Demi Moore Turns 50, Has Sad Lonely Life Ahead of Her

Demi Moore Looking Good at 50Stunning actress Demi Moore turned fifty over the weekend … that?s right, fifty years old. It?s hard to believe that Jules is practically a senior citizen, but it’s true. Back in the old days, Demi was?hot as shit. She was so?gorgeous that Robert Redford was willing to pay $1 million to nail her. She was even hot as a bald Navy Seal.

Remember her in St. Elmo?s Fire with the hair and the husky voice? She was the wet dream of every man who’s now pushing 40. And, as you can see in this photo taken just a few weeks ago, she’s still incredibly beautiful, if somewhat more emotionally damaged.

Last year at this time, her six-year marriage to Ashton Kutcher was disintegrating in the wake of his alleged infidelity. In the ensuing months, she looked increasingly sickly and skeletal, and?I wanted to feel sorry for her … girl power and all that … but she had to know it wasn?t going to last, didn?t she?

Regardless, when Ashton began parading around, looking so cute and age-appropriate with Mila Kunis, Demi had to have been furious. A full year since the split and a few months since Ashton and Mila went public as a couple … even if Demi is now getting railed by Tatum Channing (she?s not, but for argument?s sake) … it has to suck super-shit to see someone you loved and who used to love you, now the highest paid actor on television, dating a woman who is not only 20 years younger than you, but is featured on the cover of one magazine or another every month and billed as the hottest thing on planet Earth.

This month, she’s?topless on the cover of Esquire in tight leather pants and a wrinkle-free (and Botox-free) face being hailed as the Sexiest Woman Alive (I’m talking about Mila, of course). No matter how high?Demi’s self-esteem is, no matter how over Ashton she might be, no matter how okay she is with her age, that has got to suck.

mila kunis sexiest woman esquire

Frankly, I suspect that all of Demi?s strife is a result of karma from her dumping Bruce Willis, who is quite possibly the coolest guy on earth. She broke his heart and then ran around in bikinis looking awesome. Married young stud Ashton and tweeted endless photos of herself with him looking flushed and fresh out of bed. But Bruce got the last laugh because look where Demi is and?he?s married to?a British model, closer to Mila?s age than Demi?s, with a new baby who will probably be way cuter than his three weird-looking daughters with Demi.

Not one to let her advanced age slow her down, Demi had an eventful week leading up to her birthday. She began by attending the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi and then jetting to Jodhpur, India for an extravagant 2-day party hosted by Naomi Campbell. Demi?didn?t go home to rest up after that, but evidently went right on back to Abu Dhabi.

Regardless of her age, Demi?is still absolutely stunning and I?m sure there are plenty of rich dudes (probably in Abu Dhabi) who would be more than willing to pay $1 million to bag her old bones should?she ever get so desperate.


  1. RC says


    Demi dumped Bruce back in 2000 because she found out he’d been banging her best friend! I never cared 2 cents about her before then, but I gave her mad props for having the courage & self-respect to kick him to the curb — esp. as the mother of 3 young daughters.

    True to form, she dumped Ashton for the same reason, but aparently, bouncing back was a lot harder for her this time around. Unlike Hollywood’s over-40 hotties with real talent who are still getting work (Julianna Margulies, Halle Berry, Susan Sarandon), Demi was never that great an actress. Now, she doesn’t have a boytoy or a career to focus on. She was really spiraling out of control for a bit, but I think she’s gotten herself together now.

    Being a Cougar never made sense to me — not for a woman raising 3 kids. Everyone in the English-speaking world (except Demi) knew that Ashton would dump her eventually for a 20-something girl who could give him kids of his own. For someone whose self-esteem seems is so deeply tied to her looks & the man she’s with, you’d think Demi would have skipped the whole Cougar thing after Bruce & picked an age-appropriate man who’d be around to grow old with her. Hopefully, she won’t make the same mistake next time.

    But I dig the fact that she’s got enough backbone to not let a cheating bastard park his shoes under her bed.