Demi Lovato Gets The World’s Worst Goodbye From X Factor

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Demi LovatoYou could have cut the tension with a rusty spoon on Friday’s X Factor finale, when judge Demi Lovato was treated to a ‘hilarious’ skit all about her drinking problem.

Somebody behind the scenes of The X Factor USA is going to find a lump of coal or much worse in their stocking this year – all because they thought that poking fun at a recovering alcoholic would be  just the ticket to get everybody in the festive mood. As Demi herself said – at least, before the pesky censors caught up with her – “That’s fucked up”.

Even though she’s officially left the show now, no one would blame her if she left the studio with half the furniture from her dressing room and a few HD cameras stuffed inside her coat.

The 21-year old was said to be blindsided after the talent show aired a segment meant as a tribute to the ‘annoying kid sister’ routine that she had going on with fellow judge Simon Cowell. Sweet, right? Up until the part that made it look like the former addict’s behaviour was all down to a mysterious glowing green drink that she kept hidden beneath the desk.

This clip is what those little reaction boxes were invented for. If you skip to the thirty second mark, you can see her turn to Kelly Rowland and say ‘That’s so fucked up’, a moment that was conveniently left out of the West Coast feed.

When host Mario Lopez asked what she thought about the joke, she gritted her teeth and replied:

“I think it’s very, very clear I don’t drink anymore. ‘Annoying Juice’ has become my new favorite drink and I love it because I get to annoy Simon with it.”

Granted, it’s pretty obvious that the X Factor producers didn’t mean to make fun of a serious subject, but this may be a prime example of the world’s s worst timing. Especially seeing as people are still talking about the Access Hollywood interview where she confessed to sneaking a Sprite bottle full of vodka on to an airplane at the height of her addiction.

There are some people who think that Demi’s being a brat for expecting the whole world to tiptoe around her, but those people are mostly confined to the comments section of online gossip rags. Thankfully, we don’t have any of those inbred keyboard smashers around here…


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  1. cherie friedman says

    I’m proud of how Demi handled a very embrassing and rude segment she has so much inner strength pose and grace in not only the show but through out her battle. The producers are downright idoits for mocking a serious subject faced by too many young people.

  2. Jim Tate says

    “…it’s pretty obvious that the X Factor producers didn’t mean to make fun of a serious subject”? Seriously? Are you kidding? Have you not watched ANY FOX reality shows? The producers at Fox go out of their way to humiliate desperate people, exploit people’s flaws and humiliate anyone foolish enough to sign a contract with them.

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