted up her face like she is here, it would have been awesome and made that horrendous movie so much better. In her defense, the constant Twitter photos are sort of charming. She does?look good (for being nearly half a century old) and she knows it.

How many 50-year olds even know how to use Twitter, much less post sexy photos of themselves? (That’s a trick question, because there’s no such thing as a sexy photo of a 50-year old.) Demi is aging well though and I commend her confidence.

Demi Moore Without Makeup



  1. Mike says

    Some people are sexy at 50, some aren’t at 20. It’s not a matter of age just a matter of wheter you have it or not. Demi’s picture is a bad picture, we all have one or many of those! I think some people are so envious of others that they can’t help but criticize. What else is left when you lead a boring life?

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